McHale's Navy

McHale's Navy

McHale's Navy - Season 1 Episodes

McHale's Navy - Season 1

McHale's Navy - Season 1

This is a list of episodes from the first season of McHale's Navy.

McHale's Navy S1E1
Episode 1

An Ensign for McHale

Binghamton assigns Parker to McHale's PT-boat crew as executive officer.

McHale's Navy S1E2
Episode 2

A Purple Heart for Gruber

Gruber puts in for a Purple Heart when he scratches his finger under enemy fire.

McHale's Navy S1E3
Episode 3

McHale and His Seven Cupids

McHale tries his hand at matchmaking with Parker and a Navy nurse as his victims.

McHale's Navy S1E4
Episode 4

PT 73, Where Are You?

The South Pacific is overstocked with lost, strayed or stolen PT boats.

McHale's Navy S1E5
Episode 5

Movies Are Your Best Diversion

McHale and his crew use old movie soundtracks to avert a Japanese attack.

McHale's Navy S1E6
Episode 6

Operation Wedding Party

Never mind that it's against Navy regulations for an officer to marry an enlisted man, McHale is going to find a way to do it.

McHale's Navy S1E7
Episode 7

Who Do the Voodoo?

When Binghamton refuses to reimburse him for the loss of a coconut orchard, Chief Urulu puts a curse on the captain.

McHale's Navy S1E8
Episode 8

Three Girls on an Island

McHale and his crew set out to find three USO girls on an uncharted island.

McHale's Navy S1E9
Episode 9

McHale's Paradise Motel

McHale opens a resort hotel for tired naval personnel.

McHale's Navy S1E10
Episode 10

The Battle of McHale's Island

Binghamton ousts McHale and his crew from their happy home on McHale's Island.

McHale's Navy S1E11
Episode 11

The Day They Captured Santa Claus

McHale and his crew run into a Japanese ambush while playing Santa Claus to a group of native children.

McHale's Navy S1E12
Episode 12

Beauty and the Beast

When a photographer with an attitude is assigned to the 73 Crew, McHale and the boys must work up a plan to get rid of her.

McHale's Navy S1E13
Episode 13

The Captain's Mission

Binghamton borrows McHale's PT-boat and crew to search for the enemy.

McHale's Navy S1E14
Episode 14

Send Us a Hero

A U.S. Congresswoman comes to Taratupa, to find a War Hero to take on a Stateside War Bond tour, and Parker and the boys help McHale to get chosen for the job, thinking that they will be going along.

McHale's Navy S1E15
Episode 15

The Captain Steals a Cook

Binghamton decides to commandeer the best cook in the Pacific -- said to be McHale's cook, Fuji.

McHale's Navy S1E16
Episode 16

The Ensign Gets a Zero

Binghamton wagers his ship's clock that Parker can outshoot Dennison.

McHale's Navy S1E17
Episode 17

The Big Raffle

To raise money for a party, McHale's crew raffles a date with a young Frenchwoman, Claudine Longet -- in her acting debut.

McHale's Navy S1E18
Episode 18

One of Our Engines Is Missing

Binghamton finds an excuse to have the skipper and crew of PT-73 transferred to another command.

McHale's Navy S1E19
Episode 19

The Natives Get Restless

Binghamton enlists McHale's help in pacifying a native chieftain.

McHale's Navy S1E20
Episode 20

The Confidence Game

Parker is given an opportunity to demonstrate his prowess as a leader.

McHale's Navy S1E21
Episode 21

Six Pounds from Paradise

Binghamton embarks on a campaign to fatten up McHale.

McHale's Navy S1E22
Episode 22

Washing Machine Charlie

McHale and his crew must get rid of a Japanese plane harassing the base before they can go on leave.

McHale's Navy S1E23
Episode 23

Nippon Nancy Calling

Binghamton is certain McHale is the source of a leak of confidential information.

McHale's Navy S1E24
Episode 24

One Enchanted Weekend

Lovely Yvette Gerard has invited Parker to join her for a weekend at her island home. When Binghamton denies him leave, McHale works up a plan for Parker to have a ‘working vacation' on the island, which winds up with an unexpected bonus.

McHale's Navy S1E25
Episode 25

The Mothers of PT 73

Binghamton arrives unannounced with the mothers of three of McHale's men on the day of a festival.

McHale's Navy S1E26
Episode 26

H.M.S. 73

Binghamton assigns McHale to permanent duty as a liaison officer to the British Navy.

McHale's Navy S1E27
Episode 27

A Wreath for McHale

Memorial services are conducted for McHale and his crew when they are presumed killed in action.

McHale's Navy S1E28
Episode 28

Portrait of a Peerless Leader

A Naval Personnel Officer is coming to check out McHale for a stateside training position. Binghamton leads McHale and his crew to believe that the Officer is coming to check out Binghamton for a promotion, and transfer, so they shape up, so that Leadbottom will ship out. But, when McHale finds out the real reason for the Officer's visit, he and his crew cook up a plan, to get him off the hook.

McHale's Navy S1E29
Episode 29

Instant Democracy

Binghamton enlists McHale's aid in commandeering a native tribe to work on the Taratupa airstrip.

McHale's Navy S1E30
Episode 30

Camera, Action, Panic

A photographer is assigned to McHale's boat to take battle-action pictures.

McHale's Navy S1E31
Episode 31

Alias Captain Binghamton

When a dead ringer for Binghamton is assigned to McHale's crew, the men are sure he is a spy.

McHale's Navy S1E32
Episode 32

Parents Anonymous

McHale and his crew decide to adopt a little girl left behind by a hospital ship.

McHale's Navy S1E33
Episode 33

McHale's Millions

Lester trades $4 million for some native trinkets.

McHale's Navy S1E34
Episode 34

The Hillbillies of PT 73

McHale's crew stages an old-fashioned hoedown to cheer Willy up.

McHale's Navy S1E35
Episode 35

The Monster of McHale's Island

McHale looks for a way to straighten out the 10-year-old son of an admiral.

McHale's Navy S1E36
Episode 36

Uncle Admiral

Binghamton has Parker assigned as his aide when he discovers that the ensign is related to Vice Admiral Parker.

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