Millennium - Season 3 Episodes

Millennium S3E1
Episode 1

The Innocents

Frank believes that a jetliner crash is linked to the viral outbreak that killed his wife.

Millennium S3E2
Episode 2


Frank and Emma attempt to solve a mystery involving an elderly woman who possesses incredible psychic powers.

Millennium S3E3
Episode 3


Frank and Emma search for answers when a gunman fires upon high school students.

Millennium S3E4
Episode 4


Emma tracks a killer whom Frank believes murders without motive.

Millennium S3E5
Episode 5

...Thirteen Years Later

As Halloween approaches…a killer stalks members of a production crew as they film a movie based upon one of Frank's cases.

Millennium S3E6
Episode 6

Skull and Bones

Frank searches for answers when an odd man reveals intricate details about victims discovered in a mass grave.

Millennium S3E7
Episode 7

Through a Glass, Darkly

Frank predicts dire consequences when a convicted child molester is released from prison.

Millennium S3E8
Episode 8

Human Essence

A troubled girl claims that a drug dealer's heroin supply is literally turning addicts into monsters.

Millennium S3E9
Episode 9


As Christmas approaches…Frank and Jordan travel to Vermont, where they encounter a mobster who has seemingly risen from the dead.

Millennium S3E10
Episode 10

Borrowed Time

When Jordan falls gravely ill, Frank attempts to link her condition to the mysterious demise of three people who had previously survived a brush with death.

Millennium S3E11
Episode 11

Collateral Damage

A veteran kidnaps Watts' daughter in an effort to expose the Millennium Group's involvement in the Gulf War.

Millennium S3E12
Episode 12

The Sound of Snow

Someone mails Frank a cassette tape containing seemingly harmless white noise. But Frank links copies of the tape to the bizarre deaths of two people.

Millennium S3E13
Episode 13


Frank discovers a connection between the murder of a federal prosecutor, a gubernatorial candidate with a frail daughter...and the evil Lucy Butler.

Millennium S3E14
Episode 14


Frank and Emma delve into the apparent suicide of a former FBI agent who had investigated the mysterious death of a nuclear physicist in 1945.

Millennium S3E15
Episode 15

Forcing the End

Frank and Emma search for answers when a group of religious fanatics kidnap a pregnant Jewish woman.

Millennium S3E16
Episode 16

Saturn Dreaming of Mercury

Jordan experiences strange visions when a new family moves into the neighborhood.

Millennium S3E17
Episode 17

Darwin's Eye

A manhunt ensues when an escapee from a mental institution-who is believed to have decapitated two people-goes on the run with a deputy police officer.

Millennium S3E18
Episode 18

Bardo Thodol

Frank and Emma investigate when five severed hands and a mysterious red bowl are discovered aboard a Japanese cargo ship.

Millennium S3E19
Episode 19

Seven and One

When Frank claims that someone is out to kill him, authorities suspect he may be having a nervous breakdown.

Millennium S3E20
Episode 20


Frank and Emma investigate the murders of several young women who disappeared in a small community where Emma lived as a girl.

Millennium S3E21
Episode 21

Via Dolorosa

Frank pursues a serial killer whose modus operandi is identical to that of a murderer who died in the electric chair; Watts offers to aid Emma's ailing father.

Millennium S3E22
Episode 22

Goodbye to All That

In the aftermath of the explosion, Frank continues his pursuit of the copycat serial killer.

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