Nash Bridges

Nash Bridges

Nash Bridges - Season 3 Episodes

Nash Bridges S3E1
Episode 1

Lost and Found

Nash and Joe help FBI Special Agent Katz recover a Suburban full of stolen FBI weapons. Joes sets Nash up on a blind date with his nanny.

Nash Bridges S3E2
Episode 2


Willie Nelson plays Earl Dobbs, a convict who gets a furlough from San Quentin to help Nash and Joe catch his former crime partner.

Nash Bridges S3E3
Episode 3

Shake, Rattle and Roll

Nash and Joe track down a former mob underboss who's murdering San Francisco criminals. Meanwhile, Inger has to go out of town, leaving Nash and Joe with the baby.

Nash Bridges S3E4
Episode 4

One Flew Over the 'Cuda's Nest

Nash and Joe follow the trail of a criminally insane mental patient who believes he is the nemesis of Sherlock Holmes. Joe hires a baby nurse who takes over his life.

Nash Bridges S3E5
Episode 5


Nash, on the verge of closing a case, narrowly avoids getting killed in an explosion, losing a week's worth of memory as a result. With Joe's help, he has to retrace his steps, resolve the case, and deal with the various personal snafus resulting from his memory loss. Michelle joins the SIU.

Nash Bridges S3E6
Episode 6


Cassidy finds herself in the middle of an SIU case when she becomes the victim of a high-climbing jewel thief and Nash begins to close in on the suspect: her new boyfriend. Stacy becomes concerned that Nick is being turned into a lab rat at the university where he has volunteered for a research study.

Nash Bridges S3E7
Episode 7


A sniper terrorizes San Francisco on Halloween as a city-wide Blue Flu forces our SIU detectives to assume beat cop responsibilities. Joe tracks down a hard to find Halloween costume for Lucia.

Nash Bridges S3E8
Episode 8


When a reporter is murdered while covering the new ""French Connection"", Nash comes face-to-face with a startling revelation - his brother, a Vietnam MIA, thought dead for the last 24 years, may be alive and in San Francisco. Meanwhile, Lisa's sister, Lynette, arrives to house-sit at Lisa's indefinitely.

Nash Bridges S3E9
Episode 9

Most Wanted

A fugitive is released from prison by mistake and seeks revenge on Michelle. Nash teams with Michelle to capture him. Meanwhile, Nash refuses to partner with Joe on an off duty case to protect a sportscaster being blackmailed, so Joe chooses Evan.

Nash Bridges S3E10
Episode 10


Sultry criminal and Nash's ex-girlfriend Tamara VanZant resurfaces, this time as a player in a plot to sell stolen plutonium. Joe plans to make a mint by marketing a secret-recipe salsa that's been in his family for generations. Robert Rodriguez stars as Joe's commercial director.

Nash Bridges S3E11
Episode 11

Found Money

Rick Bettina returns as the head of the S.I.U. Joe is accused of stealing 3 million dollars from a suspect. Harvey has a torrid affair with a woman he once arrested.

Nash Bridges S3E12
Episode 12

Dirty Tricks

Nash and Joe risk causing an international incident after British consulate workers fake the death of a convicted killer in order to use him for their own nefarious purposes. Joe resorts to extreme measures in order to get Lucia accepted into an ultra-elite school.

Nash Bridges S3E13
Episode 13


A million dollar bounty on Nash's head triggers an onslaught of attacks by a series of ultimate fighters. Michelle meets ""Mr. Right"" while on a stake out trying to trackdown an Internet rapist. Nash is convinced Cassidy's new boyfriend in gay.

Nash Bridges S3E14
Episode 14

Live Shot

Geraldo Rivera comes to the SIU to interview Nash and Joe. Nash arrives at the SIU after having his drink spiked with acid by a biker couple; and there's a ""mole"" in the SIU feeding sensitive information about Nash to Geraldo, which he uses in the interview. Meanwhile, our SIU cops must solve a mystery which begins as a routine shooting at a convenience store.

Nash Bridges S3E15
Episode 15


Nash is forced to take time off by Bettina.

Nash Bridges S3E16
Episode 16

Skin Deep

Nash and Joe team up with a tough-talking NYPD Special Crimes Detective (Penny Marshall) in order to track down a famous fashion model's deadly stalker. Meanwhile, Harvey helps Evan track down his lost badge before Nash finds out. A shopping trip doesn't turn out the way Nick and Lynette had planned.

Nash Bridges S3E17
Episode 17


Nash gets involved with Irish terrorists, as well as his ex-wife Kelly (Serena Scott Thomas). Meanwhile, Joe looks after a party-minded Arabian prince awaiting a heart transplant.

Nash Bridges S3E18
Episode 18

Cuda GrĂ¡ce

Nash Bridges S3E19
Episode 19

Lady Killer

Bettina is accused of killing a high-class call girl. Only Nash can help Rick find out who framed him for murder. Meanwhile, a man masquerading as Joe has become a major romantic figure in town (with Joe's credit cards), much to Inger's chagrin.

Nash Bridges S3E20
Episode 20

Danger Zone

Nash and Joe are on the trail of a ruthless gang of thieves threatening to release the lethal nerve gas over downtown San Francisco unless the area is evacuated. Once the area is cleared of people, the criminals plan to move in and rob the banks in the area. Racing against time to capture the criminal mastermind behind this scheme, Nash is surprised to discover that the gang leader is Pamela Smith, a beautiful, brilliant chemist who created the deadly gas. Meanwhile, a mysterious woman appears who claims to be Joe's daughter from a college fertility experiment in which he participated years earlier.

Nash Bridges S3E21
Episode 21

Special Delivery

Nash must protect Lynette (Suki Kaiser) from ruthless Hong Kong mobsters when she unknowingly becomes involved in an Asian forgery ring. When Lynette's old flame, Brian, mails her a flawless forgery plate for $100 bills, Nash must protect her from the brutal Hong Kong gangsters from whom the plate was stolen. When Brian unexpectedly appears at Lynette's door, their attraction is re-ignited, but he soon becomes the chief suspect in Nash's investigation into the forgery ring, run by an Asian crime syndicate. Meanwhile, Joe's visiting father (Ismael Carlo), a sheriff from New Mexico, drives Joe crazy with his meddling until he uses his own brand of Wild West sleuthing to expose a murderer in Joe's apartment building.

Nash Bridges S3E22
Episode 22


When Nash and Joe investigate the mysterious disappearance of several armored cars and their drivers, they uncover a high-tech, covert crime operation run by ex-Navy Seals. When the robbers kidnap Evan, Nash must lure them out of hiding by staging an armored car delivery. Meanwhile, an off-duty case finds Nash and Joe searching for a star football player's dream girl, whom he spotted in a stadium filled with 65,000 fans but doesn't know. Also, the relationship between Evan and Cassidy intensifies as they struggle to keep their affair a secret from Nash.

Nash Bridges S3E23
Episode 23


When the ruthless high school dropouts go on the crime spree, Nash's search for the couple leads him into an underworld of heavy metal rock and satanic worship. As the intensity of the crimes increases, Nash must race against time to stop the desperate duo before they murder all the enemies on their ""grudge list."" ; Stacy and Nash meet Nick's long-lost love from the war years; Joe finds Evan and Cassidy in a compromising situation.

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