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Mike & Molly - Season 1 Episodes

Mike & Molly - Season 1

Mike & Molly - Season 1

The first season of the television comedy series Mike & Molly aired between September 20, 2010 and May 16, 2011, on CBS in the United States. The season was produced by Chuck Lorre Productions and Warner Bros. Television, with series creator Mark Roberts serving as executive producer along with Chuck Lorre, James Burrows and Don Foster.

The series focuses on the title characters Mike Biggs and Molly Flynn, a couple who meet at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting in Chicago, Illinois. After Molly, a primary-school teacher, invites police officer Mike to give a talk to her class, they begin dating. Molly lives at home with her mother Joyce, and sister Victoria. Joyce is in an on-off relationship with widower Vince Moranto, who is often seen at the house. Mike lives alone in an apartment but is regularly kept company by his best friend and partner in the police force Carl McMillan. Other prominent characters in the series include Carl's grandmother Rosetta; Mike's mother Peggy and cafe worker Samuel. Season one of Mike & Molly consisted of 24 episodes and aired Mondays in the United States at 9.30 p.m. until April 11, 2011, with the final three episodes airing at 9.00 p.m.

Mike & Molly S1E1
Episode 1


Mike, a Chicago police officer, discusses his how he's struggling with a new diet with his partner, Carl. Meanwhile Molly, works hard exercising, but gets frustrated when her mother and sister eat chocolate cake in front of her. They meet an Overeater's Anonymous meeting and while clearly there's an attraction, Mike doesn't ask Molly out. Instead, she asks him to speak to her class about being a policeman. After several attempts to ask out Molly, Mike finally gets his chance when he and Carl respond to a burglary call at Molly’s house. Though not the best timing, he asks her on a date and she says yes.

Mike & Molly S1E2
Episode 2

First Date

When Molly gets a cold before her first date with Mike, she takes cold medicine to feel better.

Mike & Molly S1E3
Episode 3

First Kiss

Mike's ego takes a hit during a bowling date with Molly.

Mike & Molly S1E4
Episode 4

Mike's Not Ready

Molly takes it personally when Mike won’t come inside to say goodnight. She makes excuses to Mike when he asks her out again and when she unexpectedly sees him at an OA meeting, she bolts out of the building and runs away. When Mike finally catches up with her, she tells him she doesn't want to see him again. Feeling rejected, Mike joins Samuel and Carl at the bar. The three get drunk and take a cab to strip club, however along the way, Mike realizes that Carl was right -- he was nervous about Molly seeing him naked. Mike, Carl, Samuel and Ndugo the cab driver, go to Molly's to help Mike win Molly back. Since Molly won't see Mike, they find a ladder and he climbs up to her bedroom window serenading her. Unfortunately, when he climbs in, he gets stuck. The boys help Mike get through the window and since they're too drunk to do anything more, they end up sleeping on Molly's floor.

Mike & Molly S1E5
Episode 5

Carl Is Jealous

Carl starts to get jealous because Mike is so smitten with Molly that it’s all he talks about, but the final straw for him is when Molly joins them for lunch. Mike suggests to Molly that they find someone for Carl, so they can double date, but the only person they can think of is Victoria. Mike goes to Carl's to invite him, but he's a little reluctant, until his grandmother goads him into joining. The date is going really well and Victoria and Carl seem to be hitting it off, until they see Michael Jordan (we don't see him). Mike drops off Molly and is going to take Carl home to console him because Victoria disappeared, but Molly says if he comes back, he'll get lucky. Mike drops off Carl and returns to Molly; however Joyce conks him on the head, having mistaken him for a burglar.

Mike & Molly S1E6
Episode 6

Mike's Apartment

With Carl and Samuel's help, Mike plans his first romantic evening for himself and Molly at his apartment. Meanwhile Victoria and her mother help Molly prepare for the evening, including updating her on the latest trends in waxing. Though a little awkward at first, with the possibility of them sleeping with each other for the first time, Mike and Molly start to get past that, when Mike's mother calls. She then fakes heart failure, prompting Mike to drop everything and race to his mother's side. Molly joins him and it's not a great introduction. It's clear to Molly that Mike's mother is trying to get rid of Molly, but Mike doesn't see it. Finally they return to Mike's apartment and start to get cozy when Mike's mother calls again. As his mother complains on the answering machine, Molly gives Mike a choice: pick up the phone or come to bed. Mike makes the right choice and heads for the bedroom. They wake up the next morning having had a wonderful night together.

Mike & Molly S1E7
Episode 7

After the Lovin'

After spending the weekend with Molly, Mike tries to follow Carl's advice to play it cool.

Mike & Molly S1E8
Episode 8

Mike Snores

It’s a couple of weeks later, Mike & Molly have been spending every other night with each other, but Molly has been doing all the sacrificing, because she’s always over at Mike’s. The show opens with a scene of Molly trying to get ready in Mike’s bathroom and she’s forgotten her hair dryer. Molly is getting tired of the situation for numerous reasons, and frustrated because Joyce and Victoria have been letting things slide with Molly not there (it’s a little messy, bills aren’t being paid, etc). Molly discusses with Mike, saying his mattress is lumpy, she’s living out of a suitcase, etc. so Mike decides to go mattress shopping with Carl. This upsets Molly further because she wasn’t upset about the mattress as much as she was about the rest of the situation and Mike didn’t seem to hear her; plus he bought the mattress with Carl and not with her. They decide that Mike will now spend the night at Molly’s. Just as they’re settling in, the power goes out because the electric bill hasn’t been paid. The episode will end with a scene parallel to the opening of Mike trying to get ready amongst the lady’s accoutrement.

Mike & Molly S1E9
Episode 9

Mike's New Boots

Molly becomes jealous when Mike introduces her as his "friend" to a woman who is clearly flirting with him.

Mike & Molly S1E10
Episode 10

Molly Gets A Hat

When Mike's overbearing mother buys Molly a new hat as a gesture of goodwill, Molly feels obliged to invite her to spend Thanksgiving with her family.

Mike & Molly S1E11
Episode 11

Carl Gets A Girl

Mike and Molly come home from dinner at Medieval Times, open the door and find Carl has brought a woman to Mike’s apartment (Mike gave him an extra key years ago). Molly doesn’t like that Mike did this, so they end up going to Molly’s where they find Joyce, upset because she thinks Vince is breaking up with her. Molly has papers to grade so Mike ends up getting embroiled in the drama of house, but out of this, he ends up bonding with Joyce and Victoria and becoming a true part of the household. When Mike sees Carl again, Carl tells him that he’s going to break up with the woman he’s been fooling around with. Strangely, Mike doesn’t like what Carl says and lectures him on treating women with respect – it’s clear Mike is becoming feminized by Molly’s family. In the end, Mike ends up intervening with Joyce and Vince and tyring to help Victoria, fully embracing his new role in the family.

Mike & Molly S1E12
Episode 12

First Christmas

Mike and Molly are both looking the perfect gift for each other for their first Christmas together. Molly is a great gift-giver and has deftly picked up the hint that Mike wants a bomber jacket so that's what she buys him. Mike, on the other hand, is clueless, and seems incapable of hearing any of Molly's hints. Furthermore, he doesn't want to send the wrong message (e.g., jewelry sets the bar too high). Despite Carl's help, Mike can't find the right gift and ends up buying a bomber jacket for himself. Now Molly has to buy him a new gift at the last minute and she's very stressed. Mike, on the other hand, has no idea what to get Molly until he talks to Samuel. Samuel reassures Mike that his love for Molly is the greatest gift he can give. At Mike's mother's house, they exchange gifts -- Molly got Mike an X-box, which he loves and Mike got Molly an expensive diamond bracelet. Molly loves the bracelet but knows Mike can't afford it. As they fight about taking it back, they both end up saying "I love you" for the first time. It really is the best gift of all.

Mike & Molly S1E13
Episode 13

Mike Goes to the Opera

Mike's mom and Molly argue about who can take better care of him when he gets ill.

Mike & Molly S1E14
Episode 14

Molly Makes Soup

Molly worries that her relationship with Mike has gotten a little too comfortable as he'd rather eat her homemade soup and watch TV than go out. Molly also worries about Joyce’s relationship with Vince – it seems to be hotter than ever and she doesn’t want her mother to get hurt. Vince tries to get on Molly’s good side by offering Mike two courtside Bulls tickets. Mike is desperate to go, and wants to cancels plans he made with Molly. Carl initially supports Molly’s position with Mike, until he finds out there’s an extra ticket. In the end, Vince, Mike and Carl go to the game in a limo and have a fabulous time. Vince asks Mike to put in a good word for him and Mike tells Vince Molly’s concerned that Vince’s intentions aren’t honorable. While they’re at the game, Joyce tells Molly to not be worried about her and Vince; they’re having fun together and Molly should be happy about that. When the boys return home, Mike and Molly apologize to each other and Vince gets down on his knee to propose to Joyce. Joyce accepts.

Mike & Molly S1E15
Episode 15

Jim Won't Eat

Peggy is going in for gallbladder surgery and is putting her affairs in order. Surprisingly, she asks Molly to take care of Jim. She then tells Mike that should things go wrong, she has a burial plot, and there’s a space for Mike beside her for when he passes. Mike says that he doesn’t know if he’ll need that since his intention is to be buried next to Molly. This throws Molly for a loop because she doesn’t think they’re ready to be talking about being buried together (they barely have keys to each other’s places). Mike interprets Molly’s reaction as cold feet. In the end, Peggy takes Molly’s side and reassures her son that Molly is great, but her hesitation in talking about being buried together isn’t a bad sign.

Mike & Molly S1E16
Episode 16

First Valentine's Day

Mike's big plans for his first Valentine's Day with Molly are thrown into jeopardy after he accidentally runs into Molly's ex-boyfriend.

Mike & Molly S1E17
Episode 17

Joyce & Vince and Peaches & Herb

When Mike refuses to leave his comfortable couch, Molly decides to go out with her sister.

Mike & Molly S1E18
Episode 18

Mike's Feet

When they spend way too much time working together during a snowstorm, Mike and Carl begin getting on each other's nerves.

Mike & Molly S1E19
Episode 19

Peggy Shaves Her Legs

Mike and Molly are at Peggy's house for dinner and Molly doesn’t understand why Peggy is being extra nice to her. She gets really nervous when Peggy invites Molly to lunch the next day. At the lunch, Molly learns that Peggy has a date for the first time since Mike's dad left. Peggy doesn’t have a lot of lady friends to discuss this with and needs help getting ready; she's also not sure how Mike will take it. Molly tells Mike about the date and at first he's happy for his mom. Then, he talks to Samuel and Carl and they tell him stories about how Viagra has changed the dating world for older women and Mike isn't so sure he wants his mom to be dating. Peggy goes to Molly's house to get ready where Joyce and Victoria also help out. Just as Peggy's about to leave for the date, Peggy freaks out. Molly reassures her and Peggy decides to go out. Mike and the boys stake out Peggy's house until she's home safe and sound, however, Mike freaks a little when a second car pulls in her driveway.

Mike & Molly S1E20
Episode 20

Opening Day

Mike breaks tradition and invites Molly to join him and Carl at opening day for the Chicago Cubs.

Mike & Molly S1E21
Episode 21

Samuel Gets Fired

Carl and Mike are at Abe's where they overhear Samuel fighting with Abe. One of Samuel's roommates moved out and they can't afford their apartment if Samuel doesn't get a raise. Abe has a hot young wife and says he can't afford to give Samuel a raise. When Samuel loses his place, Mike offers to let him stay at his place since he's always at Molly's. Samuel moves in and sleeps on the couch, but Molly suggests Mike let him sleep on the bed. Mike can't wrap his head around the idea because it means taking away his emergency escape hatch. Small relationship disagreement where Mike says he's not ready to give up his place, but Molly counters with not being ready either. Meanwhile, Samuel has redecorated Mike's place which pushes Mike even further. Finally, Mike pays Abe $20/week under the table so Abe can give Samuel a raise so he can get another apartment.

Mike & Molly S1E22
Episode 22

Cigar Talk

Joyce is going to her high school reunion and is excited to have her "younger man" fiancé, Vince, on her arm. The idea of going to a reunion for an academic institution has Vince nervous; he confides to Mike that he never graduated from high school and he's insecure about it. Mike along with Carl and Samuel, agree to help Vince study for his GED, and Mike promises to keep this a secret from Molly so Joyce doesn't find out. With Vince being gone all the time, Molly starts to suspect that he's cheating on her mother, and when she confronts Mike, he tells her what's really going on. In the end, the guys are terrible tutors and Molly helps Vince get his GED.

Mike & Molly S1E23
Episode 23

Victoria's Birthday

Victoria panics as her 30th birthday approaches, and drags Mike and Molly into her "life crisis".

Mike & Molly S1E24
Episode 24

Peggy's New Beau

Mike and Molly are having dinner with Peggy and her new boyfriend. He asks Mike and Molly if there are wedding bells in their future and Mike surprises Molly when he says they're not ready for that kind of question. Molly's confused by his response because clearly they aren't on the same page. They respectively seek solace in their friends and family and Mike realizes he is ready. The show ends the season with Mike proposing.

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