Married with Children

Married with Children

Married with Children - Season 4 Episodes

Married with Children S4E1
Episode 1

Hot off the Grill

In honor of Labor Day the Bundy's have an old-fashioned barbecue - Bundy style.

Married with Children S4E2
Episode 2

Dead Men Don't Do Aerobics

Peggy wins a personalized workout with "the healthiest man in Chicago."

Married with Children S4E3
Episode 3

Buck Saves the Day

When Al takes Bud on a camping trip, Kelly plays poker with Peggy and the girls.

Married with Children S4E4
Episode 4

Tooth or Consequences

Stricken with a toothache, Al reluctantly visits a dentist for the first time, leaving him in too much pain to enjoy the family meal.

Married with Children S4E5
Episode 5

He Ain't Much, But He's Mine

Peggy is worried that Al is picking up more than a spare on his bowling night.

Married with Children S4E6
Episode 6

Fair Exchange

The Bundys take in a foreign exchange student and Kelly gets a run for her money when the student turns out to be a beautiful, sexy French girl.

Married with Children S4E7
Episode 7

Desperately Seeking Miss October

Peggy sells Al's Playboy magazine collection to buy a good luck idol to help her win the lottery.

Married with Children S4E8
Episode 8


Al tries to cash in on his knowledge of the shoe business by starting a shoe hotline.

Married with Children S4E9
Episode 9

Oh, What a Feeling

When Al's car bites the dust, he digs up his nest egg and heads for the auto showroom.

Married with Children S4E10
Episode 10

At the Zoo

After Steve is fired, he plays hooky from his job hunt to go to the zoo with Peggy and the kids.

Married with Children S4E11
Episode 11

It's a Bundyful Life (1)

On Christmas the Bundy family is destined to go presentless, again, unless Al can find a way to make some quick cash.

Married with Children S4E12
Episode 12

It's a Bundyful Life (2)

Al blows his only chance to give the family a Merry Christmas and is visited by a not-so-angelic angel.

Married with Children S4E13
Episode 13

Who'll Stop the Rain

A rainstorm brings out the handyman in Al, who attempts to fix a leaky roof.

Married with Children S4E14
Episode 14

A Taxing Problem

About to be audited by the IRS, Al has to come up with a quick five grand and decides to sell Peggy's hair.

Married with Children S4E15
Episode 15

Rock and Roll Girl

Tired of being the sole breadwinner, Al challenges the family to find jobs and Kelly's talents land her the lead in a music video.

Married with Children S4E16
Episode 16

You Gotta Know When to Hold 'Em (1)

When Steve dumps Marcy to become a park ranger, ever-supportive Peggy talks her into a Las Vegas vacation.

Married with Children S4E17
Episode 17

You Gotta Know When to Fold 'Em (2)

When Peggy and Marcy lose everything in Las Vegas, Al attempts to win back the money by going into the ring with a lady wrestler.

Married with Children S4E18
Episode 18

What Goes Around Comes Around

Bent on revenge, Bud makes a date with the girl who once stole his clothes and ran his underwear up the flagpole.

Married with Children S4E19
Episode 19

Peggy Turns 300

Al's one chance at glory is to break the alley record at Jim's Bowlarama, but it's threatened by Peggy.

Married with Children S4E20
Episode 20

Peggy Made a Little Lamb

When Peggy discovers she never graduated high school, she joins Kelly's home economics class.

Married with Children S4E21
Episode 21


Much to Al's disbelief, Kelly becomes a cable TV weather girl and earns a thousand dollars a week.

Married with Children S4E22
Episode 22

The Agony of Defeet

Al judges a beauty contest.

Married with Children S4E23
Episode 23

Yard Sale

The Bundy's have a yard sale.

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