My Boys

My Boys

My Boys - Season 4 Episodes

My Boys S4E1
Episode 1

Addition by Subtraction

PJ and the gang try to find a new poker player to replace Andy who has been transferred to rural China for business.

My Boys S4E2
Episode 2

Gourmets and Confused

PJ, Bobby, Kenny and Stephanie couple off and decide to go out to a nice dinner like real grown-ups and Mike feels snubbed; he decides to have his own grown up evening with Brendan at a fancy bar.

My Boys S4E3
Episode 3


It's Mike's birthday and he wants a really fun surprise party. Instead, they all agree to a pub-crawl. Meanwhile, a movie producer is interested in Stephanie's book.

My Boys S4E4
Episode 4

Be a Man!

PJ creates a list of things men should know how to do for Mike and Kenny. Meanwhile, Bobby tries to prove that he's a man by fixing PJ's sink.

My Boys S4E5
Episode 5


PJ fears the passion in her relationship with Bobby may have fizzled. Meanwhile, the guys are trying to keep secrets from one another.

My Boys S4E6
Episode 6

Hanger Management

Bobby is pondering a new career. Kenny discovers he's talented at closet designing and Brendan decides it may finally be time to move out of PJ's.

My Boys S4E7
Episode 7

Puss 'N' Glutes

PJ and Stephanie decide to intervene, as they have had it with the type of women Mike and Brendan date. Meanwhile, Kenny and Bobby become workout buddies.

My Boys S4E8
Episode 8

Extreme Mike-Over

Riddled by the new young crowd taking over Crowley’s, the gang goes on a quest for a new bar. Meanwhile, PJ and Stephanie try to help Mike impress Marcia with a complete apartment makeover.

My Boys S4E9
Episode 9

My Men

Mike wants to throw a birthday party for Marcia and recruits the gang to help him plan, but PJ is suddenly immersed by work. Meanwhile, Stephanie has a great career opportunity in London and Brendan has a very important decision to make.

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