Monk - Season 7 Episodes

Monk - Season 7

The seventh season of Monk was originally broadcast in the United States on USA Network from July 18, 2008, to February 20, 2009. It consisted of 16 episodes. Tony Shalhoub, Traylor Howard, Ted Levine and Jason Gray-Stanford reprised their roles as the main characters. A DVD of the season was released on July 21, 2009.

Monk S7E1
Episode 1

“Mr. Monk Buys a House”

Fed up with a noisy neighbor, Monk decides to move into a new house, where he encounters more than the usual pitfalls of home ownership.

Monk S7E2
Episode 2

“Mr. Monk and the Genius”

Monk matches wits with a brilliant chess master who is suspected of murdering his wife.

Monk S7E3
Episode 3

“Mr. Monk Gets Lotto Fever”

When a television lottery hostess is murdered, Natalie takes her place and becomes a local celebrity, while Monk pursues the killer.

Monk S7E4
Episode 4

“Mr. Monk Takes A Punch”

When a famous boxer’s life is threatened, Monk takes the case and finds himself in the middle of a championship fight.

Monk S7E5
Episode 5

“Mr. Monk Is Underwater”

Monk is terrified when he finds himself stuck on a submerged Navy submarine with a case to solve.

Monk S7E6
Episode 6

“Mr. Monk Falls In Love”

Monk insists that a beautiful murder suspect is innocent, despite mounting evidence against her. Is Monk’s attraction to the suspect clouding his judgment, or is there something more to the case?

Monk S7E7
Episode 7

“Mr. Monk's 100th Case”

A television news magazine profiles Monk as he pursues a serial killer for his one-hundredth case.

Monk S7E8
Episode 8

“Mr. Monk Gets Hypnotized”

Monk visits a hypnotist and emerges to find that he’s acting like a six year-old. Will he snap out of it in time to find a famous actress who's been abducted?

Monk S7E9
Episode 9

“Mr. Monk and the Miracle”

When three homeless men seek out Monk's services at the holidays, Natalie convinces him to investigate the death of their friend.

Monk S7E10
Episode 10

“Mr. Monk's Other Brother”

When Monk's delinquent half-brother, Jack Jr., escapes from prison and breaks into Monk's apartment, he manipulates Monk into helping him find the person he claims framed him for murder.

Monk S7E11
Episode 11

“Mr. Monk on Wheels”

When Natalie unwittingly helps a thief steal the bicycle of a biotech CEO, she ropes Monk into solving a crime straight out of "Encyclopedia Brown" -- until Monk learns the hard way how dangerous this thief really is.

Monk S7E12
Episode 12

“Mr. Monk and the Lady Next Door”

While investigating a murder at a museum of oddities, Monk befriends a warm older woman, but he has trouble believing the friendship comes without a catch.

Monk S7E13
Episode 13

“Mr. Monk Makes the Playoffs”

Monk has scored tickets to the biggest football game of the year, but he and Captain Stottlemeyer can't go inside until they figure out who tried to blow up a fan in the parking lot.

Monk S7E14
Episode 14

“Mr. Monk and the Bully”

When a childhood bully who terrorized Monk hires the detective to trail his wife, whom he suspects of infidelity, Monk relishes the opportunity to prove him right — and things get even sweeter when the bully is accused of murder.

Monk S7E15
Episode 15

“Mr. Monk and the Magician”

Monk goes head-to-head with a magician he suspects of murder.

Monk S7E16
Episode 16

“Mr. Monk Fights City Hall”

When the parking garage where Monk's wife was killed is set for demolition, Monk intervenes — but soon finds himself investigating the disappearance of a city official key to preserving the garage.