Mister Ed

Mister Ed

Mister Ed - Season 6 Episodes

Mister Ed S6E1
Episode 1

Ed the Counterspy

Ed discovers that some spies are using the park to drop secret messages. When Wilbur then finds some microfilm, his imagination starts to fly.

Mister Ed S6E2
Episode 2


A neighbor who happens to be a builder needs an architect. Ed comes up with an idea that go-go music might just help Wilbur get that job.

Mister Ed S6E3
Episode 3

Ed Sniffs Out a Cold Clue

The Chief of the Secret Intelligence Agency calls on Wilbur to find a tiny secret radio that has disappeared. Ed finds the only clue to it.

Mister Ed S6E4
Episode 4

Spies Strike Back

When Ed and Wilbur recover a mini radio for the Secret Intelligence Agency, the two are threatened by spies.

Mister Ed S6E5
Episode 5

Love and the Single Horse

Carol attemps to publish Ed's memoirs.

Mister Ed S6E6
Episode 6

Anybody Got a Zebra?

The Secret Intelligence Agency calls on Wilbur to try and find out who exactly has been stealing papers from the agency.

Mister Ed S6E7
Episode 7

TV or Not TV

Ed answers a hard question regarding chess on a radio game show and ends up winning Wilbur a new color TV set.

Mister Ed S6E8
Episode 8

The Horse and the Pussycat

Carol offers to look after a friends cat, but Wilbur ends up doing most of the work, making him busy. Ed then starts then feeling neglected.

Mister Ed S6E9
Episode 9

Don't Skin That Bear

Ed is opposed to a gift that Wilbur received. It is a bearskin rug and Wilbur refuses to get rid of it until is gets up to chase him.

Mister Ed S6E10
Episode 10

Ed the Bridegroom

Ed begs Wilbur to find him a Justice of the Peace so that Ed can marry his favorite filly.

Mister Ed S6E11
Episode 11

Ed and the Motorcycle

Ed decides that he only wants to be ridden bareback and does not want Wilbur to use a saddle on him, so Wilbur then goes and rents a motorcycle.

Mister Ed S6E12
Episode 12

Cherokee Ed

Ed discovers that he's part Indian steed and refuses association with a parrot descended from General Custer's parrot.

Mister Ed S6E13
Episode 13

Ed Goes to College

Wilbur pleas with Ed to stick to being a horse, espcially when Ed wants to go to college to become a Doctor.

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