McHale's Navy

McHale's Navy

McHale's Navy - Season 3 Episodes

McHale's Navy S3E1
Episode 1

The Ghosts of 73

Binghamton tries to spook the PT-73 crew until they beg for transfer.

McHale's Navy S3E2
Episode 2

Lester, the Skipper

Gruber gets himself in hot water when he tells his girlfriend he is a lieutenant commander.

McHale's Navy S3E3
Episode 3

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad War

The whole crew faces court-martial unless they can locate a girl with a heart-shaped beauty mark on her ankle.

McHale's Navy S3E4
Episode 4

McHale, the Desk Commando

Binghamton assigns McHale as temporary base commander in hopes of having him transferred.

McHale's Navy S3E5
Episode 5

McHale's Floating Harem

McHale and his men rescue a visiting sultan and his three daughters.

McHale's Navy S3E6
Episode 6

Laugh, Captain, Laugh

McHale's men charge Binghamton up with laughing gas to prevent him from court-martialing Parker.

McHale's Navy S3E7
Episode 7

Will the Alligator Take the Stand?

A court-martial board tries Parker for the theft of Binghamton's wallet.

McHale's Navy S3E8
Episode 8

The British Also Have Ensigns

Binghamton assigns a bumbling fool who is responsible for sinking three ships to McHale's unit.

McHale's Navy S3E9
Episode 9

Senator Parker, Suh!

Parker pretends to be a senator's nephew in order to get a promotion.

McHale's Navy S3E10
Episode 10

Fountain of Youth

Binghamton tries to push himself into position for a quick promotion.

McHale's Navy S3E11
Episode 11

The Great Eclipse

Binghamton sends McHale and his men to sign a peace treaty with a tribe of headhunters.

McHale's Navy S3E12
Episode 12

McHale and His Jet Set

McHale and his men impersonate international playboys in an attempt to help Binghamton.

McHale's Navy S3E13
Episode 13

Christy Goes Traveling

McHale's men put Christy in a sack and mail him home to see his baby daughter.

McHale's Navy S3E14
Episode 14

The Missing Link

Parker is assigned to a one-man lookout on an island frequently used by enemy ships for target practice.

McHale's Navy S3E15
Episode 15

Fuji's Big Romance

McHale's prisoner of war falls in love with a native chief's daughter.

McHale's Navy S3E16
Episode 16

The Stool Parrot

McHale's men are unaware their pet parrot is blabbing their secret plans to Binghamton.

McHale's Navy S3E17
Episode 17

The PT 73 Follies

Binghamton and Parker are air-dropped onto a deserted island for a survival test.

McHale's Navy S3E18
Episode 18

The Truth Hurts

Binghamton orders truth serum shots for McHale and his men in order to obtain evidence against them.

McHale's Navy S3E19
Episode 19

The Late Captain Binghamton

Binghamton finds out that he has only 48 hours to live after McHale's men touch up one of his X-rays.

McHale's Navy S3E20
Episode 20

McHale's Floating Laundromat

Binghamton assigns his aide to spy on McHale's camp.

McHale's Navy S3E21
Episode 21

All Chiefs and No Indians

Binghamton arranges for CPO examinations for McHale's men.

McHale's Navy S3E22
Episode 22

Pumpkin Takes Over

Binghamton's wife pays a surprise visit to Taratupa Island.

McHale's Navy S3E23
Episode 23

The Seven Faces of Ensign Parker

McHale sets out to spring Parker from the brig where he is being held on larceny charges.

McHale's Navy S3E24
Episode 24

The Return of Maggie

Binghamton arranges for McHale and his men to be caught in a raid on a gambling joint.

McHale's Navy S3E25
Episode 25

Send This Ensign to Camp

After he is hit on the head, Parker thinks he is 10-years-old.

McHale's Navy S3E26
Episode 26

By the Numbers, Paint

Binghamton suspects chicanery when McHale's men sell him a Gauguin painting.

McHale's Navy S3E27
Episode 27

Chuckie Cottontail

Parker's Easter Bunny costume has the Japanese thinking the Americans are using forest demons.

McHale's Navy S3E28
Episode 28

The Great Necklace Caper

A chimpanzee steals a valuable necklace Binghamton bought for his wife.

McHale's Navy S3E29
Episode 29

Will the Real Admiral Please Stand Up?

A shah refuses to sign an oil rights agreement unless his friend Parker is made an admiral.

McHale's Navy S3E30
Episode 30

Hello, McHale? Colonna!

A famous World War II troubadour promises to come to Taratupa and put on a show.

McHale's Navy S3E31
Episode 31

Rumble on Taratupa

McHale's men are framed on a bootlegging charge and clapped in the brig.

McHale's Navy S3E32
Episode 32

All Ahead, Empty

Automation threatens to break up McHale's old gang.

McHale's Navy S3E33
Episode 33

The Vampire of Taratupa

Parker impersonates Dracula to escape from Binghamton's clutches.

McHale's Navy S3E34
Episode 34

Birth of a Salesman

Binghamton conducts a forced sale of insurance in order to impress an insurance tycoon.

McHale's Navy S3E35
Episode 35

A Star Falls on Taratupa

A publicity-hungry movie star succeeds in being marooned on an island with McHale and his men.

McHale's Navy S3E36
Episode 36

Make Room for Orvie

Binghamton assigns a young sailor to spy on McHale and his men.

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