“This Has To Be One Of The Worst Anime Series I've Seen, And I've Seen 240 Anime Series. Now That's Saying A Lot.”

October 25th, 2008

Ok now on to some of the things that made it so bad. First is the so called story that's supposed to take place I guess two hundred years ago. Yet they have tv and radio, so when the heck is this anime supposed to take place. Now as for the story which makes no lick of sense to me revolves around Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke on a journey to become the best ninjas. W...hich wouldn't have been so bad had the creators focused on one type of anime instead of over blowing three of them from comedy, drama, action. Just focus one one and have the other two has secondary. Next lets move on to perhaps the worst part of the the show, the characters. I'll focus on Naruto. He is perhaps the most annoying main character I've seen in a anime series. Every episode I watched, I wanted him to die more and more, I couldn't look past him in the show. The other two main characters weren't nearly as bad as him, I might have given a little better score if they got rid of Naruto and focused on Sakura and Sasuke. Ok moving on to the so called action. First it's ridiculous, not very exciting, and drawn out through 2 to 3 episodes. Finally there's the length of the so called series. There's 240 episodes, plus another series, a few movies and some OVAs. I truly believe the creators and the company that own Naruto are just milking pre-teen and young teenagers of their and their parents money. Now don't get me wrong I know studios are trying to make money, but theirs a difference between making money and ripping people off.

So please don't support this show anymore


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  • diaigma • 6 years ago

    The world of Naruto isn't in our past. It's an alternate past. Otherwise, I'm sorry that you think this series is 0 Star worthy. I mean, that has to be downright awful. You and I saw something completely different.


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