Naruto Shippuden

Naruto Shippuden

Naruto Shippuden - Season 10 Episodes

Naruto Shippuden S10E0
Episode 0

Naruto Shippuuden: Blood Prison

Naruto Shippuden S10E1
Episode 1

The Sixth Hokage Danzo

Team Samui of the Hidden Cloud arrive at the Leaf Village and are shocked to find it in ruins. Nonetheless, they carry out their orders to deliver the Raikage’s official letter to the Hokage, when Danzo appears and announces that he is the new Hokage.

Naruto Shippuden S10E2
Episode 2

Five Kage Summit's Eve

Karui and Omoi of the Hidden Cloud press Naruto to give information regarding Sasuke. Instead, Naruto offers himself as a punching bag for Karui and Omoi to abuse to their hearts’ content.

Naruto Shippuden S10E3
Episode 3

Enter the Five Kage

Kage from each nation set out to attend the Five Kage Summit.

Naruto Shippuden S10E4
Episode 4

Naruto's Appeal

To prevent the cycle of hatred bound to occur should Sasuke be killed, Naruto goes to the Raikage and begs him to forgive Sasuke, but the Raikage quickly dismisses the request.

Naruto Shippuden S10E5
Episode 5

A Bitter Decision

Mifune calls for the formation of the Allied Shinobi Forces to counter the Akatsuki and proposes the Hokage to lead them. Meanwhile, Sai reveals Naruto’s actions to Sakura.

Naruto Shippuden S10E6
Episode 6

Lightning Storm

Madara makes a sudden appearance before Naruto and reveals the truth behind Itachi’s actions. Meanwhile, the samurai learn of Sasuke and his team Taka’s entry into the Land of Iron, and battle ensues between the two groups.

Naruto Shippuden S10E7
Episode 7

Sasuke's Way of the Ninja

The truth behind Itachi’s actions leaves Naruto, Kakashi, and Yamato in shock. Meanwhile in the Land of Iron, Sasuke and the Raikage are fighting a battle to the death when Gaara, the Kazekage, intervenes.

Naruto Shippuden S10E8
Episode 8

Power of the Five Kage

Having blocked the combined attacks of Gaara, Temari, Kankuro, and Darui with his Susano’o, Sasuke goes after Danzo.

Naruto Shippuden S10E9
Episode 9

Declaration of War

The four Kage are startled by the sudden appearance of Madara Uchiha. Having sent Sasuke away to safety using the Transportation Technique, Madara unveils to the Kage his “Project Tsuki no Me.”

Naruto Shippuden S10E10
Episode 10

Sakura's Feelings

The Kage respond to Madara’s declaration of war by forming the Allied Shinobi Forces, with the Raikage as their leader.

Naruto Shippuden S10E11
Episode 11

The Tailed Beast vs. The Tailless Tailed Beast

Killer Bee engages in a deadly battle against Kisame, who has come to capture the Eight-Tails.

Naruto Shippuden S10E12
Episode 12

As One's Friend

Naruto learns from Sai that Sakura intends to kill Sasuke with her own hands. The Sand arrives to brief the Leaf ninja about what happened at the Five Kage Summit.

Naruto Shippuden S10E13
Episode 13

Danzo's Right Arm

Kakashi decides to go after Sakura to stop her, while Yamato and Naruto are ordered to return to the Leaf Village. Meanwhile, Sasuke confronts Danzo after seeing the many Sharingan embedded in his enemy’s right arm.

Naruto Shippuden S10E14
Episode 14

The Forbidden Ocular Jutsu

Danzo’s uncanny jutsu prevents Sasuke from landing a clean hit on his enemy. As Karin attempts to analyze Danzo’s jutsu, Madara recognizes it as Izanagi.

Naruto Shippuden S10E15
Episode 15

Danzo Shimura

Danzo believes he’s won the battle against Sasuke. Little does he realize, Sasuke placed him under genjutsu before they last exchanged blows.

Naruto Shippuden S10E16
Episode 16

Sakura's Resolve

Having tracked down Sasuke’s whereabouts with Kiba’s nose, Sakura attempts to put her allies to sleep and carry out the task of killing Sasuke herself.

Naruto Shippuden S10E17
Episode 17

Lost Bonds

Memories from his childhood course through Naruto’s mind as he rests to recover from his hyperventilation.

Naruto Shippuden S10E18
Episode 18

The Burden

Sakura tells Sasuke that she wishes to desert the village and join him. A skeptical Sasuke tells Sakura he will believe her if she can finish off Karin.

Naruto Shippuden S10E19
Episode 19

Two Fates

Naruto reproaches Sasuke for attempting to kill Sakura. Then Sasuke reveals that he killed Danzo with his own hands. He goes on to declare his intent to purify the Uchiha Clan’s name by annihilating the Hidden Leaf.

Naruto Shippuden S10E20
Episode 20

High-Level Shinobi

Years ago at the Final Valley, Sasuke told Naruto about high-level shinobi being able to understand one another just by trading blows. Having become a high-level shinobi, Naruto is now able to understand Sasuke's heart.

Naruto Shippuden S10E21
Episode 21

The Infiltrator

Killer Bee returns to the Hidden Cloud Village to the delight of Omoi and Karui. He has brought Kisame's sword, Samehada, with him.

Naruto Shippuden S10E22
Episode 22

The Five Great Nations Mobilize

The formation of the Allied Shinobi Forces is ratified by the Feudal Lords of the Five Great Nations. Each Kage returns to their village to prepare for the coming war.

Naruto Shippuden S10E23
Episode 23

Kakashi Hatake, the Hokage

Naruto gathers his friends and tells them that he will defeat Sasuke alone. Meanwhile, the Elders of the Leaf officially nominate Kakashi to become the next Hokage.

Naruto Shippuden S10E24
Episode 24

Prophecy of the Great Lord Elder

In Mount Myoboku, Gerotora, Fukasaku, and the Great Lord Elder are debating whether to give Naruto the key to the Tetragram Seal left behind by Jiraiya, an act that could unleash the Nine Tails.

Naruto Shippuden S10E25
Episode 25


At Mount Myoboku, Naruto prepares to store Gerotora within himself, but hesitates as it also holds the potential risk of unleashing the Nine Tails on the world.

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