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My Name Is Earl

My Name Is Earl - Season 3 Episodes

My Name Is Earl - Season 3

My Name Is Earl - Season 3

Season 3 finds our hero in the toughest spot of his life - prison! Of course, Earl was only taking the rap for Joy. With his new living arrangements, will Earl start to question this whole Karma thing?

My Name Is Earl S3E1
Episode 1

My Name Is Inmate 28301-016, Part 1

After falsely confessing to a crime so that Joy wouldn't have to go to jail, Earl faces the reality of his actions as he is sentenced to two years in prison.

My Name Is Earl S3E3
Episode 3

The Gangs of Camden County

With karma back on his side, Earl is approached by the jail warden to help resolve one of the biggest problems going on in the jail yard. There are feuding gangs constantly breaking out into fights, and Earl is asked to resolve these gangs' differences.

My Name Is Earl S3E4
Episode 4

The Frank Factor

Earl is visited by Joy and is surprised that another prisoner also in visitation happens to be someone both Joy and Earl know. Frank, an old friend of Earl and an old coworker of Joy, describes how he ended up in prison.

My Name Is Earl S3E5
Episode 5

Creative Writing

Earl attends a class in prison that focuses on creative writing. After the teacher gave them an assignment to write a story, Earl realized that writing was a lot harder than he expected.

My Name Is Earl S3E6
Episode 6

Frank's Girl

It is conjugal visiting day at the Camden prison. Since Earl has no one to visit him, Frank asks if he will explain to his girlfriend why he cannot be there.

My Name Is Earl S3E7
Episode 7

Our Other 'Cops' is On! Part 1

While enjoying TV time in prison, Earl and Randy are excited when they see that the show "Cops" is filming in Camden County. The episode features different types of altercations that are all somehow related to Earl.

My Name Is Earl S3E9
Episode 9

Randy In Charge (...Of Our Days and Our Nights)

The Warden asks Earl to take on a task of forming a skit called, "Scared Straight" that will scare kids from committing crimes and stay out of jail.

My Name Is Earl S3E10
Episode 10

Midnight Bun

As Joy prepares to give birth, she becomes increasingly inpatient and enlists the help of Darnell to speed things along.

My Name Is Earl S3E11
Episode 11

Burn Victim

After helping the Warden out with numerous tasks, Earl has discovered that his sentence has been deducted to six months left in jail. However, the Warden is now faced in a major dilemma and needs Earl's help.

My Name Is Earl S3E12
Episode 12

Early Release

After all of the early release certificates that Earl has received from the Warden, the day has finally come for Earl to be released from prison. Or not?

My Name Is Earl S3E13
Episode 13

Bad Earl

EarlÂ’s lifestyle in prison seems to be transitioning to his regular life outside of bars. He is having a hard time adjusting back to normal life and continues to hold a grudge with karma.

My Name Is Earl S3E14
Episode 14

I Won't Die with a Little Help From My Friends, Part 1

Earl is still lying in the middle of the road next to Billie, both of whom are unconscious after being hit by a car. The accident puts Earl in a coma and takes him to an alternate world in the form of a sitcom.

My Name Is Earl S3E16
Episode 16

Stole a Motorcycle

Earl is still in a coma, but Randy realizes that each item he completes off Earl's list helps Earl get better. After letting fate pick his next task, Randy gathers Joy and Darnell to help him solve the mystery of the stolen motorcycle from the Teutul family.

My Name Is Earl S3E17
Episode 17

No Heads and a Duffel Bag

With Earl still in a coma, Randy and Joy decide to continue crossing items off Earl's list to improve his recovery. Earl's parents went on a vacation and left the house to Earl and Randy.

My Name Is Earl S3E18
Episode 18


Randy decides that putting Earl in long-term care is not the best decision, so he decides to take care of Earl himself.

My Name Is Earl S3E19
Episode 19

Love Octagon

After waking up from a coma, Earl now knew what was important in his life and he was set on going after it. He knew that he had to find Billie, whom he felt karma brought to him to be his soul mate.

My Name Is Earl S3E20
Episode 20

Girl Earl

After karma leads Earl back to Billie, they decide that they were meant to give their relationship a chance. Billie is inspired by Earl's good deeds and creates a karma list of her own.

My Name Is Earl S3E21
Episode 21

Camdenites, Part 1

Earl is still questioning karma bringing Billie into his life. With the troubles in their marriage escalating, Earl turns to friends for advice.

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