Mortified - Season 2 Episodes

Mortified S2E1
Episode 1

Little Fish

It's Taylor's first day in year 7 at her new high school, and she's confident that it will be everything she dreamed it would be. But her enthusiasm quickly dissolves as everything that can go wrong does go wrong. She misses the bus, loses Hector and, when she eventually makes it to school, she smells like rotten fish - thanks to her mother's super home-mix de-stress aromatherapy ointment.

Mortified S2E2
Episode 2

Parent-Teacher Night

Mortified S2E3
Episode 3

D.J. Taylor

Mortified S2E4
Episode 4

School Trivia Night

Taylor is less than impressed when her family teams up with heart-throb Leon's family for the school trivia night. Taylor prepares herself for ultimate humiliation as she realises just how "trivial" her parents' knowledge really is.

Mortified S2E5
Episode 5

Taylor's Self Portrait

When Taylor learns that a revealing self-portrait is to be auctioned off for charity, she scrambles to prevent it. But things get even worse when she discovers the painting isn't the only thing that's fallen into a stranger's hands - her diary is missing too.

Mortified S2E6
Episode 6

The Wedding

Taylor is horrified to discover her parents aren't technically married, and tries to convince they need a traditional wedding. Her horror turns to happiness when Don, on bended knee, proposes to Glenda. However this joy turns back to horror as she realises the wedding is going to be anything but traditional.

Mortified S2E7
Episode 7

First Child in Space

Taylor discovers that Glenda is going to be teaching "Healing by Humming" at her school, and is devastated. She decides that there's only one logical way to solve her problems and escape her family. With Hector's help, she begins her campaign to become the first child astronaut.

Mortified S2E8
Episode 8

The Family Tree

Taylor has to do an assignment on an ancestor or relative, but everyone she can think of is far too embarrassing. When the Fry family receives a visit from their Great Aunt Ally, Taylor thinks the universe is smiling on her at last. However, she quickly realises that Great Aunt Ally is an eccentric, and her hopes are dashed - until the kooky old woman teaches her a valuable lesson.

Mortified S2E9
Episode 9

Divorce Camp

Taylor fears that her parents are getting a divorce. At school camp, Taylor convinces herself that there is something going on between her mother and her teacher, Mr Frankel. She sabotages every activity in an effort to keep them apart, but as one thing leads to another, Taylor finds herself lost in the bush.

Mortified S2E10
Episode 10

Taylor Gets A Job

All Taylor's friends have mobile phones, and she starts to feel left out. She decides she'll get a job and save for a phone herself. The job of pet-sitting Mystic Marj's cats turns out to be somewhat less simple than she'd anticipated, as the unruly cats take over Taylor's bedroom and run riot.

Mortified S2E11
Episode 11

Rome Wasn't Built In A Day

Don and Glenda leave Layla, Taylor and Hector home alone. But when Layla is dumped by her most recent heart-throb, she starts sobbing uncontrollably. It's a domino effect as the oven catches on fire, Hector's half-built model melts and the TV breaks. Taylor and Hector have to dry Layla's tears and save the day, while maintaining their composure enough to complete their school project.

Mortified S2E12
Episode 12

Girl Power

Taylor learns that Brittany and her family are moving house. As Michael and Loretta vacuum their front lawn in preparation for the sale of their house, Taylor and Brittany hatch a cunning scheme to sabotage the open day and ensure that they can remain next-door neighbours forever.

Mortified S2E13
Episode 13

Taylor's Song

Taylor thinks all her prayers have been answered when she is allowed to move in with Brittany's family for a few days. But she quickly realises the Flune family is a well-oiled machine, with strict house rules. She shares her dilemma with Beethoven and realises her own family might not be perfect, but they're perfect for her.

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