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Miami Medical

Miami Medical - Season 1 Episodes

Miami Medical S1E1
Episode 1


A gas explosion causes a car accident bringing several victims into Miami Trauma One. Just after they save their first victim, their leader, Dr. Rayner, walks out of the trauma room, taking off all his clothes -- the pressures of the job have finally made him crack. With no time to process what just happened, the rest of the team, Dr. Eva Zambrano, Dr. C., Dr. Warren and nurse Tuck, must act quickly to save the rest of the victims, including: a full-term pregnant woman, covered in lacerations from shattered glass; her husband who didn't appear, ends up nearly bleeding out because of a piece of glass lodged in his carotid artery; a man so badly burned in the explosion, he will survive his injuries. The delicate balance of the trauma center is quickly disrupted by the appearance of a new doctor, Dr. Proctor, who ends up being their new team leader.

Miami Medical S1E2
Episode 2

88 Seconds

The team is still trying to figure out their new leader, Proctor, who has an unusual, non-authoritarian leadership style when a sniper shooting in a busy Miami bar, brings several victims into MT1. Zambrano and Dr. C. try to diagnose a diabetic single mother, shot in the kidney, who has a mysterious complication that eludes. When they spot a tiny tumor on her adrenal gland, they realize they must repair the kidney without disturbing the tumor, but when things go south, they end up removing the kidney. Also, Proctor hands Warren one of her first solo cases and she blows it when she doesn't stand up to a surgeon who takes the patient into surgery before Warren clears him. Hoping to redeem herself, Warren figures out that the apparently drunk patient had actually consumed anti-freeze and brings the antidote into surgery, saving him from crashing.

Miami Medical S1E3
Episode 3

What Lies Beneath

A bizarre micro-burst wind event blows the tent off a big wedding, including Emily, the bride who's crushed her skull. Despite the skull fracture, Emily is making a good recovery and even volunteers to be a blood donor when they discover her father has a unique blood allergy. When they test her blood, Zambrano uncovers a family secret because the test shows Emily isn't his biological daughter. The family pulls together and Emily's fiancé finally wins over her mother when he volunteers to be tested, despite his injuries. He's not a match but her mother appreciates that he was willing to risk his life for his bride's father. Also, a catering employee named Fortunato arrives, impaled by a 6-foot pole; despite his injuries (including the pole being dangerously close to his heart), Fortunato says he's always been a lucky man. When Dr. C removes the pole, he finds and repairs a congenital heart problem that was a ticking bomb, proving again that Fortunato truly is lucky.

Miami Medical S1E4
Episode 4

All Fall Down

Karen and Frank, a thirty-something couple are preparing their nursery for the baby they're adopting from Russia; they've been through a lot to have a child including a domestic adoption that didn't work out at the last minute. Frank starts to have an asthma attack, but when they go out to the balcony of their apartment to get some fresh air, it immediately gives way and collapses sending them both to the trauma ward. Proctor treats Karen, whose seemingly contained injuries get complicated when she has a crush injury on her leg, which they're able to repair, however, her kidneys stop functioning as an indirect result of the injury. She refuses dialysis because she's afraid it will affect their impending adoption, so Proctor comes up with an alternative to buy her time until the adoption goes through. Zambrano treats a man who was under the balcony when it collapsed. Mysteriously, he has a bag full of cash and seems to have a brain injury causing spasms in his hands. Zambrano finally realizes the man is deaf and is trying to sign and when she gets him to communicate, he tells her the cash was from a theatre fundraisers. Dr. C talks Warren through another victim of the balcony collapse; however, Warren makes a mistake. Dr. C covers for her with Proctor and ultimately gets sent home because Proctor can't tolerate his staff lying to him. Also Zambrano tries to figure out how she ended up naked in Proctor's bed. Turns out he was driving her home and she fell asleep, so he put her to bed at his place, nothing happened, but it's an intriguing situation for both of them.

Miami Medical S1E5
Episode 5

Golden Hour

Proctor is asked by his boss to speak at an important fundraiser to raise money to maintain the level of care at MT1. Though he doesn't want to do it, Proctor decides to challenge his audience by telling the story of an accident that brought 3 victims into the trauma unit that day and asking them which one survived. A homeless man steps on a nail, pulls it out of his shoe and throws it onto the road, where it punctures a bicycle's wheel, sending the cyclist into the front of an oncoming car with two passengers. The homeless man, the cyclist and one of the passenger's end up at the trauma unit. The homeless man nearly bleeds out because he's on blood thinners from a past procedure; he's also not homeless, but suffers from mental issues as the result of prior poor medical treatment. The cyclist has brain swelling and Proctor must remove part of his skull and place it in his abdomen for safe keep -- turns out he also has a rare disease call Sudden Unexplained Death Syndrome, which the trauma doctors are able to diagnose and treat. Finally the driver of the car has multiple abdominal injuries, requiring extensive surgery. The patient who didn't make it was the car passenger who got routed to a local hospital instead of the trauma unit -- she was finally transported to MT1, however it was too late to save her. His speech makes an impact and he's able to raise a sizeable contribution. Also, Zambrano suffers a series of mishaps and accidents which she ultimately interprets as good luck.

Miami Medical S1E6
Episode 6

Calle Cubana

It's Calle Cubana in Miami, a celebration of Cuban culture that has turned into an excuse for mayhem. Shoeless, Dr. C narrowly escapes out of the apartment of a woman he didn't know was married and runs into a guy who has been stabbed. He takes him to the MT1 where Warren assists him in repairing the knife wound. Warren also discovers his esophagus has been injured in the attack and her quick catch saves his life. Zambrano and Proctor work on a teenager who was dumped in their driveway, nearly beaten to death. The teenager turns out to be a girl who lives in a crappy neighborhood. Her father is a cop and isn't able to protect her. Zambrano grew up in the same neighborhood and offers to sponsor her to the magnet school that allowed her to escape the neighborhood. A second stabbing victim, a young woman, arrives at MT1; she was found near the first victim and the knife is embedded in her abdomen. Warren tells her patient about the second victim and how the police want to talk to him to help them ID the assailant. Despite his weakened condition, he gets dressed and starts to make his way out of the hospital, when Tuck tries to stop him. He stabs Tuck in the chest and escapes -- turns out he stabbed the woman and she fought back, managing to stab him, before he completed his attack. Warren feels culpable because she saved the man who attacked Tuck, and the entire team rallies to save Tuck's life.

Miami Medical S1E7
Episode 7

Man on the Road

A motorcycle accident victim comes in with a "Do Not Resuscitate" tattoo. It turns out he has an early onset of Alzheimer’s disease and wants to die. A small plane crash has one survivor who claims her young son, who they didn't know was on the plane, also survived. Warren, on her EMS observation day finds the boy and saves his life. As doctors work to on final repairs to Tuck's heart, Proctor reflects on his birthday - it's the second birthday since he died from the heart attack then revived.

Miami Medical S1E8
Episode 8

An Arm And A Leg

Lucy, a teenage golf-wonder, is partnered with a threesome of college buddies, Brad, Ryan and Elroy, for a round of golf. There's a lot of good-natured teasing when Ryan's ball ends up in the pond, but panic sets in when an alligator rips his foot off. As they struggle to free Ryan, everyone ends up at MT1. After fixing Lucy's injuries, Dr. C discovers she's got a "flesh eating" bacterial infection. Her father pleads with Dr. C to amputate the arm to save her, but Lucy doesn't want to lose her golfing prospects. This dilemma is complicated by the fact that in 6 hours Lucy will be of age and can make her own decisions. They recover Ryan's foot in the stomach of the alligator and after dealing with some complications, are able to successfully reattach it. Brad, the one member who seemed uninjured, passes out. Turns out, he was hit in the struggle and though he had no symptoms, he was bleeding into his brain. Unfortunately, they discover this too late and he dies. Dr. Sable (the heart surgeon who saved Tuck) asks Proctor on a date, but Proctor doesn't go along with it. He tells her he's the one who'll do the asking, which he finally does.

Miami Medical S1E9
Episode 9

Like A Hurricane

While the threat of an oncoming hurricane looms, the team treats victims of a massive car accident. Zambrano's father pays a visit to the hospital.

Miami Medical S1E10
Episode 10

Diver Down

The team treats a group of adventure seekers injured while out on a dive exploring underwater wreckage.

Miami Medical S1E11
Episode 11

Time of Death

The victims of a boating accident create chaos at the hospital. Dr. Deleo's brother arrives at the hospital which puts Dr. Zambrano in a difficult situation.

Miami Medical S1E12
Episode 12

Down to the Bone

Dr. Deleo defies Dr. Proctor's orders by rushing to the scene of a giant sinkhole where a construction worker is trapped underground. Dr. Warren meets up again with orthopedic surgeon Dr. Kaye.

Miami Medical S1E13
Episode 13

Medicine Man

After two accidents, Drs. Proctor and Zambrano find ethical boundaries tested while trying to save the lives of their patients. Dr C. wonders what his brother is up to with his latest re-appearance.

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