Midnight Caller

Midnight Caller

Midnight Caller - Season 3 Episodes

Midnight Caller S3E1
Episode 1

Burned Beyond Recognition

A very pregnant Devon hosts a fundraiser with Jack as the object of the bachelor auction. Her college classmates attend; however, one by one, they fall victim to a murderer. Jack, Zymak and Deacon all work the angles of this case, with the evidence pointing firmly at Jack's new girlfriend.

Midnight Caller S3E2
Episode 2

The Language Barrier

Our man Billy Po is featured in this episode of racial tensions that are spawned in Little Italy. Billy is attacked after a date with his girlfriend, which leads Jack into an investigation of the death of a young Chinese immigrant.

Midnight Caller S3E3
Episode 3

Old Friends

The sudden death of Jack's surrogate father leads Jack and Deacon to investigate the policies of the nursing home in which he was residing. It turns out that once people move in, their stay is usually quite short.

Midnight Caller S3E4
Episode 4

Ain't Too Proud to Beg (1)

Jack is offered a new job, which he considers as Devon prepares to sell KJCM and move to Tahiti with the father of her child. We are introduced to Nikki Malloy in this episode and the prospective new owners of KJCM. Jack and Devon deal with their imminent separation by arguing with each other every chance they can get.

Midnight Caller S3E5
Episode 5

Sale Away (2)

Devon struggles with the sale of KJCM, wanting to ensure that her employees are well taken care of. She and Jack continue to lock horns, until push comes to shove in the delivery room! Jack has to decide whether to stay on at KJCM or move on to greener pastures.

Midnight Caller S3E6
Episode 6

Life Without Possibility (1)

Nikki shows who's the new boss by insisting Jack cover a prison riot near San Francisco. Jack arrives at the prison and becomes part of a chosen delegation to go inside and witness the atrocities the convicts are rebelling against. Unknowingly, Jack becomes the target of one of the inmates, who has a personal score to settle.

Midnight Caller S3E7
Episode 7

Life Without Possibility (2)

The convicts demand Jack broadcast their side of the story via KJCM, Deacon gets an interview with the prisoner on the outside, and Jack meets up with the prisoner with a bone to pick.

Midnight Caller S3E8
Episode 8

Ryder on the Storm

Jack tries to help out his radio hero from his youth by trying to convince Nikki to give him a job. Jack seems blind to the man's obvious faults and self-destructive actions.

Midnight Caller S3E9
Episode 9

Home to Roost

A child of the Vietnam war, whose father was a U.S. serviceman, instigates a hostage situation into which Jack is drawn.

Midnight Caller S3E10
Episode 10

With Malice Towards One

Jack tells Nikki about a situation he and Devon were trapped in a year ago, in which a vengeful ex-con and his gang kidnapped Devon in order to lure Jack to a payback situation.

Midnight Caller S3E11
Episode 11

That's Amoré

Midnight Caller S3E12
Episode 12

Her Dirty Little Secret

Jack recognizes a woman who has been missing for years and in his pursuit of her he uncovers that she intentionally disappeared to avoid beatings from cop husband.

Midnight Caller S3E13
Episode 13

Uninvited Guests

When Zymak's relationship with an immigration officer seems to be clouding his judgment in a murder investigation, Jack becomes involved at the request of one of the deceased person's relatives.

Midnight Caller S3E14
Episode 14

Play Blotto... and Die

A former snitch seeks Jack's help in collecting his lotto winnings. He's in the witness protection program, and he's not a very popular citizen in San Francisco! When Jack isn't successful, the would-be millionaire approaches various familiar faces to attempt to retrieve the prize.

Midnight Caller S3E15
Episode 15

Can't Say N-N-No

Jack and Nikki's tenuous friendship is tested when he questions her involvement with an ex-boyfriend, who has a substance abuse problem.

Midnight Caller S3E16
Episode 16

Blood Ties

Jack struggles with his opinion of deadbeat dads and with giving his "Little Brother" a positive start with his father who is making an effort to reform himself.

Midnight Caller S3E17
Episode 17

The Added Starter

A frequent caller to the show witnesses a murder; however no one believes her because the crime scene is cleaned up before the cops get there. She turns to Jack for help, protection, and comfort.

Midnight Caller S3E18
Episode 18

The Loneliest Number

Jack's troubled young sister shows up on his doorstep. She and Deacon become emotionally involved and Jack struggles with the relationship.

Midnight Caller S3E19
Episode 19

A Cry in the Night

KJCM's security guard is charged with murdering his son. Jack gets involved because the guard is suing KJCM for the advice he claims he received from Jack in how to deal with the drug problem in his family.

Midnight Caller S3E20
Episode 20

The Leopard

Jack and Nikki find themselves as proxies in a poker game; Jack's father's life is at stake.

Midnight Caller S3E21
Episode 21

City of Lost Souls (1)

The Castlemans are pressuring KJCM to take a stand in the upcoming election, Jack is greeted by his supposed daughter, and his high school friend is murdered.

Midnight Caller S3E22
Episode 22

City of Lost Souls (2)

Jack pursues the death of his friend, who had been homeless for many years. In his search for answers to Sonny's death he goes undercover on the streets and meets up with the hierarchy of the street dwellers. Jack's pursuits may cost him his job, as a young upstart in the Castleman dynasty covers his show without a problem.

Midnight Caller S3E23
Episode 23

City of Lost Souls (3)

Closing in on the answers to Sonny's death leads to connections to the candidates and the issue of the homeless, which in turn causes Jack to become the target of an assassin.

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