Muppet Babies

Muppet Babies

Muppet Babies - Season 6 Episodes

Muppet Babies S6E1
Episode 1

This Old Nursery

The babies find an old time capsule in the nursery walls.

Muppet Babies S6E2
Episode 2

And Now a Word From Our Muppets

The babies make up adds for Nanny's garage sale.

Muppet Babies S6E3
Episode 3

Six to Eight Weeks

The babies cant wait six to eight weeks for their playhouse to come.

Muppet Babies S6E4
Episode 4

The Green Ranger

When Kermit's favorite cowboy show "The Range Rider" gets cancelled, he contemplates trying to fill in the Range Rider's shoes (as "The Green Ranger"). But he thinks his friends might have the wrong idea, and it takes more than fame and merchandising to be a real hero.

Muppet Babies S6E5
Episode 5

Not Necessarily the Muppets

The Babies discover the importance of why grown-ups watch the news, and with the nursery news, they find all their favorite toys.

Muppet Babies S6E6
Episode 6

Comic Capers

The Muppet Babies look at comic books and comic strips and imagine themselves as the characters in them.

Muppet Babies S6E7
Episode 7

Faster Than a Speeding Weirdo

Gonzo attempts to break the sound berrier while riding on a vaccum cleaner. He brings his trusty sidekick, Camilla along for a ride. However, misfortune strikes, and Camilla gets hurt, and Gonzo is unsure she'll make it. Nanny has to perform "emergency surgery" on Camilla, but in the end, she's alright.

Gonzo sings the song "Camilla" to the babies, to show how upset he is about the thought of losing Camilla.

Muppet Babies S6E8
Episode 8

Skeeter and the Wolf

Nanny read the muppets a story about Peter and the wolf.

Muppet Babies S6E9
Episode 9

Romancing the Weirdo

Gonzo finds an old typewriter, and decides to write a detective novel (with himself as the hero, Philip Samuel Marlowe Spade, and Piggy as the heroine). Can his friends help him when he gets writer's block?

Muppet Babies S6E10
Episode 10

The New Adventures of Kermo Polo

The babies pretend to be famous explorer's from different periods of time.

Muppet Babies S6E11
Episode 11

Goosetown Babies

The babies read their favorite Mother Goose book, and are transported to Goosetown, when they realize that the town just isn't the same. So, taking the matters into their own hands, they visit Mother Goose, who believes that children don't like her tales anymore, and the residents of Goosetown have all stopped taking care of themselves. When the babies go around town patching things up, Mother Goose realizes that kids will always love her books, and everybody lives happily ever after.

Muppet Babies S6E12
Episode 12

It's Only Pretendo

Piggy and Gonzo get so caught up in beating each other at "Legend of Emelda: Quest for the Golden Key", that they almost forget it's just a game, and the main goal should really be having fun.

Muppet Babies S6E13
Episode 13

Quoth the Weirdo

The Muppet Babies celebrate the beauty that is poetry by talking about their favorite poems.

Muppet Babies S6E14
Episode 14

Operators are Standing By

The babies wonder who could have been on the phone after Animal hangs up the phone.

Muppet Babies S6E15
Episode 15

Babes in Troyland

The babies learn about different greek myths.

Muppet Babies S6E16
Episode 16

Puss 'n Boots 'n Babies

The babies get exited about a kitty in the nursery.

Muppet Babies S6E17
Episode 17

Muppets of Invention

Uncle Statler and Uncle Waldorf come to visit, and the babies make inventions of their own.

Muppet Babies S6E18
Episode 18

A Punch Line to the Tummy

Fozzie's trying to be a real stand-up comedian, but Gonzo's attempts at getting "feedback" from his audience (the other Muppet Babies) make Fozzie think his friends don't like him anymore.

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