Naked City

Naked City

Naked City - Season 4 Episodes

Naked City S4E1
Episode 1

Hold for Gloria Christmas

Poet Duncan Kleist breaks out of a hospital alcholic ward to retrieve some verses he traded for drinks. But Stanley, the bartender who now has the poems, tells Duncan he will have to buy them back.

Naked City S4E2
Episode 2

Idylls of a Running Back

Naked City S4E3
Episode 3

Daughter, Am I in My Father's House?

Naked City S4E4
Episode 4

And By the Sweat of Thy Brow...

Naked City S4E5
Episode 5

Kill Me While I'm Young So I Can Die Happy

Naked City S4E6
Episode 6

Five Cranks for Winter... Ten Cranks for Spring

Naked City S4E7
Episode 7

Go Fight City Hall

Naked City S4E8
Episode 8

Torment Him Much and Hold Him Long

Naked City S4E9
Episode 9

Make It Fifty Dollars and Add Love to Nona

Naked City S4E10
Episode 10

A Horse Has a Big Head -- Let Him Worry!

An almost-blind young man roams the streets of New York after separating from his class, while his teacher (Diahann Carroll) attempts to convince his parents that the boy can learn to ably use his limited sight and not become completely blind.

Naked City S4E11
Episode 11

Dust Devil on a Quiet Street

Naked City S4E12
Episode 12

The Virtues of Madame Douvay

Naked City S4E13
Episode 13

King Stanislaus and the Knights of the Round Stable

Naked City S4E14
Episode 14

Spectre of the Rose Street Gang

Naked City S4E15
Episode 15

Don't Knock It Till You've Tried It

Naked City S4E16
Episode 16

Her Life in Moving Pictures

Naked City S4E17
Episode 17

Robin Hood and Clarence Darrow, They Went Out with Bow and Arrow

Naked City S4E18
Episode 18

The Apple Falls Not Far from the Tree

Naked City S4E19
Episode 19

Beyond This Place There Be Dragons

Naked City S4E20
Episode 20

A Man Without a Skin

Naked City S4E21
Episode 21

Prime of Life

Naked City S4E22
Episode 22

Bringing Far Places Together

Naked City S4E23
Episode 23

The Highest of Prizes

Naked City S4E24
Episode 24

Alive and Still a Second Lieutenant

Naked City S4E25
Episode 25

Stop the Parade, a Baby is Crying!

Naked City S4E26
Episode 26

On the Battlefront, Every Minute Is Important

Naked City S4E27
Episode 27

Howard Running Bear is a Turtle

Naked City S4E28
Episode 28

No Naked Ladies in Front of Giovanni's House!

Naked City S4E29
Episode 29


Naked City S4E30
Episode 30

Color Schemes Like Never Before

Naked City S4E31
Episode 31

The S.S. American Dream

Naked City S4E32
Episode 32

One, Two, Three, Rita Rakahowski

Naked City S4E33
Episode 33

Golden Lads and Girls

Naked City S4E34
Episode 34

Barefoot on a Bed of Coals

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