Mercy - Season 1 Episodes

Mercy S1E1
Episode 1

Can We Get That Drink Now?

Battle-hardened as a nurse in Iraq, Veronica struggles to resume a normal life at Mercy Hospital.

Mercy S1E2
Episode 2

I Believe You Conrad

Battle-hardened as a nurse in Iraq, Veronica struggles to resume a normal life at Mercy Hospital.

Mercy S1E3
Episode 3

Hope You're Good, Smiley Face

Veronica, Sonia, and Chloe find Mercy Hospital a source of healing for their own personal struggles.

Mercy S1E4
Episode 4

Pulling the Goalie

Mike and Veronica decide to start a family, Chloe makes a play for Dr. Sands, and Sonia runs afoul of the law.

Mercy S1E5
Episode 5

You Lost Me With the Cinder Block

Veronica fights for her job -- and the life of an accident victim; Chloe discovers a deep secret.

Mercy S1E6
Episode 6

The Last Thing I Said Was

Veronica comes clean with Mike, a cancer patient fights treatment. Elisabeth Moss, Stiller and Meara guest star.

Mercy S1E7
Episode 7

Destiny, Meet My Daughter, Veronica

Veronica and Mike confront a family crisis; Chloe's fireman crush heats up; Sands writes himself a prescription for a new romance.

Mercy S1E8
Episode 8

I'm Not That Kind of Girl

Veronica wonders if a baby can save her marriage; Chloe discovers a dark secret about her fireman boyfriend

Mercy S1E9
Episode 9

Some of Us Have Been to The Desert

Veronica turns to a support group; Harris suffers a mysterious injury.

Mercy S1E10
Episode 10

I Saw This Pig And I Thought Of You

Veronica discovers that Mike is trying to sell their house, while Sonia unravels the mystery surrounding an orphaned child.

Mercy S1E11
Episode 11

We're All Adults

Dr. Sands' free-spirited sister drops in for a visit, stirring up trouble and rumors of a love triangle. Eva Amurri and Michael Imperioli guest star.

Mercy S1E12
Episode 12

Wake Up, Bill

Veronica and Sonia are affected when their patients' issues mirror their own lives.

Mercy S1E13
Episode 13

Can We Talk About the Gigantic Elephant in the Ambulance?

While trying to bring a frozen boy back to life, Veronica challenges Sands to a game of basketball to win back their love. James Van Der Beek joins the cast as Dr. Joe Briggs.

Mercy S1E14
Episode 14

I Have A Date

On Valentine's Day, Veronica's first real date with Chris takes an unexpected turn.

Mercy S1E15
Episode 15

I Did Kill You, Didn't I?

After the shooting, Veronica goes on the lam, as chaos reigns at the hospital due to a bus bombing. Allison Sweeney and Connor Paolo guest star.

Mercy S1E16
Episode 16

I'm Fine

While recovering from the Valentine's Day robbery, Veronica encounters a young patient with a terrible secret.

Mercy S1E17
Episode 17

There Is No Room For You On My Ass

St. Patrick's Day brings a riot into the ER, and Veronica's worried family stages an intervention, sort of.

Mercy S1E18
Episode 18

Of Course I'm Not

Veronica is awkward and snarky during her first official therapy appointment with PTSD specialist Dr. Denise Cabe. Veronica's not sure where to start, so Cabe lists some issues: anger management, alcohol, panic attacks, nightmares and flashbacks. Veronica thinks it's a depressing mountain to climb, relieved when time's up. Still, she'll be back tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that... On the way out, she passes a vet in the waiting room, scratching his stump. Veronica suggests corn starch and heads out.

Mercy S1E19
Episode 19

There Is No Superwoman

Veronica helps a heartbroken mother make an impossible decision.

Mercy S1E20
Episode 20

We All Saw This Coming

Injured prisoners invade the halls of Mercy Hospital.

Mercy S1E21
Episode 21

Too Much Attitude And Not Enough Underwear

Veronica and Sands are confronted with a life-changing decision.

Mercy S1E22
Episode 22

That Crazy Bitch Was Right

Veronica and Sands are confronted with a life-changing decision.

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