Naked City

Naked City

Naked City - Season 1 Episodes

Naked City S1E1
Episode 1


Shortly after being assigned to work together, Muldoon and Halloran are called to the lavish New York Coliseum,where two young thugs who've just shot a policeman during a robbery have taken two sporting-goods clerks as hostages.

Naked City S1E2
Episode 2

Nickel Ride

A gang holds up an armored car carrying bank deposits, and the mob's leader shoots a fireman in the engine room, where the two policemen are stopped at gunpoint.

Naked City S1E3
Episode 3

Line of Duty

After killing his first man in the line of duty, Halloran is overcome with remorse, made worse when his victim's mother hysterically calls him a murderer.

Naked City S1E4
Episode 4

Sidewalk Fisherman

An elderly friend of Muldoon's ekes out his living by retrieving coins dropped through subway gratings, and has saved enough to adopt an eight -year-old orphan, but he's turned down because he has no permanent residence.

Naked City S1E5
Episode 5

The Violent Circle

After witnessing a man murdered by a gangster, a man is so shocked that he's committed to a mental hospital.

Naked City S1E6
Episode 6


When a detective friend of Muldoon's is killed on duty, his partner reports that he was shot while running away. Not believing his friend to be a coward, Muldoon gets the partner assigned to him during a stakeout designed to trap the killers.

Naked City S1E7
Episode 7

No More Rumbles

Naked City S1E8
Episode 8

Belvedere Tower

A robber attacks milkmen and dons their uniforms to gain entry to the homes of wealthy people away for the summer. After killing a policeman who's discovered him, he takes refuge in a weather station in Central Park, armed with a shotgun.

Naked City S1E9
Episode 9

The Bird Guard

After a man is murdered by gangsters, Halloran tries to protect the victim's girlfriend who's the next target. He and the girl end up surrounded by four mobsters in a lighthouse on a small island.

Naked City S1E10
Episode 10

The Other Face of Goodness

A college student on the brink of insanity, after reading accounts of a frantic search for the killer of several young pregnant women, confesses to the murders.

Naked City S1E11
Episode 11

Lady Bug, Lady Bug

Peter Falk guest stars in this episode where an extortionist forces a man to collect $250,000 from residents of fashionable Sutton Place. But the man decides to go to the police, though in doing so, he puts his son's life on the line.

Naked City S1E12
Episode 12

Susquehanna 4-7598

Police are skeptical of a woman's story that she answered her phone and heard a lady being murdered. A reporter prints her story and she's contacted by a young man whom she begins to date.

Naked City S1E13
Episode 13

And a Merry Christmas to the Force on Patrol

A officer is stabbed in a Christmas Eve liquor store stakeout with Muldoon, and Halloran is called in to hunt for one of the robbers, who escaped.

Naked City S1E14
Episode 14

The Explosive Heart

Waking up in a hospital after almost being killed by her husband's beating, a woman tells police that he's planted a bomb on her father's yacht.

Naked City S1E15
Episode 15

The Manhole

When an elderly sewer worker learns that his son is the leader of a street gang, he begs him vainly to reform, and then tells police about his association.

Naked City S1E16
Episode 16

Even Crows Sing Good

A woman who's been kept from marrying her boyfriend because they're poor wins $1,600 in the numbers game and tells her fiance she inherited the money.

Naked City S1E17
Episode 17

Burst of Passion

One of the most respectable people in Halloran's neighborhood suddenly goes berserk and starts shooting shopkeepers and their customers.

Naked City S1E18
Episode 18

Goodbye, My Lady Love

Matty, a derelict who dreams of returning to his hometown on a white stallion, buys a horse after some $100 bills land in his lap. The money had blown away from a hood who had just murdered a man, and Matty is arrested for the crime.

Naked City S1E19
Episode 19

The Shield

Against the wishes of Muldoon, the son of a patrolman takes over his father's beat after the father gets stabbed.

Naked City S1E20
Episode 20

One to Get Lost

A man is sought by police after his wife's murder because his cigarette case was found in her apartment, but he believes the real murderer is an elevator operator whom he sets out with a gun to find.

Naked City S1E21
Episode 21

Hey, Teach!

When a teacher is found dead on the sidewalk below his third story classroom, Halloran poses as his replacement in the delinquent ridden school, hoping to crack the case.

Naked City S1E22
Episode 22

Ticker Tape

When police receive a phone call from a psychotic man announcing he's going to plant a bomb during a parade honoring an Olympic hero, Muldoon and Halloran are assigned to detect and stop him during the procession.

Naked City S1E23
Episode 23

Fire Island

A bootlegger operating a still on Fire Island in the dead of winter against his partners' wishes hires a killer to protect the operation.

Naked City S1E24
Episode 24

Ten Cent Dreams

A poor Puerto Rican couple finds $10 and bets it on the numbers, winning $6,000. Upon depositing it at the bank, they find the cash is counterfeit , and the scared husband flees.

Naked City S1E25
Episode 25

The Bumper

When Muldoon and Arcaro transport a material witness to jail, a hitman known as "The Bumper" forces the detective's car into an oil truck. In the flaming explosion Muldoon is burnt to death. Heartbroken, Halloran makes an all-out effort to get the killer.

Naked City S1E26
Episode 26

A Running of Bulls

Halloran and Lt. Parker are assigned to guard a dictator's young son during his New York visit, unaware that the boy's own bodyguard has entered into a pact with two men to kill the boy at the same time as his father is being killed back home.

Naked City S1E27
Episode 27

Fallen Star

An alcoholic former All-American star who's become a hustler for two card sharks is befriended by a boy who's long worshiped him. When a man is killed in a fight over a card game, all clues point to the former star.

Naked City S1E28
Episode 28

Beyond the Truth

Halloran investigates when a woman convinces him that her husband's imprisonment for manslaughter by drunk driving was unjust. He finds evidence that the man's friend was actually driving, but the innocent man refuses to rehash the case.

Naked City S1E29
Episode 29

Baker's Dozen

Gangland's most notorious killer guns down a mob boss who's about to testify to the Senate, and in his escape takes Halloran prisoner.

Naked City S1E30
Episode 30

The Rebirth

A cleaning woman, tired of her hardscrabble life, robs a bank in an attempt to buy happiness.

Naked City S1E31
Episode 31

Four Sweet Corners

Upon his Army discharge, a young man returns to his poverty stricken neighborhood and finds his younger sister has been arrested for shoplifting, and the girl won 't reveal the identity of her gang.

Naked City S1E32
Episode 32

The Sandman

A punch-drunk ex-prizefighter is convinced to help mobsters get rid of a dead body in the East River, and in doing so he kills a policeman who tries to stop him.

Naked City S1E33
Episode 33

Turn of Events

When a private eye is found murdered, police find he was mixed up in all sorts of crimes, but his wife insists he was a good man.

Naked City S1E34
Episode 34

A Little Piece of the Action

A gangster who went straight years ago to raise his daughter sees his last chance to make a haul to send her to college.

Naked City S1E35
Episode 35

The Bloodhounds

To find a little girl who's feared kidnapped, Arcaro uses two lost bloodhounds, knowing that Parker, who hates dogs, would disapprove.

Naked City S1E36
Episode 36

The Scorpion Sting

A theatrical agent's ruthless drive for success led him away from every ideal he prized in his youth, and he is now receiving death threats from one of his many enemies.

Naked City S1E37
Episode 37

Saw My Baby There

A dealer in stolen goods, upset that his son-in-law wants to go straight, shoots the boy.

Naked City S1E38
Episode 38

The Canvas Bullet

An ex-boxer, needing money for his wife to enter his prize roses in a flower show, goes to his former manager, who gets an alcoholic ex-doctor to ensure that he can fight again safely.

Naked City S1E39
Episode 39

A Wood of Thorns

With an innocent man about to die in less than a half-hour because of false testimony given by a gangster's girlfriend, Halloran risks his job by going to her apartment and pleading with her to call the governor.

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