Muppet Babies - Season 3 Episodes

Episode 1


The twins decide to get some snacks from the kitchen but Piggy warns them of the consinquences for getting snacks without Nannny's permision they ignore her warning but when piggy tries to sneak the snacks back in the kitchen Nanny accuses her of stealing from the fridge and makes her clean up the mess.

Episode 2

“The Best Friend I Never Had”

The Muppet Babies all want to have a perfect friend but find out that they are each not what they expect.

Episode 3

“The Weirdo Zone”

Gonzo shows the other babies what its like to be a "weirdo" like him.

Episode 4

“Muppets in Toyland”

Scooter gets an all new Transco JoBot, and all of the Muppets want one but Nanny gives them her old toys instead.

Episode 5

“The Muppet Broadcasting Company”

When Nanny's TV breaks, and she complains that she can't watch the news, the Babies create their own news channel, "MBC". Each Muppet creates his/her own show, including Kermit and Fozzie in a newscast, and Piggy in her own soap opera.

Episode 6

“Kermit Goes to Washington”

The babies have an election for president of the nursery, and Kermit wins.

Episode 7

“Fozzie's Family Tree”

All of the babies find interesting relatives in their family tree, but Fozzie can't find his family tree. So he does not know anything about his family. Kermit and Fozzie search for some of Fozzie's relatives.

Episode 8

“The Daily Muppet”

After Nanny's newspaper is ruined, the baies make their own paper of news for her.

Episode 9

“Scooter's Uncommon Cold”

The babies travel inside Scooter to heal him of a cold.

Episode 10

“Treasure Attic”

The babies explore the attic and find old stuff, that they never knew they had before.

Episode 11

“Around the Nursery in 80 Days”

After the Muppet Babies hear that Nanny is going on an "around the world" trip and are worried that they will not have a good sitter to look after them. They try to have her trip be in the nursery until they find out that their stand-in nursemaid will be her sister, Aunt Fanny.

Episode 12

“Polly Wants a Muppet”

The Muppet Babies befriend a talking parrot named Polly who causes them to misunderstand each other and quarrel with each other because of his loudmouthing.

Episode 13

“Muppet Goose”

Nanny tries to get the Babies to go to sleep by telling Nursery Rhymes.

Episode 14

“Bad Luck Bear”

After Fozzie breaks a mirror, Piggy tells him he will have bad luck for the next 7 years.

Episode 15

“Of Mice and Muppets”

The kids are taking care of Caruther's pet mouse pewee while he is on vacation its rowlf's turn to put peewee back in his cage but he accidently leaves the door open and pewee escapes the kids go on a all night search for pewee before Nanny finds out.

Episode 16

“Back to the Nursery”

When everyone is looking at Nanny's old photo album, Fozzie accidently spills cofee on an old picture of Nanny servng at a drive-through. The babies travel back in time, in a "Back To The Future" parody to re-take the picture of Nanny.