Movin' On

Movin' On

Movin' On - Season 1 Episodes

Movin' On S1E0
Episode 0

In Tandem

Movin' On S1E1
Episode 1

The Time of His Life

Finding themselves in an accident involving Joe Shannon, a pint-sized jumble of bad temper and suspicion, they discover he is dying of cancer but doesn't know it. First they befriend him out of sympathy, but gradually they become genuinely fond of him.

Movin' On S1E2
Episode 2


Red Walker, a gambler, entrusts Chessie, his bratty 14-year-old daughter, to Sonny and Will.

Movin' On S1E3
Episode 3


Driving through the farm country of eastern Oregon, Will and Sonny meet a man pushing his wife down the road in a wheelchair

Movin' On S1E4
Episode 4


Will and Sonny deliver a generator to Shaniko, Oregon, and encounter a single mother and her autistic son.

Movin' On S1E5
Episode 5

The Trick is to Stay Alive

Will takes a shortcut through the country, but finds fresh skid marks leading off the road to a bullet-riddled car. He and Sonny then learn why the car is there: a modern-day Bonnie & Clyde, plus one.

Movin' On S1E6
Episode 6


Will and Sonny help move a low-budget traveling rodeo

Movin' On S1E7
Episode 7

The Good Life

Will and Sonny deliver pipe casings to an Idaho wildcat oil well driller, and he hires them to be in charge of oil transportation before the well comes in.

Movin' On S1E8
Episode 8


Will, Sonny, and fellow trucker Ike run afoul of a small-town police officer and his speed trap, and they get involved in a series of "touch" football games that turn out having higher stakes, than expected.

Movin' On S1E9
Episode 9


Will and Sonny haul auctioned farm equipment for the Hoots, an old-country farming colony, and get involved in a dispute that ensues among them and the surrounding farmers.

Movin' On S1E10
Episode 10

Good for Laughs

Will talks Sonny into hauling timber with Will's Vietnam War buddy in Hood River, Oregon.

Movin' On S1E11
Episode 11

High Rollers

Will wins so much money in Las Vegas that he considers buying his own truck and going it alone.

Movin' On S1E12
Episode 12

Goin' Home (1)

While in a cafe in Las Vegas, Sonny moans to Will about how depressing it is to spend Christmas on the road. So they head for Phoenix for dinner with Sonny's uncle, but end up with Sonny's ex-wife instead.

Movin' On S1E13
Episode 13

Goin' Home (2)

Sonny's ex-wife has him looking for lost jewelry from an ex-boyfriend.

Movin' On S1E14
Episode 14


Will and Sonny deliver two trucks to an eccentric old lady who has an antique Benz that she restored herself. The next day she accuses them of stealing it.

Movin' On S1E15
Episode 15


Sonny accepts a racing dog from a freight broker as payment for a debt after Sonny's rig is impounded for a late loan payment.

Movin' On S1E16
Episode 16


While avoiding a road construction site, Will and Sonny are trapped by a landslide, along with six other people: a runaway and her boyfriend, an alcoholic trumpeter and his estranged med-student son, and a man and his wife towing their RV.

Movin' On S1E17
Episode 17


An insurance investigator is out to jail Sonny and Will for insurance fraud.

Movin' On S1E18
Episode 18


A gift case of tomatoes to cafe-owner Janey (guest Gloria DeHaven) from Sonny and Will gets them into trouble when the contents are discovered to contain live ammunition.

Movin' On S1E19
Episode 19


In San Diego after making a delivery at the Navy docks, Sonny runs into his old Navy buddy, who enlists Sonny and Will in a chase to catch his truckin' sweetie.

Movin' On S1E20
Episode 20


After delivering a load of fabric to a San Diego clothing manufacturer, Will and Sonny are drawn into a ransom delivery after Sonny's friend, the company's VP, is kidnapped.

Movin' On S1E21
Episode 21

The Price of Loving

In San Francisco, Will and Sonny get caught between a trucker pal and his wife Abby . . . and his other wife Betsy.

Movin' On S1E22
Episode 22

Wedding Bell

Sonny assists a woman, Nina, when her car breaks down, loading her car into the trailer and taking it to a repair shop. Sparks fly between them, and they make plans to marry.

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