Meet the Browns

Meet the Browns

Meet the Browns - Season 2 Episodes

Meet the Browns - Season 2

Meet the Browns - Season 2

"Meet the Browns" follows the misadventures of Tyler Perry's beloved Leroy Brown. When Brown's father, Pop Brown, dies and leaves Brown his old house, Brown discovers a letter asking him to "take care of the old." Brown later discovers that there was more to the message, but by then it's too late -- Brown has already opened Brown Meadows, a home for seniors.

Meet the Browns S2E1
Episode 1

Meet the Parents & the Plant

Will and Sasha try to find a way to get Brianna and Joaquin back before the Turners adopt them. Even Brown and the Colonel get in on the action, hatching a plot of their own. Meanwhile, Brown thinks the frat boys next door are growing marijuana and leaps into action.

Meet the Browns S2E2
Episode 2

Meet the Profits

Brown starts charging the residents for amenities around the house, but he quickly goes overboard, stirring a mutiny. Will feels threatened when Sasha is offered a job that pays more than he makes.

Meet the Browns S2E3
Episode 3

Meet the Class

Cora gets a job as a substitute teacher, thinking her students will be “little angels.” But her assumption is challenged when she’s assigned to teach some of the roughest students in the school. Meanwhile, Brown and London compete in a “fashion showdown” for a New York fashion designer.

Meet the Browns S2E4
Episode 4

Meet Mommie Dearest

Brianna and Joaquin’s mother, Tanya, returns from jail and is determined to get her kids back. But her reasons aren’t exactly motherly. In the meantime, Brown gets more than he bargained for when he mistakenly takes a handful of the Colonel’s male-enhancement pills.

Meet the Browns S2E5
Episode 5

Meet the Matchmaker

Brown feels guilty about scaring Russell off so, to make up for it, he secretly sets up a date for Cora using an online dating service. London and Jesús help Miss Daisy prepare for an audition, with unexpected consequences.

Meet the Browns S2E6
Episode 6

Meet Career Day

Will plans to come to “Career Day” in Brianna’s class but, when an emergency prevents him from attending, Brown decides to step in…with disastrous results. He does, however, become convinced it’s time for a wardrobe change.

Meet the Browns S2E7
Episode 7

Meet the Cousins

Will has a lot of explaining to do when Sasha discovers photos on his cell phone from a bachelor party. And Brown researches his family tree and discovers an interesting connection with Miss Daisy’s family from the days of slavery.

Meet the Browns S2E8
Episode 8

Meet the Body

Meet the Browns S2E9
Episode 9

Meet the Mexican

Brianna is plagued with boy troubles, as her young beau falls for Sasha. Meanwhile, when Edna's date for the theater falls ill, his nephew goes out with her instead.

Meet the Browns S2E10
Episode 10

Meet the Entrepreneur

Will worries that he's not a good father, setting off dramas that affect the children. Meanwhile, Brown considers marketing the secret recipe to his zippy barbecue sauce. But there's a bitter aftertaste when he loses the recipe.

Meet the Browns S2E11
Episode 11

Meet the Ex

Will's gorgeous socialite ex-girlfriend shows up as a donor for a charity benefit that he is chairing. Sasha is jealous of her, until she realizes who Lynn is really attracted to. Edna is considering plastic surgery, so London steps in and convinces her and the ladies to throw a "Botox Party".

Meet the Browns S2E12
Episode 12

Meet the E.R.

Brown is shot in the butt during a robbery at a convenience store, hurting his pride more than his bottom. But he milks the situation and has the residents wait on him hand and foot, until they rebel. Edna has a health scare and decides to change her sensual ways.

Meet the Browns S2E13
Episode 13

Meet the Secret

Joaquin's little league coach turns out to be a pedophile. When Cora tries to convince Brown to get a will, he thinks she's out to kill him.

Meet the Browns S2E14
Episode 14

Meet the Intervention

Brown gets hooked on the lotto and the family and the residents plan an intervention. Brianna freaks out when a boy, Jamal, makes an innocent pass at her.

Meet the Browns S2E15
Episode 15

Meet the New Job

Cora is given a full-time teaching job at the high school by the attractive principal, Mr. Hughes, and is immediately challenged when troublesome Angie shows up to class, drunk. After discovering he's lost his nest egg, the Colonel has to try to get a job.

Meet the Browns S2E16
Episode 16

Meet the Gold Digger

Brown meets his soul mate, but she may be after more than his heart. Brianna gets arrested for shoplifting at the mall.

Meet the Browns S2E17
Episode 17

Meet the Cougars

Brianna is plagued with boy troubles, as her young beau falls for Sasha. Meanwhile, when Edna's date for the theater falls ill, his nephew goes out with her instead.

Meet the Browns S2E18
Episode 18

Meet the Thief

A local burglary prompts the Colonel, Will and Jesus to launch a neighborhood watch group. Elsewhere, Brown treats a sick Cora, with nauseating results.

Meet the Browns S2E19
Episode 19

Meet the Sweet Tooth

Sasha helps Cora lose weight; Brown convinces residents to sell candy to try to win a vacation.

Meet the Browns S2E20
Episode 20

Meet the Matrimony

Edna returns home with news that she's engaged; Will agrees to appear on a calendar at the hospital for charity.

Meet the Browns S2E21
Episode 21

Meet the Man and the Mouse

Fed up with their lack of privacy, Will and Sasha decide to move out of Brown Meadows. Brown and the Colonel go to war in the house against a mouse.

Meet the Browns S2E22
Episode 22

Meet the Real Dad

Brianna and Joaquin's dad gets out of prison, and shows up at the house. Brianna must face who her father really is, not who she's imagined him to be all these years. The Colonel reveals to Brown that he has fallen for Edna, and with Brown's help the Colonel makes his move.

Meet the Browns S2E23
Episode 23

Meet the Hubby

When her friend arrives, Edna asks Brown to pose as her husband. Elsewhere, London and Brianna attend a concert together in secret, which causes tension between London and Sasha.

Meet the Browns S2E24
Episode 24

Meet the H.B.I.C.

Cora and Sasha have a domestic power struggle when they clash over who rules the household. Elsewhere, Brown Meadows has a safety check when Brown runs an emergency-preparedness drill.

Meet the Browns S2E25
Episode 25

Meet the Troublemaker

A student who is being bullied brings a gun to Cora's classroom. London is saddened when she realizes her probation is almost over and she'll be leaving Brown Meadows.

Meet the Browns S2E26
Episode 26

Meet the Naked Truth

An overwhelmed Sasha has a night out and comes home tipsy to Brianna's shock. Brown and the Colonel attend an art class but to Brown's surprise Colonel is the model.

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