Latest 'My Name Is Earl' News

My Name Is Earl Will Not Move to TBS

A deal could not be reached to continue the canceled NBC series.

Brian Gallagher

The Unit, Without a Trace, My Name Is Earl and Medium Are Cancelled

Although Earl and Medium could potentially be picked up by other networks.

Brian Gallagher

Brand New NBC Thursday Night Season Finale Clips!

We have 13 clips from My Name is Earl, The Office, Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock's season finales.

Brian Gallagher

David Arquette Joins the Cast of My Name Is Earl

The actor will portray a stuntman in the hit NBC comedy.

Brian Gallagher

My Name Is Earl: Season 3 Hits the DVD Shelves on September 30th

We have all the details on this new four-disc set of the NBC hit series.

Brian Gallagher

Seth Green to Guest Star on My Name Is Earl

Green will play Buddy Zaks, a former Make-a-Wish child.

Brian B.

Paris Hilton to Guest Star on My Name Is Earl Premiere

The actress and reality TV star will appear on Jason Lee's NBC series.

Brian Gallagher

Jason Lee Is the Star of Alvin and the Chipmunks

Talking about working with a CGI animal cast along with the status of My Name is Earl.

Watch 4 Clips and 3 Interviews from My Name Is Earl

Go deep inside this karmically challenged show.

Evan Jacobs

TBS Gets My Name Is Earl

It arrives 18 months before other networks can air it in syndication.

B. Alan Orange

Alyssa Milano Joins My Name Is Earl

Playing a possible love interest of Jason Lee's character.

Michael Rapaport Joins the Cast of My Name Is Earl

In a recurring role on the hit NBC comedy series.

The Office and Earl Go to TBS

The Super Station wins syndication rights.

B. Alan Orange

Jaime Pressly and Ethan Suplee Dissect My Name Is Earl

Actor and Actress discuss playing their characters and what fans can expect from the season finale!

Evan Jacobs

My Name Is Earl Scratch 'N Sniff Episode Coming to NBC on May 3

Special scent cards will be inserted in TV Guide's April 30th issue!