Naruto Shippuden

Naruto Shippuden

Naruto Shippuden - Season 5 Episodes

Naruto Shippuden S5E1
Episode 1

Compensation for Power

Naruto?s uses his new jutsu to bring Kakuzu down. Tsunade welcomes the teams back home and orders Team Asuma and Team Yamato to take a break.

Naruto Shippuden S5E2
Episode 2

A Shinobi's Determination

Just when peace has finally settled over the village word comes that Orochimaru?s hideout has been found. Tsunade orders Kakashi, Hinata, Shino, and Kiba on a search mission to find the hideout.

Naruto Shippuden S5E3
Episode 3

Discovery: Orochimaru's Hideout

Naruto and Jiraiya arrive at the hot springs resort. As an alternative to the Wind Style: Rasen Shuriken, Jiraiya suggests to Naruto the collaboration ninjutsu with a ninja toad.

Naruto Shippuden S5E4
Episode 4


Inside Orochimaru?s hideout Guren witnesses Sasuke defeating a thousand opponents. Meanwhile, Kabuto and Yukimaru conduct their experiment to summon the Three-Tailed Beast.

Naruto Shippuden S5E5
Episode 5

Communicating Hearts

Believing Naruto?s new jutsu is almost completed, Jiraiya heads off to investigate new information on the Akatsuki?s movements. His arm now healed, Naruto returns to the village to continue his training.

Naruto Shippuden S5E6
Episode 6

Raining All Night

Staying behind at the hideout, Rinji and Gozu become aware of a shinobi following their tracks. At the same time, Kakashi and his team notice that the enemy is using a bat for surveillance.

Naruto Shippuden S5E7
Episode 7

The Two Charms

At the Leaf Village Naruto is busy training with Gamakichi and Gamatatsu. But when he learns that Kakashi and the others are out on a mission to locate Orochimaru?s hideout, Naruto rushes to ask Tsunade if he can join the mission.

Naruto Shippuden S5E8
Episode 8

The Unseeing Enemy

Team Yamato heads out to provide backup for Team Kakashi. Right before his departure Naruto gets a hint to perfect his new jutsu by entering Gamatatsu?s belly.

Naruto Shippuden S5E9
Episode 9

The Labyrinth of Distorted Reflection

From the results of the analysis of the crystallized Parasitic insects, the enemies currently fighting Kakashi?s team are identified as users of the Crystal Style, a rare type of jutsu.

Naruto Shippuden S5E10
Episode 10

The Target Appears

Shattering the force field with his newly mastered collaboration jutsu with the toads, Naruto and the reinforcement unit arrive at the battle site. But Naruto?s new jutsu is repulsed by Guren?s ability to crystallize fluids.

Naruto Shippuden S5E11
Episode 11

The Rampaging Tailed Beast

The Leaf ninja use The Bat to pursue Guren. Akamaru and Kiba detect a high level of chakra present at their destination. Convinced something abnormal is about to happen, Kakashi sends Naruto to the lake right before entering battle with the enemy.

Naruto Shippuden S5E12
Episode 12

Inside the Mist

Inside the heavy mist, the Leaf ninja manage to rendezvous with Naruto. The team tightens their guard when they learn that the mist surrounding the lake causes illusions.

Naruto Shippuden S5E13
Episode 13

Everyone's Feelings

Naruto enters the mist to seek out Yuukimaru. Guren stays alert to protect Yuukimaru, whose current situation prevents him from moving. When both sides meet, their emotion over Yuukimaru sparks.

Naruto Shippuden S5E14
Episode 14


Reinforcements arrive from Leaf Village. The new mission from Tsunade: seal the Three-Tailed Beast so it won’t fall into anyone else’s hands and take Yukimaru whose powers are tied to the Tailed Beast into custody.

Naruto Shippuden S5E15
Episode 15

The Four-Corner Sealing Barrier

The Leaf Ninja wish to seal the Three-Tailed Beast, and Guren’s team wishes to stop them at any cost. Shizune’s sealing team begins their search as they activate the Four-Corner Sealing Barrier to trap the Three-Tailed Beast.

Naruto Shippuden S5E16
Episode 16

Crystal Style Shattered

To protect the The Four-Corner Sealing Barrier necessary to seal the Three-Tailed Beast, Kakashi and Naruto wage their deadly battle against Guren. Sai fights a one-on-one battle with Gozu…

Naruto Shippuden S5E17
Episode 17

The Battle Over the Barrier

Kabuto plans on breaking the Leaf’s The Four-Corner Sealing Barrier from the inside by using Yuukimaru’s power and have the Three-Tailed Beast go on a rampage.

Naruto Shippuden S5E18
Episode 18

Red Camellias

To protect Guren from the raging Three Tails, Yuukimaru exerts powers beyond his limits. Moved by his action, Guren now comes to regret her past sin of killing Yuukimaru’s mother.

Naruto Shippuden S5E19
Episode 19

Sworn Enemies Fighting Together

To protect Yuukimaru, Naruto and Guren fight alongside each other against the Three-Tailed beast and are swallowed. Inside the beast is an unnatural world filled with limestone.

Naruto Shippuden S5E20
Episode 20

Camellia Guidepost

The Leaf ninja learn that Naruto is inside the Three-Tailed beast. With no other alternative but to trust Yuukimaru?s mystical senses, Kakashi and the others follow the boy?s guidance and attempt a rescue mission.

Naruto Shippuden S5E21
Episode 21

Counterattack of the Curse Mark

Despite the Leaf ninja rescue attempt, Naruto and Guren do not return. Frustration builds among the group, but as Three Tails wakes from its sleep, the Sealing Team makes a second attempt at the Four Corner Sealing Barrier.

Naruto Shippuden S5E22
Episode 22

Memory of Guilt

Kabuto plots to have Three Tails crush the Leaf ninja by sacrificing Yuukimaru’s power and life. Controlled by Yuukimaru, Three Tails’ awesome power is about to break free from the seal, when an unexpected ally saves Shizune’s sealing team.

Naruto Shippuden S5E23
Episode 23

The Broken Promise

Kabuto finally appears before Naruto. Learning that Orochimaru used Guren’s and Yuukimaru’s feelings for his own purposes, an enraged Naruto enters battle against Kabuto.

Naruto Shippuden S5E24
Episode 24

The Place to Return To

The Leaf ninja fall back and tend to their wounds. The battle has left everyone with serious injuries. Shizune examines Yuukimaru, who is in a coma, but his body is no longer able to control Three Tails.

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