Married with Children

Married with Children

Married with Children - Season 7 Episodes

Married with Children S7E0
Episode 0

Backstage with the Bundys

Married with Children S7E0
Episode 0

A Day in the Life

Married with Children S7E1
Episode 1

Magnificent Seven

When Peg's 5-year-old nephew Seven is abandoned at the Bundy doorstep by his loser parents, Peg and Al decide to keep him, much to their kids' dismay.

Married with Children S7E2
Episode 2

T-R-A-Something-Something Spells Tramp

When Kelly's date gives her an ultimatum, she finds herself stranded but not alone on a deserted road 15 miles outside Chicago.

Married with Children S7E3
Episode 3

Every Bundy Has a Birthday

When Seven can't remember his birthday, Peggy assigns him one, selecting the next day, which also happens to be Al's birthday.

Married with Children S7E4
Episode 4

Al on the Rocks

When Peggy panics over Seven's sneezes, she begins piling up medical bills, forcing Al to take on a second job as a "topless" bartender.

Married with Children S7E5
Episode 5

What I Did for Love

Peg tries everything in the book to renew Al's romantic interest in her -- up to and including promises of five-course meals.

Married with Children S7E6
Episode 6

Frat Chance

Desperate for a date, Bud founds his own community college fraternity in his garage.

Married with Children S7E7
Episode 7

The Chicago Wine Party

With the elections coming up, Al convinces his family to register and vote for the first time in an effort to stop a proposed tax on beer.

Married with Children S7E8
Episode 8

Kelly Doesn't Live Here Anymore

When Al can't afford to pay the bills, he convinces Kelly to get a job. Finding employment as a waitress at a burger joint, Kelly realizes why mother Peg has never worked a day in her life.

Married with Children S7E9
Episode 9

Rock of Ages

When Al wins a trip to Hawaii, he poses as an aging rock star to get into the first class lounge.

Married with Children S7E10
Episode 10

Death of a Shoe Salesman

While shopping for a burial plot for the family, Al and Peg discover they don't have enough money, so they have to be buried in the same casket.

Married with Children S7E11
Episode 11

Old College Try

Bud's big plans to move into his college dorm are destroyed when Al and Peg manage to get their hands on his scholarship money and go on a shopping spree.

Married with Children S7E12
Episode 12


Al does his yearly pre-Christmas inspection of the family and can find they've done nothing wrong, which means he has to buy them presents.

Married with Children S7E13
Episode 13

The Wedding Show

As the Bundys prepare to attend their cousin Jimmy's wedding, everything begins to go wrong.

Married with Children S7E14
Episode 14

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

Al takes a fishing trip alone, only to have Peg and Marcy show up and spoil his vacation.

Married with Children S7E15
Episode 15

Heels on Wheels

Kelly buys a motorcycle to put some fun back into her life, but disaster strikes when Al decides to take the bike out for a spin .

Married with Children S7E16
Episode 16

Mr. Empty Pants

Peggy's unflattering cartoon makes Al a reluctant celebrity.

Married with Children S7E17
Episode 17

You Can't Miss

Bud goes on a dating game for "nerds."

Married with Children S7E18
Episode 18

Peggy and the Pirates

While reading a romance novel, Peg fantasizes that she is a lady in distress and Al is the pirate who saves her.

Married with Children S7E19
Episode 19

Go for the Old

Al becomes obsessed with his age after a theater cashier gives him a senior citizen's discount.

Married with Children S7E20
Episode 20

Un-Alful Entry

Al becomes a local hero when he stands up to a burglar.

Married with Children S7E21
Episode 21

Movie Show

Kelly gets an unpleasant surprise when the family takes her to a movie on her birthday.

Married with Children S7E22
Episode 22

'Til Death Do Us Part

When Peg complains about Al's lovemaking to the girls at the beauty parlor, he becomes the laughingstock of the town.

Married with Children S7E23
Episode 23

Tis Time to Smell the Roses

Peg spends all of Al's early retirement money and forces him to go back to work.

Married with Children S7E24
Episode 24

Old Insurance Dodge

When Al's Dodge is stolen, he learns it is only worth $100, and he decides to add a few priceless items to the list of things missing from his trunk.

Married with Children S7E25
Episode 25

Wedding Repercussions

When Jimmy, the Bundy's relative, learns that his new bride slept with someone the day of their wedding, his temper explodes and a guilty Bud runs for cover.

Married with Children S7E26
Episode 26

The Proposition

Coco, a cosmetic millionairess and former girlfriend of Al's, makes a truly indecent proposal by offering Peggy $500,000 for one night of passion with Al.

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