Night Gallery

Night Gallery

Night Gallery - Season 1 Episodes

Night Gallery S1E0
Episode 0


Night Gallery S1E0
Episode 0

The Escape Route

Night Gallery S1E0
Episode 0

The Cemetery

Night Gallery S1E4
Episode 4

The Dead Man

Night Gallery S1E5
Episode 5

The Housekeeper

Two half hour segments, one dealing with the power of suggestion and the other dealing with a soul transfer. Larry Hagman guest stars.

Night Gallery S1E6
Episode 6

Room with a View

An invalid, a skid row bum, and an astronaut figure in this collection of gripping stories.

Night Gallery S1E7
Episode 7

The Little Black Bag

Night Gallery S1E8
Episode 8

The Nature of the Enemy

Night Gallery S1E9
Episode 9

The House

Night Gallery S1E10
Episode 10

Certain Shadows on the Wall

Two different types of haunted houses feature in two half hour segments combined to create a gripping hour of drama.

Night Gallery S1E11
Episode 11

Make Me Laugh

Two half hour segments. The first deals with an inept comic desperate for laughs and the second with a sportsman who puts his unwilling son to the test of the kill. Most notably the first segment, "Make Me Laugh," is Steven Spielberg's directorial debut

Night Gallery S1E12
Episode 12

Clean Kills and Other Trophies

Night Gallery S1E13
Episode 13

Pamela's Voice

In three eerie vignettes a murderous husband is tormented by his dead wife, played by Phyllis Diller. The unforgiving sea offers up the story of a "Lone Survivor." Finally, "The Doll," a toy no little girl should play with.

Night Gallery S1E14
Episode 14

Lone Survivor

Night Gallery S1E15
Episode 15

The Doll

Night Gallery S1E16
Episode 16

The Last Laurel

Night Gallery S1E17
Episode 17

They're Tearing Down Tim Riley's Bar

The gradual merging of past and present and the power of levitation figure in forty and ten minute segments.

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