Married with Children

Married with Children

Married with Children - Season 3 Episodes

Married with Children S3E1
Episode 1

He Thought He Could

When Al finds a library book that is 31 years overdue, he decides to finally face the librarian who pegged him as a loser.

Married with Children S3E2
Episode 2

I'm Going to Sweatland

Peggy sees her idol, Elvis, in the sweat stains on one of Al's tee-shirts and decides to make money off the image.

Married with Children S3E3
Episode 3

Poke High (aka The Red Grange Story)

While Kelly tries to score with a high school fullback, Al roots for the opposing team in hopes his old school record will remain intact.

Married with Children S3E4
Episode 4

The Camping Show (aka A Period Piece)

Al and Steve's vacation in the great outdoors is ruined by female hormones and man-eating animals.

Married with Children S3E5
Episode 5

A Dump of My Own

Al sets out to fulfill a dream when he begins construction on his very own bathroom.

Married with Children S3E6
Episode 6

Her Cups Runneth Over

Peggy is so miserable when her favorite bra is discontinued, that Al is forced to find a replacement.

Married with Children S3E7
Episode 7

The Bald and the Beautiful

Al and Steve seek the counsel of a hairless support group.

Married with Children S3E8
Episode 8

The Gypsy Cried

A gypsy fortune teller predicts disaster for Marcy and good fortune for Al, Steve and Peggy.

Married with Children S3E9
Episode 9

Requiem for a Dead Barber

When Al's long-time barber passes on, he resigns himself to a future of beauty salon haircuts.

Married with Children S3E10
Episode 10

I'll See You in Court

While staying overnight in a motel, Peggy and Al discover that their most intimate moments have been videotaped by the management.

Married with Children S3E11
Episode 11

Eatin' Out

When the Bundy's receive a modest inheritance check they decide to splurge and eat out at an elegant restaurant.

Married with Children S3E12
Episode 12

My Mom, the Mom

Peggy is the hit of Kelly's Mother/Daughter Career Day.

Married with Children S3E13
Episode 13

Can't Dance, Don't Ask Me (aka Kelly's Dance)

Kelly must join the tap dance club or get kicked out of school.

Married with Children S3E14
Episode 14

A Three Job, No Income Family

When Peggy gets a job selling cosmetics and brings home more money than Al, he gets a second job to regain his self respect.

Married with Children S3E15
Episode 15

The Harder They Fall

Steve is obsessed with the fear that an enraged driver may come looking for him.

Married with Children S3E16
Episode 16

The House That Peg Lost

Steve and Marcy return from vacation shocked to find a big hole where their house used to be.

Married with Children S3E17
Episode 17

Married ... with Prom Queen (1)

Peggy and Al attend the Polk High School Reunion where Peggy is determined to win the title of Reunion Queen.

Married with Children S3E18
Episode 18

Married ... with Prom Queen: the Sequel (2)

At their Polk High School Reunion Peggy vigorously campaigns for the title of Reunion Queen.

Married with Children S3E19
Episode 19

The Dateless Amigo

When Bud finds it difficult to line up a date, he resorts to the next best thing - a mannequin.

Married with Children S3E20
Episode 20

The Computer Show

Peggy brings the family closer to the poorhouse when she buys a home computer.

Married with Children S3E21
Episode 21

Life's a Beach

When Al decides the Bundy clan needs to spend quality time together, they pack up and head for the beach.

Married with Children S3E22
Episode 22

Here's Lookin' at You, Kid

When a neighborhood peeping tom has taken a peek at everyone on the block except Peggy, she rectifies the situation by leaving him a ladder.

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