Metal Hurlant Chronicles

Metal Hurlant Chronicles

Metal Hurlant Chronicles - Season 1 Episodes

Metal Hurlant Chronicles S1E1
Episode 1

King's Crown

In a Medieval yet futuristic world controlled by a dying king and his robots, a tournament takes place for the lord's pleasure. Among the fighters are two human warriors who compete for the ultimate reward, the succession of the throne. But that's without counting on the machines and the real meaning of "succession"...

Metal Hurlant Chronicles S1E2
Episode 2

Shelter Me

A woman wakes up in a bomb shelter with another man. Is he telling the truth about the world's end or keeping her captive? Starring Michelle Ryan and James Marsters.

Metal Hurlant Chronicles S1E3
Episode 3

Red Light / Cold Hard Facts

A man tries to escape from a prison located on a distant planet. In 2312, scientists discovered a cryogenically frozen man of the twentieth century.

Metal Hurlant Chronicles S1E4
Episode 4

Three on a Match

Three survivors on a sinking spaceship, competing for scarce oxygen supply on their rescue shuttle whose hull is damaged.

Metal Hurlant Chronicles S1E5
Episode 5

Master of Destiny

A hero travels to the end of the galaxy in search of a secret race.

Metal Hurlant Chronicles S1E6
Episode 6

Pledge of Anya

A demon has escaped and is about to surface in humans. A warrior is sending to the world of mortals.

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