Minute to Win It

Minute to Win It

Minute to Win It - Season 2 Episodes

Minute to Win It S2E1
Episode 1

A 60 Second Miracle

A 60 Second Miracle: Two sisters from Memphis, Tennessee step into the 60 second circle to try to win some much needed cash for their single mom.

Minute to Win It S2E2
Episode 2

A Family Affair

A brother and sister from New York City push themselves to the limit in hopes of a holiday miracle.

Minute to Win It S2E3
Episode 3

A Marry Me, Christmas

Midwestern sweethearts Josh and Lindsey find cash and love in the 60-Second Circle.

Minute to Win It S2E4
Episode 4

Million Dollar BFFs

Best friends Alia and Chelsea get a little help from a surprise guest during a thrilling competition!

Minute to Win It S2E5
Episode 5

The Model and the Mom

A beauty queen and her mother compete for $1 million.

Minute to Win It S2E6
Episode 6

A Love Connection

Michelle and Derald's chemistry makes for a sexy competition and huge winnings!

Minute to Win It S2E7
Episode 7

Second Chances

Mark Staniec gets one more chance to win big in the 60-Second Circle!

Minute to Win It S2E8
Episode 8

Kids Rule, Part 1

The Bishop children put sibling rivalry aside to win big for their family!

Minute to Win It S2E9
Episode 9

Kids Rule, Part 2

The Bishop children are back and their eyes are on the million dollar prize!

Minute to Win It S2E10
Episode 10

No Place Like Home, Part 1

Two best friends from Kansas learn they'll need more than ruby-red slippers to win big in the 60-Second Circle!

Minute to Win It S2E11
Episode 11

No Place Like Home, Part 2

The girls from Kansas are back to see if they can reach the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow!

Minute to Win It S2E12
Episode 12

Not Just a Pretty Face-off

Heather Deaton and Krista Lowry face off in the 60-Second Circle in a bid to win a million dollars.

Minute to Win It S2E13
Episode 13

Family Face-off

A father-son combo faces off against a mother and daughter with a million dollars at stake.

Minute to Win It S2E14
Episode 14

127 Hours To A Million, Part 1

Hugo and Anthony Rizzuto continue their father-son quest and "127 Hours" survivor Aron Ralston tries to win a million for charity.

Minute to Win It S2E15
Episode 15

127 Hours To A Million, Part 2

"127 Hours" survivor Aron Ralston continues his quest to win a million for charity.

Minute to Win It S2E16
Episode 16

Show Us The Blueprint

Perfect strangers Jason Marzano and Christy Malone must team up for a partners' shot at the million.

Minute to Win It S2E17
Episode 17

Couple Showdown

Two couples square off for a sudden death battle with a million dollars at stake.

Minute to Win It S2E18
Episode 18

Lakers in the Circle

L.A. Lakers Shannon Brown and Derek Fisher compete for a million dollars for their charities.

Minute to Win It S2E19
Episode 19

Like Father, Like Daughter

Wayne and Darcy Kawamto from Tustin, CA team up in a bid to win enough money to put Darcy through dental school.

Minute to Win It S2E20
Episode 20

Beauty and the Geek

Oregon native teams up with the ultimate geek to play for a shot at the million and viewers get an exclusive peek at Universal Pictures' new feature film, "Hop."

Minute to Win It S2E21
Episode 21

Twin Cities

Michael and Richelle Moh from St. Paul, Minnesota tackle an ultimate set of challenges for their shot at the million-dollar prize. Later, strangers Brian Klepacki and Erene Kleoni team up for a big payout.

Minute to Win It S2E22
Episode 22

Kids Try This At Home

A teacher pairs up with a stay-at-home mom to win big money so she can buy a new house. Later, an Arizona native teams up with a family man to win money for her beloved camp.

Minute to Win It S2E23
Episode 23

Law and Order

A deputy sheriff and a single mom and teacher team up to try for the million.

Minute to Win It S2E24
Episode 24

Mother's Day Face-off

Two mother-daughter teams duke it out in a memorable Mother's Day battle with a million bucks at stake.

Minute to Win It S2E25
Episode 25

Million Dollar Bromance

An unemployed father of four teams with a marine biologist from San Diego to win big money for a better life.

Minute to Win It S2E26
Episode 26

The Family That Plays Together

A tight-knit family of six steps up for their chance to help pay for their grandfather's medical bills.

Minute to Win It S2E27
Episode 27

The Odd Couple

A teacher from San Diego and a youth leader from Los Angeles compete for the million-dollar prize.

Minute to Win It S2E28
Episode 28

Million Dollar Redemption Pt 1 (Heather Santora-Baker)

After coming up empty-handed on her first visit to the show, a mom gets a second shot at a big payday that could help out her family.

Minute to Win It S2E29
Episode 29

Million Dollar Redemption Pt 2 (Heather Santora-Baker)

A struggling mom gets a big break: a second shot at the million dollars.

Minute to Win It S2E30
Episode 30

Brotherly Love

Two southern brothers team up in the 60-Second Circle to try to win a million dollars for their family.

Minute to Win It S2E31
Episode 31

Jackass in the Circle

"Jackass" stars Steve-O and Dunn team up to earn cash for charity.

Minute to Win It S2E32
Episode 32

Soul Sisters

Two best friends and two sets of sisters must team up in a bid to win big bucks.

Minute to Win It S2E33
Episode 33

Sibling Rivarly

Two sets of sisters resume their battle in the 60-Second Circle with a million dollar prize on the line.

Minute to Win It S2E34
Episode 34

The Manny And The Nanny

A California couple fights their way toward a million dollar prize, and complete strangers Amanda and Timothy come together to take their shot at the million.

Minute to Win It S2E35
Episode 35

Go For Broke

Amanda and Timothy continue their quest for the million; brother and sister Aaron and Andi Sass give it all they've got.

Minute to Win It S2E36
Episode 36

Army Of Gamers

U.S. Marine Corps soldier Jeremy Boutin and Army wife Ramona Valentine team up on a million dollar quest.

Minute to Win It S2E37
Episode 37

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Veronica Castro continues her million-dollar quest, and a new game starts up as Los Angelinos Rashad Riley and Maya James team up on tough challenges.

Minute to Win It S2E38
Episode 38

Opposites Attract A Million

A California woman and an Indiana woman continue playing the games, including the Play It by Ear challenge. Later, two new contestants from California play for the prize and start with the Hoop De Loop challenge.

Minute to Win It S2E39
Episode 39

Girls Got Game

Girl power is put to the test as female competitors from Florida, New York and California all push their limits in a bid for a million bucks.

Minute to Win It S2E40
Episode 40

Battle Of The Sexes

It's the ultimate he versus she showdown as construction worker Marc Sorkoram squares off against schoolteacher Shannon Johnson.

Minute to Win It S2E41
Episode 41

Like Mother, Like Daughter

High fashion meets the 60-Second Circle when a model and her mother compete for huge winnings!

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