McHale's Navy

McHale's Navy

McHale's Navy - Season 2 Episodes

McHale's Navy S2E1
Episode 1

The Day the War Stood Still

Parker's impersonations over the radio cause an outbreak of peace.

McHale's Navy S2E2
Episode 2

The Binghamton Murder Plot

Binghamton is convinced that McHale and his men are planning his demise.

McHale's Navy S2E3
Episode 3

McHale and His Schweinhunds

Parker blows the end off a valuable island with torpedoes intended for a German U-boat.

McHale's Navy S2E4
Episode 4

Is There a Doctor in the Hut?

McHale and his men are determined that a glamorous film star visit McHale's Island.

McHale's Navy S2E5
Episode 5

To Binghamton with Love

Binghamton orders McHale and his men to give him a testimonial dinner.

McHale's Navy S2E6
Episode 6

Have Kimono, Will Travel

McHale and his crew are forced to pull in at an island densely populated by Japanese troops.

McHale's Navy S2E7
Episode 7

Today I Am a Man!

Girl-shy Parker is assigned to train five beautiful nurses in judo and self-defense.

McHale's Navy S2E8
Episode 8

Jolly Wally

Binghamton becomes "Jolly Wally" to impress a war correspondent.

McHale's Navy S2E9
Episode 9


McHale's men help "Tinker" Bell's campaign with a nurse who has a yen for heroes.

McHale's Navy S2E10
Episode 10

The August Teahouse of Quint McHale

Binghamton draws up treason charges when he catches McHale trading rifles to the Japanese.

McHale's Navy S2E11
Episode 11

French Leave for McHale

McHale meets up with an old buddy who has McHale and his men thrown in jail.

McHale's Navy S2E12
Episode 12

The Happy Sleepwalker

Happy's sleepwalking leads Binghamton to ship him out of the combat zone.

McHale's Navy S2E13
Episode 13

A Letter for Fuji

McHale and his men set out to mail a love letter from a Japanese-held island.

McHale's Navy S2E14
Episode 14

My Ensign, the Lawyer

"Tinker" Bell is tried by a court-martial board for the theft of Binghamton's printing press.

McHale's Navy S2E15
Episode 15

Orange Blossom for McHale

A new Navy directive - Ordering all married Officers to be shipped home - Prompts Binghamton to scheme to get McHale married off to a shady saloon-keeper by the name of Kate O'Hara - An old friend of McHale's. But, neither Kate, nor McHale want to tie the knot, so they join forces, to try to thwart Binghamton's plan.

McHale's Navy S2E16
Episode 16

Creature from McHale's Lagoon

Binghamton orders the men of PT-73 to live in a swamp while he takes over their quarters.

McHale's Navy S2E17
Episode 17

A Medal for Parker

A chapter of Parker's novel in which he sinks a Japanese battleship appears as fact in his hometown newspaper.

McHale's Navy S2E18
Episode 18

The Balloon Goes Up

Binghamtom discovers he is personally responsible for a $140,000 shortage in the base inventory.

McHale's Navy S2E19
Episode 19

Who'll Buy My Sarongs?

McHale's men compete for the distinction of making the most fetching sarongs for a bazaar.

McHale's Navy S2E20
Episode 20

Evil-Eye Parker

Binghamton is hypnotized so that the men can stage a show for the benefit of a nearby orphanage.

McHale's Navy S2E21
Episode 21

The Great Impersonation

Parker embarks on a dangerous decoy mission disguised as a British general.

McHale's Navy S2E22
Episode 22

Urulu's Paradise West

Binghamton catches Gruber and a native chief selling lots on Navy-held Taratupa Island.

McHale's Navy S2E23
Episode 23

Dear Diary

Binghamton finds himself and Parker on board a Japanese airplane bound for Tokyo.

McHale's Navy S2E24
Episode 24

Babette Go Home

Binghamton finds the daughter of a French planter stowed away on PT-73.

McHale's Navy S2E25
Episode 25

The Novocain Mutiny

McHale has to figure out a way to get his pet prisoner-of-war's toothache treated by a Navy dentist.

McHale's Navy S2E26
Episode 26

Stars Over Taratupa

A Hollywood director selects McHale's men as the cast for his documentary.

McHale's Navy S2E27
Episode 27

Comrades of PT 73

A Russian navy officer, assigned to study PT-boat operations, turns out to be a young woman.

McHale's Navy S2E28
Episode 28

Return of Big Frenchy

A band of swindlers lands on Taratupa to steal a boatload of valuable supplies away from Binghamton.

McHale's Navy S2E29
Episode 29

Alias PT 73

Binghamton discovers McHale's crew was on an island enjoying a luau during an air raid on Taratupa.

McHale's Navy S2E30
Episode 30

The Rage of Taratupa

Rampant discord results when a singing sensation and his guitar are assigned to McHale's squadron.

McHale's Navy S2E31
Episode 31

Ensign Parker, E.S.P.

McHale's men look forward to becoming rich when Parker's dreams prove uncannily prophetic.

McHale's Navy S2E32
Episode 32

The McHale Mob

A native chief orders McHale and his men off their luxuriously equipped island.

McHale's Navy S2E33
Episode 33

Carpenter in Command

Mousy Lt. Carpenter turns into a raging lion when he becomes acting commander of Taratupa.

McHale's Navy S2E34
Episode 34

Marryin' Chuck

McHale's men peddle war souvenirs that turn out to be art treasures.

McHale's Navy S2E35
Episode 35

The Dart Gun Wedding

Binghamton becomes the unwilling flunky of the son of his peacetime boss.

McHale's Navy S2E36
Episode 36

A Da-Da for Christy

McHale's crew retaliates when the enemy jams Christy's attempt to talk to his son by short-wave radio.

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