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Modern Family - Season 3 Episodes

Modern Family - Season 3

Modern Family - Season 3

The third season of the comedy television series, Modern Family premiered September 21, 2011 and ended on May 23, 2012 on the American Broadcasting Company in the United States. Modern Family was officially renewed for a third season on January 10, 2011. The series airs at 9:00 pm ET on Wednesday on ABC and is produced by 20th Century Fox Television and Lloyd-Levitan Productions with creators Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd as show runners.

This season like the previous seasons won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for Eric Stonestreet, Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for Julie Bowen, along with Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series for Steven Levitan, among the fourteen nominations it earned. It also won the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy.

Modern Family S3E1
Episode 1

Dude Ranch

The family vacations at a ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyo.

Modern Family S3E2
Episode 2

When Good Kids Go Bad

Mitch and Cam gather the family together to announce that they want to adopt another child.

Modern Family S3E3
Episode 3

Phil On Wire

Jay's relationship with the dog irritates Gloria; Phil and Luke try to master the tightrope; Cameron starts a juice fast.

Modern Family S3E4
Episode 4

Door to Door

Jay helps Manny with a school fundraiser; Claire petitions for a stop sign at a busy intersection; Phil and Luke try to create a viral video; Gloria searches for Stella.

Modern Family S3E5
Episode 5

Hit and Run

Gloria tries to help Jay and Manny with their problems but both are unreceptive; Claire considers running against Councilman Duane Bailey (David Cross); Cam and Mitch are the victims of a hit-and-run accident.

Modern Family S3E6
Episode 6

Go Bullfrogs!

Phil takes Haley to visit his alma mater; Claire goes out with Mitchell and Cameron; Gloria and Jay may have to broach a delicate subject with Manny.

Modern Family S3E7
Episode 7


Gloria insists on a night of salsa dancing with Jay; Cameron goes too far when Mitchell and a friend challenge him to get a hot woman's (Leslie Mann) number; Phil builds a tree house.

Modern Family S3E8
Episode 8

After the Fire

After a fire destroys a neighbor's home, the whole family tries to help by organizing a community drive.

Modern Family S3E9
Episode 9

Punkin Chunkin

A former neighborhood resident, now rich and successful, returns for a visit; Jay thinks Manny needs constructive criticism; Mitchell questions the authenticity of Cameron's colorful childhood stories.

Modern Family S3E10
Episode 10

Express Christmas

The family puts together a quick Christmas celebration when they realize they won't be together on the actual day.

Modern Family S3E11
Episode 11

Lifetime Supply

When Phil misses a call from his doctor with test results, he immediately assumes the worst; Javier stops by to take Manny to the horse races; Mitchell's winning of an environmental law award sparks a competition.

Modern Family S3E12
Episode 12

Egg Drop

Claire and Jay's competitive streaks lead them to take over their kids' school projects; Phil asks Haley and Gloria to help him with a presentation; Mitch and Cam meet with prospective birth mothers.

Modern Family S3E13
Episode 13

Little Bo Bleep

Claire prepares for her debate with Duane Bailey; Mitch and Cam try to clean up Lily's language before her turn as a flower girl; Jay blames Stella's strange behavior on Gloria.

Modern Family S3E14
Episode 14

Me? Jealous?

Claire thinks Phil's new business partner is blatantly inappropriate.

Modern Family S3E15
Episode 15

Aunt Mommy

After selling a house to Mitch and Cameron's friends, Claire and Phil plan a celebratory dinner; overindulging in drinks leads to over sharing.

Modern Family S3E16
Episode 16

Virgin Territory

Gloria learns about a secret that Claire has been hiding; one of Jay's proudest golf moments is ruined by Mitchell; Phil makes an inadvertent—and uncomfortable—discovery about one of his daughters.

Modern Family S3E17
Episode 17

Leap Day

The pressure is on Mitchell to get Cameron's birthday celebration just right, since he was born on Leap Day and it only comes once every four years. Meanwhile, Jay undergoes a masculinity crisis; and Phil's Leap Day plans hit a snag.

Modern Family S3E18
Episode 18

Send Out the Clowns

Cam runs into his former clown partner, Phil gets into some serious real estate competition, and Jay and Gloria have suspicions when Manny makes a new friend.

Modern Family S3E19
Episode 19

Election Day

The all important election day has arrived and the whole family rallies for some last minute campaigning. Mitch and Cam ride around in a Vote for Claire' mobile, the Dunphy house is campaign central with everyone manning phones and soliciting votes, and Claire does some last minute interviews with a few technical difficulties.

Modern Family S3E20
Episode 20

The Last Walt

Claire delicately helps Luke cope with the fact that his friend and their old neighbor, Walt, has passed. Phil takes Alex for some father-daughter bonding time, and Haley throws an unauthorized party. Meanwhile, Jay and Gloria go over to Mitch and Cam's to have dinner with Cam's father, Merle, who is in town visiting and awkwardness and tension seem to be the rule of the night.

Modern Family S3E21
Episode 21

Planes, Trains and Cars

The Dunphys are in the market for a new car and Phil makes a spontaneous purchase without Claire. Will he have buyer's remorse? Meanwhile, Jay is determined to get to his high school reunion with Gloria and Manny in tow, and Lily loses her favorite stuffed animal on a public metro train, leaving Mitch and Cam with an inconsolable toddler.

Modern Family S3E22
Episode 22


Nothing is more quintessential to good ol' family fun than a trip to Disneyland, but not without a side of motion sickness, achy feet and a wayward toddler -- when the Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker clan hits the park! Phil tries to keep up with Luke, Claire's shocked when they run into Dylan, Jay and Gloria disagree about what are sensible shoes for the day, and Mitch and Cam must contain Lily's new affinity for running.

Modern Family S3E23
Episode 23

Tableau Vivant

It seems everyone has a bone to pick: Jay and Gloria get on each other's nerves while trying to simply order lunch at their local diner; Phil is put in the position of having to fire Mitchell; Cam and Claire have opposing theories on how to discipline children; and Manny is upset with Luke for accepting an award under false pretenses - all of which spells trouble for Alex who is counting on them to all work together for a "living art" school project display.

Modern Family S3E24
Episode 24

Baby on Board

It's been an up-and-down emotional roller coaster for Mitch and Cam in their quest to adopt another child. Their latest ride has them bringing Gloria in tow as a translator, leaving Jay and Manny to look after Lily, who has a big dance recital coming up. Meanwhile Claire and Phil have a proud parenting moment when they send Alex off to her first prom, but then that is quickly marred with Haley's shocking news of her future plans.

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