No Ordinary Family

No Ordinary Family

No Ordinary Family - Season 1 Episodes

No Ordinary Family S1E1
Episode 1


Meet the Powells! An ordinary family with so much going on in their own lives, there's no time to spend together. This is exactly why Jim (Michael Chiklis) proposes a family vacation to Brazil. While Stephanie (Julie Benz) is doing research, Jim and the kids, Daphne (Kay Panabaker) and JJ (Jimmy Bennett), will make new memories exploring South America. It's what families do.

No Ordinary Family S1E2
Episode 2

No Ordinary Marriage

Jim Powell's hot on the heels of malicious bank robbers, armed with the might of his new super powers. Never mind that he promised his wife he wouldn't fight crime. He can't resist. Could you?

No Ordinary Family S1E3
Episode 3

No Ordinary Ring

Jim and George track a group of thieves robbing high-end weddings after Stephanie's ring is stolen; J.J. asks Daphne to scan the mind of a cute girl to see if she has feelings for him.

No Ordinary Family S1E4
Episode 4

No Ordinary Vigilante

Jim is mistaken for a dangerous vigilante while patrolling the park at night; Daphne uses her abilities to gain an invite to an exclusive party.

No Ordinary Family S1E5
Episode 5

No Ordinary Quake

Jim tries to discover the cause of recent earthquakes; Stephanie suspects that J.J. may be lying about his lack of powers.

No Ordinary Family S1E6
Episode 6

No Ordinary Visitors

When Stephanie's parents visit unexpectedly, the Powells must stop using their powers; Daphne uses her abilities to help Jim!

No Ordinary Family S1E7
Episode 7

No Ordinary Mobster

Jim tries to take down a dangerous and elusive mobster; against Dr. King's wishes, Stephanie looks into Dr. Volson's research of a mysterious plant; J.J. helps Katie get a date.

No Ordinary Family S1E8
Episode 8

No Ordinary Accident

Stephanie tries to uncover why Jim has suddenly lost his powers; J.J.'s teacher catches him hacking into the school's computer system; Katie begins falling for her mysterious new beau.

No Ordinary Family S1E9
Episode 9

No Ordinary Anniversary

Jim and Stephanie plan a romantic evening to celebrate their 18th anniversary, but they find themselves using their powers to deal with a serial killer.

No Ordinary Family S1E10
Episode 10

No Ordinary Sidekick

George mistakenly receives credit for thwarting a robbery that Jim stopped; conflict arises between Katie and Stephanie.

No Ordinary Family S1E11
Episode 11

No Ordinary Friends

Jim starts to become suspicious of his new friends Dave and Michelle; Daphne runs for student council president; Katie shares a secret with Stephanie.

No Ordinary Family S1E12
Episode 12

No Ordinary Brother

Jim's brother learns of the family's powers and tries to use it to his advantage; Katie is promoted.

No Ordinary Family S1E13
Episode 13

No Ordinary Detention

Jim's secret is put at risk when the police station is taken hostage; Stephanie and Kelly become suspicious of a human resources vice president (Rebecca Mader).

No Ordinary Family S1E14
Episode 14

No Ordinary Double Standard

Stephanie tries to solve the case of her friend's attack before Jim does; Daphne calls foul when Jim allows J.J. to date a senior but won't let her; Katie discovers unsettling news about Joshua.

No Ordinary Family S1E15
Episode 15

No Ordinary Powell

Dr. King orders a shape-shifter to infiltrate the Powell house and kill one of them; J.J. tries to solve the murder of his ex-girlfriend's mother.

No Ordinary Family S1E16
Episode 16

No Ordinary Proposal

An innocent boy is accidentally hurt when Jim diverts a bullet; Daphne's boyfriend injects his father (Anthony Michael Hall) with stolen trilsettum serum; Joshua asks Katie to marry him.

No Ordinary Family S1E17
Episode 17

No Ordinary Love

Mrs. X (Lucy Lawless) tells Sophie (Tricia Helfer) to put Jim and George under a spell; Stephanie faces a decision; Daphne's boyfriend starts to have suspicions.

No Ordinary Family S1E18
Episode 18

No Ordinary Animal

Mrs. X wants a supervillain, who has animallike powers, to eliminate the Powells; Daphne skips school to go to a video shoot; J.J. questions Mr. Litchfield's intentions; Katie makes a discovery about Joshua.

No Ordinary Family S1E19
Episode 19

No Ordinary Future

George helps Jim find those responsible for a cop's death.

No Ordinary Family S1E20
Episode 20

No Ordinary Beginning

Mrs. X kidnaps J.J. and forces him to solve an enigma; Joshua and Katie reconnect; George is held prisoner on a plane that spirals out of control.

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