Monk - Season 1 Episodes

Monk - Season 1

Monk - Season 1

The first season of Monk originally aired in the United States on USA Network from July 12 to October 18, 2002, which consisted of 13 episodes. Tony Shalhoub, Bitty Schram, Ted Levine, and Jason Gray-Stanford were introduced as portraying the main characters. Tony Shalhoub portrayed Adrian Monk, the titular character, an OCD homicide detective from San Francisco, who was removed from the force after the murder of his wife. A DVD of the season was released on June 15, 2004.

Monk S1E1
Episode 1

Mr. Monk and the Candidate (1)

Monk investigates an assassination attempt on Mayoral Candidate Warren St. Claire, and learns there's more at play than meets the eye.

Monk S1E2
Episode 2

Mr. Monk and the Candidate (2)

Monk investigates an assassination attempt on Mayoral Candidate Warren St. Claire, and learns there's more at play than meets the eye.

Monk S1E3
Episode 3

Mr. Monk and the Psychic

Is there such a thing as sixth sense? When Police Commissioner Harry Ashcombe's wife disappears, her body is mysteriously found by hack "psychic" Dolly Flint. Everyone believes she accomplished the impossible - except for Monk. Is it a miracle... or murder?

Monk S1E4
Episode 4

Mr. Monk Meets Dale the Whale

When a local judge is found murdered, all the evidence points to one man: an 800-lb reclusive tycoon named Dale Biederbeck, a.k.a. Dale the Whale. But how can a man who hasn't left his bed in eleven years, who can't even fit through his bedroom door, be responsible for the murder?

Monk S1E5
Episode 5

Mr. Monk Goes to the Carnival

An amusement park ride turns deadly when a cop and a mysterious informant get on a Ferris wheel. When the ride stops, the informant is dead. It looks like an open and shut case... except to Monk.

Monk S1E6
Episode 6

Mr. Monk Goes to the Asylum

Hotheaded police detective Adam Kirk agrees to meet a mysterious informant named John Gitomer on a moving Ferris wheel high above a local carnival. Moments after the ride begins to move, however, Gitomer starts screaming in agony. The Ferris wheel operator brings the ride to a halt, Detective Kirk leaps out, and he turns to find Gitomer with a knife in his heart. Now the informant is dead - and no one but Kirk could have done it. Captain Stottlemeyer, Kirk's former partner, is determined to clear Kirk's name. But given the overwhelming evidence against Kirk, as well as his recent history of violence (he's currently being sued by a felon named Leonard Stokes on brutality charges), doing so may prove difficult. Fearing the worst, Stottlemeyer has no choice but to bring in Monk.

Monk, meanwhile, is facing a series of police review hearings in an effort to get his badge back. His first appearance goes well, and Monk is on top of the world when Stottlemeyer contacts him about assisting with the Kirk case. Though skeptical about Kirk's innocence, Monk agrees to help him. His investigation first takes him to the crime scene, where Monk's fear of heights prevents him from actually riding on the Ferris wheel. However, Monk is able to interview the eccentric Ferris wheel operator, and then he finds a valuable clue: a discarded claim ticket which fell from Gitomer's pocket during his fatal ride.

The ticket leads Monk and Sharona to a local dance club, and then to the checked item: a knapsack containing Gitomer's cell phone, on which is found a record of several phone calls made to none other than convict Leonard Stokes. Stokes, who always maintained his confession to Kirk was beaten out of him, is being let out of prison now that Kirk is facing murder charges.

After being discovered in Trudy's old house, Monk is temporarily institutionalized. Once committed, he stumbles upon a decades-old murder. Or is his mind playing tricks on him?

Monk S1E7
Episode 7

Mr. Monk and the Billionaire Mugger

A billionaire computer mogul is shot dead while mugging a couple outside a movie theater. It appears to be a midlife crisis gone horribly wrong - until Monk uncovers the truth.

Monk S1E8
Episode 8

Mr. Monk and the Other Woman

Monk's dedication to his late wife is tested when he meets a beautiful divorcee who has her sights set on a certain obsessive-compulsive detective. Will a burgeoning romance interfere with a murder investigation? Or is it all part of a larger plan?

Monk S1E9
Episode 9

Mr. Monk and the Marathon Man

A young woman is found murdered during the citywide marathon. The chief suspect has the perfect alibi - he was running in the race! How is it possible for someone to be in two places at the same time? It's Monk's job to find out.

Monk S1E10
Episode 10

Mr. Monk Takes a Vacation

Monk, Sharona, and Benjy head off for a week of rest and relaxation, but it's back to work when Benjy witnesses a murder at their beach resort.

Monk S1E11
Episode 11

Mr. Monk and the Earthquake

When a San Francisco philanthropist dies mysteriously in a minor earthquake, Monk suspects foul play.

Monk S1E12
Episode 12

Mr. Monk and the Red-Headed Stranger

Country superstar Willie Nelson a cold-blooded murderer? The police think so - but Monk has other ideas.

Monk S1E13
Episode 13

Mr. Monk and the Airplane

Monk braves the unfriendly skies - and finds murder in the air!

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