Meet the Browns

Meet the Browns

Meet the Browns - Season 3 Episodes

Meet the Browns - Season 3

Meet the Browns - Season 3

Brown may be quirky and fashion-challenged, but his extended family garners an awful lot of unintentional wisdom from him. Okay, he's not always wise but there's no denying he's funny. Join the whole gang as they hilariously navigate a new style of communal living!

Meet the Browns S3E1
Episode 1

Meet the Two Left Feet

Will has a secret: He takes hush-hush salsa-dancing lessons in an effort to take Sasha out to a party, but Sasha suspects he's spending the time cheating on her. Meanwhile, the Colonel and Edna hope to leave Brown Meadows and move in together elsewhere.

Meet the Browns S3E2
Episode 2

Meet the Lessons

Will has a secret: He's taking salsa-dancing lessons in an effort to take Sasha out to a party, but Sasha suspects he's cheating on her. Meanwhile, the Colonel and Edna hope to leave Brown Meadows.

Meet the Browns S3E3
Episode 3

Meet the Disorderly

Brianna and her friend attend a fraternity party---but Brianna is victimized by a frat brother. Elsewhere, Brown decides to fire Jesus because of budgetary constraints.

Meet the Browns S3E4
Episode 4

Meet the Mom

When Will falls ill, his mother arrives, but her old-school, Southern-style remedies are a bitter pill to swallow for Sasha. And Daisy goes missing, a development made more serious considering her declining mental state.

Meet the Browns S3E5
Episode 5

Meet the Great Guy

Accusations of blame are directed at Will when Joaquin's ex- baseball coach dies on his operating table. Meanwhile, gym teacher Reggie sets out to woo Cora, but Brown doesn't feel Reggie makes the grade.

Meet the Browns S3E6
Episode 6

Meet the Saboteurs

The issue of Eddie's death begins to drive Will and Sasha apart. Meanwhile, Cora utilizes reverse-psychology methods on Brown to nudge him toward liking Reggie.

Meet the Browns S3E7
Episode 7

Meet the Couch Potato

A suspended Will becomes an idle slacker, sleeping the days away and neglecting the children. Meanwhile, Brown learns a valuable lesson about being well-versed in other languages.

Meet the Browns S3E8
Episode 8

Meet Mr. Wrong

Daisy's memory issues trigger the arrival of her cousin, but buried family secrets are then revealed. Elsewhere, Reggie's outdated attitude toward women irks Cora.

Meet the Browns S3E9
Episode 9

Meet the Christmas Spirit

Brown and Curtis battle over who gets to play Santa as they put on a Christmas play for the children at the hospital. Joaquin befriends a young boy who is sick.

Meet the Browns S3E10
Episode 10

Meet Mom Again

Meet the Browns S3E11
Episode 11

Meet the Lovers

Troy makes romantic overtures toward Sasha. Worse, he then threatens to fire Will if she tells anyone about it. Elsewhere, Brown lands a second job as a school security guard and investigates a fake hall-pass operation.

Meet the Browns S3E12
Episode 12

Meet the Tension

Edna breaks off her engagement to the Colonel and returns to the house. In the meantime, a reinstated Will plans a celebration dinner and invites Troy, upsetting Sasha.

Meet the Browns S3E13
Episode 13

Meet the Liar

Meet the Browns S3E14
Episode 14

Meet the Adoption

Meet the Browns S3E15
Episode 15

Meet the Wills

The results of Sasha's mammogram cause an odd reaction from Will. Meanwhile, the privileged and well-tended London learns about being poor after her father blocks her cash flow.

Meet the Browns S3E16
Episode 16

Meet the Consequences

A delicate secret threatens to shatter Will and Sasha's marriage. Joaquin resorts to blackmailing Brianna after he discovers she's been secretly leaving the house.

Meet the Browns S3E19
Episode 19

Meet the Church Board

Will and Sasha's troubles run deeper in light of Will's reluctance to address the situation. Cora and Brown square off over a church-board post.

Meet the Browns S3E20
Episode 20

Meet the Test

As Will and Tanya team up to care for the children, Brown and Derek gear up for a defensive-driving class.

Meet the Browns S3E21
Episode 21

Meet the Protest

Tanya makes romantic overtures toward Will. Elsewhere, Brown is enlisted to resolve a school protest.

Meet the Browns S3E22
Episode 22

Meet the Bump and Grind

Will and Sasha suspect that Brianna is pregnant. Brown plans a bachelor party for the Colonel.

Meet the Browns S3E23
Episode 23

Meet the Fake ID

Brianna is caught red-handed with a fake ID. And it's a "Mr. Mom" romp when Brown and Will become househusbands.

Meet the Browns S3E24
Episode 24

Meet the Other Man

Sasha's mother arrives---with another man. Meanwhile, Brown goes the extra yard to help coach football.

Meet the Browns S3E25
Episode 25

Meet the Double Date

Cora and Reggie try to arrange a love connection for Brown and Reggie's mother. Sasha divulges intimate secrets to Renee.

Meet the Browns S3E26
Episode 26

Meet the Alter Ego

Brown hits his head and becomes Bougie. Meanwhile, Brianna's bikini pictures end up online.

Meet the Browns S3E27
Episode 27

Meet the Anniversary

Vera sleeps with Sasha's father, and Reggie wants Cora to stop being friends with Gordon.

Meet the Browns S3E28
Episode 28

Meet My Fair Tanya

Tanya gets help from Sasha on becoming a lady. The Colonel is depressed when he finds out he is the last living member of his platoon.

Meet the Browns S3E29
Episode 29

Meet the Stand-Up

Brown becomes a stand-up comedian, and uses the family's problems for jokes. The family finds out that Joanquin has an IQ higher than everyone else's.

Meet the Browns S3E30
Episode 30

Meet the Counseling Session

After a fight, Cora and Brown are counseled by the Colonel. Sasha and Will decide to take a 30 day challenge that involves them cutting out physical intimacy.

Meet the Browns S3E31
Episode 31

Meet the Mugger

Cora gets mugged and becomes overprotective and paranoid. Will finds a gray hair and begins acting young.

Meet the Browns S3E32
Episode 32

Meet the Stakeout

Brown's new neighbors may be thieves. Brown lets the police use his house for a stakeout. Brianna comes to help Sasha at the hospital and winds up befriending Renee.

Meet the Browns S3E33
Episode 33

Meet the Cheating Liver

Cora suspects Reggie is cheating on her. Thelma and Brown get involved. Renee loses a liver that is in a transplant cooler.

Meet the Browns S3E34
Episode 34

Meet the Loot

Brown and Cora loan the Colonel a dollar which he uses to buy a lottery ticket. The ticket hits and everyone fights over splitting the winnings. Sasha and Renee decide to switch jobs.

Meet the Browns S3E35
Episode 35

Meet the Bucket List

Brown and Colonel make a list of the things they want to do before they die. After Joaquin walks in on Will and Sasha having sex, they have to give Joaquin "the talk".

Meet the Browns S3E36
Episode 36

Meet the Racist

An elderly black patient refuses to be operated on by Will because he's black. Brown finds out that Cora never went to the prom.

Meet the Browns S3E37
Episode 37

Meet the Stepdaughter

Edna and the Colonel's daughter, Karen, bump heads when Karen wants Edna to sigh a prenup. Brown and Derek take an exercise class.

Meet the Browns S3E38
Episode 38

Meet the Baby

Vera stays at the Brown house while she recovers from laser eye surgery. Sasha finds out she's pregnant.

Meet the Browns S3E39
Episode 39

Meet the Scholarship

Derek loses his scholarship and must work at the house to earn money. Joaquin likes a girl at school and thugs out when Brianna tells him girls like bad boys.

Meet the Browns S3E40
Episode 40

Meet the Boyfriend

Brianna falls in love for the first time with a dangerous looking thug. Cora has to teach sex education.

Meet the Browns S3E41
Episode 41

Meet the Secret Admirer

Gordon has feelings for Cora; Derek and his fraternity brothers invade the Browns' home.

Meet the Browns S3E42
Episode 42

Meet the Job Offer

Cora gets a job offer in a new city; Joaquin records things with his new camera.

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