Melissa & Joey

Melissa & Joey

Melissa & Joey - Season 2 Episodes

Melissa & Joey S2E1
Episode 1

I Can Manage

Mel’s (Hart) house in disarray after the bathtub crashed through the living room in the season one finale. Joe (Lawrence) continues to help Mel raise her teenage niece (Taylor Spreitler) and nephew (Nick Robinson), while she pursues her career in local politics.

Melissa & Joey S2E2
Episode 2

If You Can’t Stand the Heat

Lennox reluctantly works on the student spirit committee.

Melissa & Joey S2E3
Episode 3

Good to Go

Mel and Joe discover Lennox spent the night in bed with her classmate.

Melissa & Joey S2E4
Episode 4

All Up in My Business

Joe suspects Mel is having an affair with a married man.

Melissa & Joey S2E5
Episode 5

The Knockout

Mel punches a man when she sees him hassling Ryder, leading her to become known as "Battling Burke," which delights Mel's campaign manager (Mazar) and helps her image. But Mel's new persona has unintended effect on Ryder. And Lennox attempts to befriend a new girl at school, but the girl takes advantage of Lennox's kindness, which dismays Joe.

Melissa & Joey S2E6
Episode 6

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Mel wants to break up with her boyfriend, Donald, but feels guilty when he says she's the best thing in his life. So she turns to Joe for help boosting Donald's confidence so she can safely dump him. But Joe's lessons go a little too well and Donald turns into a version of Joe, horrifying Mel even more. Meanwhile, Ryder's girlfriend Holly confides a secret to Lennox and asks her to keep it from Ryder.

Melissa & Joey S2E7
Episode 7

Mixed Doubles

Joe tells Mel she is way too picky when it comes to dating, and offers to set her up with his friend. But in return Joe wants Mel to help him score a date with her charming friend Ariel, leading to an uncomfortable double date for the group. Also, Lennox decides to start her own blog after being kicked off the school website, but it consumes all of her time, leaving her boyfriend Haskell feeling ignored.

Melissa & Joey S2E8
Episode 8

The Donor

Mel's friend Jackie (Christine Lakin) decides she wants to have a baby, and while looking for a father for her child, settles on Joe, leaving Mel and Joe to scramble to change her mind. Meanwhile, Lennox and Haskell make their first joint purchase together when they buy a rare book. But when they discover the book is worth more than they thought, they disagree about what to do with it.

Melissa & Joey S2E9
Episode 9

Eat, Pray, Date

Mel lets her date Travis believe she is an amazing chef, without mentioning that it was Joe who really made their delicious meal. However, when Travis asks to watch her in the kitchen, Mel is forced to turn to Joe to help her out. Meanwhile, Lennox is shocked to realize her friend has a crush on Ryder, but Ryder is surprisingly interested, horrifying Lennox even more.

Melissa & Joey S2E10
Episode 10

Pretty Big Liars

Ryder decides he wants to invest in stock, and turns to Joe for advice. But Joe is adamant that Ryder's stock pick is a bad idea and decides to show him how risky investing can be by not buying it. But when the stock turns out to be a winner, Joe scrambles to hide the truth from Ryder. Meanwhile, Mel is smitten with her new boyfriend Sam, who happens to be Haskell's father, but must keep her happiness under wraps when Lennox and Haskell break up.

Melissa & Joey S2E11
Episode 11

A Pair of Sneakers

Mel's attempts to teach Lennox to drive don't go very well, so Joe offers to take over teaching duties. But Mel refuses to let him, so Joe resorts to teaching Lennox in secret. But Joe's lessons go even worse when Lennox gets into a minor accident, leaving Joe to cover up his secret driving school. Meanwhile, Mel and Ryder strike up an unusual and confidential arrangement.

Melissa & Joey S2E12
Episode 12

Mother of All Problems

Mel is anxious about her mother Monica's (guest star Rita Rudner) first visit in years. But when Joe tries to help smooth over their relationship, he gives Monica some advice that infuriates Mel. Meanwhile, when Lennox tries to get out of gym class, her teacher assumes she's pregnant.

Melissa & Joey S2E13
Episode 13

Wherefore Art Lennox

Joe works as a financial consultant over the internet.

Melissa & Joey S2E14
Episode 14

From Russia With Love

Joe's financial consultant, Elena, shows up at the house unannounced.

Melissa & Joey S2E15
Episode 15

Mel Marries Joe

Mel is shocked when Joe offers to marry Elena in order to keep her in the country, and refuses to take part in his scheme. But when it looks like everything will fall apart, Mel takes charge in order to protect both of them. But will Joe really go through with the wedding?

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