NewsRadio - Season 4 Episodes

NewsRadio - Season 4

NewsRadio - Season 4

This is a detailed list of fourth season NewsRadio episodes.

NewsRadio S4E1
Episode 1


Bill tries to get an exclusive on-air story when a suicidal man is perched outside Dave's window.

NewsRadio S4E2
Episode 2


NewsRadio S4E3
Episode 3

The Public Domain

Dave tries to get Matthew rehired amidst chaos. Andrea hires a man to share Dave's Job, Jimmy brings a camera crew into the office to film a documentary, and Bill prepares for a new career as a singing political satirist a la Mark Russell.

NewsRadio S4E4
Episode 4

Super Karate Monkey Death Car

Andrea forces the staff to take lie detector tests. Lisa fears she will not pass the test due to her extensive criminal past. Jimmy has his book, which failed in the U.S., translated into Japanese then back into English.

NewsRadio S4E5
Episode 5

French Diplomacy

Dave and Lisa breakup. Bill gets himself into trouble when he advocates the beating of foreign diplomats. Matthew opens his own dentistry practice.

NewsRadio S4E6
Episode 6

Pure Evil

Dave hatches a scheme of 'pure evil' to get his job as news director back, including approving Bill's obscenity laced imaginary conversations with the president. Lisa tries hard to do a good job as news director. Matthew lives in the office.

NewsRadio S4E7
Episode 7

Catherine Moves On

Each staffer offers up a very different version of events of the day Catherine announces she's leaving WNYX. Joe realizes that Catherine's always yearned for him.

NewsRadio S4E8
Episode 8

Stupid Holiday Charity Talent Show

Dave unveils a previously hidden talent to compete in a charity talent show. If a WNYX staff member wins, Mr. James will re-hire Matthew in this incredibly hilarious episode.

NewsRadio S4E9
Episode 9

The Secret of Management

Bill hire's a gentleman's gentleman, Cadbury, to oversee his life. Mr. James teaches Lisa 'The Secret of Management'. Matthew feels left out when Bill doesn't congratulate him on being rehired.

NewsRadio S4E10
Episode 10

Look Who's Talking

Bill announces plans to adopt a child. Beth and Joe attend a charity bachelor auction, with Beth impersonating a duchess and Joe playing her homosexual bachelor friend, to bid on Mr. James.

NewsRadio S4E11
Episode 11


Dave finds it hard to say no when his old college a cappella singing group 'Chock Full o' Notes' reunites for Dave's 32nd birthday, hoping to take the pop charts by storm. Meanwhile, Lisa tries to motivate Matthew without reducing him to tears. Joe has a beef with one of Dave's friends.

NewsRadio S4E12
Episode 12

Who's the Boss? (1)

After Bill pesters Lisa once again, Dave and Lisa hatch an evil plan to make Bill the boss to teach him a lesson. Bill's reign is eerily efficient. Joe goes on a sympathy strike to support another of Mr. James companies.

NewsRadio S4E13
Episode 13

Who's the Boss? (2)

Mr. James announces an election for station manager, which neither Dave nor Lisa want to win. Joe's dysfunctional brothers visit the station to plan a surprise party for their parents. Matthew runs for floor fire marshal.

NewsRadio S4E14
Episode 14

Security Door

Dave struggles vainly to get the staffers to properly use the recently installed security door. Bill enlists Lisa to do the negotiating when he's offered a job in a blue jean's commercial.

NewsRadio S4E15
Episode 15

Big Brother

Matthew is assigned a Big Brother, who makes eyes at Beth; Joe, Jimmy, and Bill try to uncover Lisa's love life.

NewsRadio S4E16
Episode 16

Beep, Beep

Once he has determined that their productivity has been decreasing ever since they broke up, Jimmy encourages Dave and Lisa to reunite, or at least to start having sex again. Though unwilling to be pressured, Lisa gets Dave to agree that Jimmy's proposal may have merit. Meanwhile, as Bill interviews documentary filmmaker Ken Burns for Catherine's old job, Matthew gets a toy car for his birthday. As Jimmy works to create a romantic mood, Lisa and Dave agree to give him a chance. Failing to restart their sexual relationship, Jimmy lets Bill take a crack at it. But when he tries jealousy as a way of encouraging his sexual interest in Lisa, Dave refuses to take the bait. Meanwhile, an accident with his new toy car leaves Matthew despondent, until the woman he hit agrees to a date. Deciding that it might be just sex that motivates Dave and Lisa, Jimmy hires a pair of beautiful but incompetent assistants. As a result, Dave and Lisa decide that things have gotten out of hand. After reprimanding Bill for fabricating stories about having sex with her, Lisa then attacks Dave for believing them. And when Jimmy notices another spike in their productivity, he realizes that it happened when Dave and Lisa were arguing. Finally, as Matthew manages to get a date despite having lost his car, Dave and Lisa give their bickering a break until the following day.

NewsRadio S4E17
Episode 17


Jimmy plans to go around the world in a hot air balloon, until Dave finds that he is full of ""hot air"". Meanwhile, Bill switches from cigarettes to chewing tobacco.

NewsRadio S4E18
Episode 18

Copy Machine

The office mourns the loss of Ted, from accounting, until Dave realizes that nobody knew him, at all.

NewsRadio S4E19
Episode 19

Monster Rancher

Matthew takes Lisa on a date. The office has trouble adapting to a new intern, Mr. James' nephew, Walt.

NewsRadio S4E20
Episode 20


Joe fights Matthew in a no-holds-barred match at Mr. James' men's club smoker. Bill is extremely worried that Walt will ask Lisa on a date. We learn Dave's technique for getting rid of an unwanted visitor; act insane.

NewsRadio S4E21
Episode 21

Jackass Junior High

Lisa is treated like a male by office co-workers, who revert to their boorish selves when all other females are out sick.

NewsRadio S4E22
Episode 22

Sinking Ship

The episode spoofs the movie Titanic, where Walt and Dave sketch Lisa nude and give her heart shaped necklaces. Soon, though, the ship starts to sink...

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