My Name Is Earl - Season 2 Episodes

My Name Is Earl - Season 2

Earl is back for a wild second season, still trying his best to do good deeds — while getting into offbeat misadventures as only he can. Ex-wife Joy is causing more than her share of bad karma, even landing in the slammer.

Episode 1

“Very Bad Things”

When Joy and Darnell get into an argument over her surprise birthday party, Earl jumps at the opportunity to do number 183 on his list - "never took Joy's side."

Episode 2

“Jump For Joy”

Earl needs to raise a lot of money to help a friend in need and goes to the one person he knows with that kind of money, local entrepreneur Richard Chubby (guest star Burt Reynolds), owner of, among other places, the Camden County strip joint Club Chubby.

Episode 3

“Sticks & Stones”

When Earl (Jason Lee) watches Catalina (Nadine Velazquez) give the motel maid a facial wax, he decides to make amends for number ninety-one on his list - "made fun of Maggie Lester (guest star Judy Greer)" for having a moustache.

Episode 4

“Larceny Of A Kitty Cat”

As number 56 on his list, Earl decides to return an award winning cat back to its rightful owner after attempting to sabotage a cat show in Joy's favor.

Episode 5

“Van Hickey”

While Joy is doing community service at a local senior recreational center to improve her image for an upcoming trial, Earl runs into number 50 on his list.

Episode 6

“Made A Lady Think I Was God”

When Joy needs a restraining order lifted in order to improve her image for an upcoming trial, Earl decides to confront number 12 on his list - "Made a Lady Think I was God."

Episode 7


Bored with her life, Catalina offers to help Earl take care of number 75 on his list by cleaning out a mailbox that he once used as a trash can.

Episode 8

“Robbed a Stoner Blind”

In the midst of a heat wave, Earl remembers number 26 on his list - "Robbed a Stoner Blind."

Episode 9

“Born a Gamblin' Man”

Number 146 on his list has Earl making 247 bologna sandwiches to make up for all the ones he stole from Kenny (guest star Gregg Binkley) in fifth and sixth grade.

Episode 10

“South Of The Border, Part Uno”

Part Uno - After Earl accidentally gets Catalina deported, Earl and Randy go on a full-fledged mission to get Catalina back.

Episode 11

“South Of The Border, Part Dos”

While Earl befriends Diego (guest star John Leguizamo), the fashion challenged criminal who takes him hostage, Randy encounters a married couple that use him to fill a void in their life

Episode 12

“Our 'Cops' Is On”

It's the end of the week at the Crab Shack - the beer is finished, the food is finished, and everyone is bored. When "Cops" comes on, everybody notices it's the Camden County episode they were all featured in.

Episode 13

“Buried Treasure”

Earl is surprised to discover that some "treasure" he had once stolen has disappeared from where he buried it.

Episode 14

“Kept a Guy Locked in a Truck”

Earl hits a snag when trying to cross someone off his list when the guy he once locked in a truck turns up dead.

My Name Is Earl S2E15
Episode 15

“Foreign Exchange Student”

As a young kid, Earl tortured a French foreign exchange student, Pierre (guest star Ernie Grunwald), and scared him back to France. In order to scratch number forty-four off his list, Earl decides to fly Pierre back to America and show him all the great things the country has to offer.

Episode 16


In preparation for the trial, Joy learns that she has a half sister she could possibly use to invoke sympathy from the jury, but her half sister turns out to be her lifelong mortal enemy, Liberty Washington (guest star Tamala Jones).

Episode 17

“The Birthday Party”

I’LL CRY IF I WANT TO - It’s a special episode as Earl (Jason Lee) celebrates his birthday. The day not only marks another exciting year in his life, but more importantly, it’s also a time for Earl to reflect on all the items he’s crossed off his list during the past year.

Episode 18

“Guess Who's Coming Out of Joy”

Joy’s (Jaime Pressly) pregnancy reminds Earl (Jason Lee) of the time she was pregnant with their child, or what he thought was their child.

Episode 19

“Harassed A Reporter”

A late newscast reminds Earl of number 29 on his list - "Harassed a Reporter."

Episode 20

“Two Balls, Two Strikes”

After the unexpected death of Richard Chubby - the most powerful man in Camden - the crueler and meaner Little Chubby comes back to town to take over the family business.

Episode 21


After Earl gets rejected when applying for a credit card for not having a high school diploma, a job, or a real place to live, he decides he needs to take some big steps towards finally growing up.

Episode 22

“Get A Real Job”

In this super-sized episode, Earl is faced with belated growing pains when he decides to get his first real job at an appliance store and his qualifications as a salesperson are questioned.

Episode 23

“The Trial”

Trial Of The Century: Giovanni Ribisi, Christine Taylor, Marlee Matlin and Dog The Bounty Hunter guest-star -- Earl (Jason Lee) has it all - a GED, a job, a new apartment - and now with his new, unlikely love interest, Earl is finally an adult.