Naruto Shippuden

Naruto Shippuden

Naruto Shippuden - Season 3 Episodes

Naruto Shippuden S3E0
Episode 0

Naruto Shippuuden 2: Bonds

Naruto Shippuden S3E1
Episode 1


Naruto has a strange nightmare several days after their failure to bring Sasuke home. Even after he awakens wisps of the dream keep haunting him.

Naruto Shippuden S3E2
Episode 2


Naruto begins to train with Kakashi. Kakashi finds it exhausting working with Naruto, who can?t understand anything explained to him.

Naruto Shippuden S3E3
Episode 3


Learning that his chakra is of the "wind" type that is outstanding for fighting, Naruto puts more effort into his training.

Naruto Shippuden S3E4
Episode 4

Deprived of Eternal Sleep

Team Kakashi is ordered to resolve the frequent vandalizing of graves at the Fire Temple.

Naruto Shippuden S3E5
Episode 5


At the Fire Temple, Chiriku explains to Team Kakashi that the hidden tombs hold the guards of the Land of Fire?s feudal lord. At one time Chiriku and Asuma were members of that organization.

Naruto Shippuden S3E6
Episode 6

A New Enemy

Word comes that the last of the hidden graves has been broken into. Naruto and the others go after the coffin, but it turns out to be a trap.

Naruto Shippuden S3E7
Episode 7


Team Kakashi is split up by the enemy's Earth Summoning Jutsu. They are forced to fight the attacking assassins, but the enemy has the advantage since they know the lay of the land.

Naruto Shippuden S3E8
Episode 8


Sora confronts Furido, the mysterious figure who has broken into the hidden graves.

Naruto Shippuden S3E9
Episode 9


Yamato believes that the assailants were not grave robbers but were after Sora. He decides to appoint Sora to Team Kakashi as a temporary stand-in for the injured Sai.

Naruto Shippuden S3E10
Episode 10

The Two Kings

By chance, Naruto and Sora get Asuma to coach them. Under the guidance of Asuma?s iron fist, they immerse themselves in training with Wind Chakra.

Naruto Shippuden S3E11
Episode 11

Jet-Black Signal Fire

Tsunade catches Danzo in a secret meeting with a ninja from the Hidden Rain Village. But the ninja turns out to be a spy for the Hidden Leaf.

Naruto Shippuden S3E12
Episode 12

Lockdown of Darkness

Under cover of a giant power outage, Furido begins his assault on the Hidden Leaf. The village immediately goes on alert, but Furido?s men put up a barrier, and everyone in the village is trapped inside.

Naruto Shippuden S3E13
Episode 13

Revived Souls

In order to stop the impending disaster, Asuma rushes toward the electric generator system. There he sees the Guardian Shinobi Twelve who have come to life once more through Revival Jutsu after their graves were robbed.

Naruto Shippuden S3E14
Episode 14

Everyone's Struggle to the Death

Sora is speechless when he discovers that Furido not only intends to assassinate the Hokage but plans to totally annihilate Hidden Leaf Village.

Naruto Shippuden S3E15
Episode 15

Time of Awakening

Throughout the village, Kitane?s fellow Guardian Shinobi with the Lightning Jutsu set up Limelight.

Naruto Shippuden S3E16
Episode 16


Naruto and Asuma catch up to Sora, only to find him shrouded in ominous chakra and undergoing a change.

Naruto Shippuden S3E17
Episode 17


Furido?s true form belongs to Kazuma, one of the Guardian Shinobi Twelve who had planned the coup d?

Naruto Shippuden S3E18
Episode 18

My Friend

Naruto desperately tries to suppress Nine Tails? chakra and get through to Sora?s heart and soul.

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