Nova - Season 36 Episodes

Nova S36E2
Episode 2

Space Shuttle Disaster

Through interviews with astronauts, their families and members of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board, this program gives viewers a new look at the Columbia space shuttle tragedy - and at NASA itself.

Nova S36E4
Episode 4

Hunting the Hidden Dimension

A revolutionary new branch of math called fractals has changed the way we see the world and opened up a vast new territory to scientific analysis and understanding.

Nova S36E5
Episode 5

Alien from Earth

NOVA investigates the furious scientific debate raging over what "Hobbit" bones represent.

Nova S36E6
Episode 6

The Bible's Buried Secrets

A powerful partnership between science and scholarship breaks exciting new ground in investigating the origins of the ancient Israelites, their faith in a single, omnipotent God and the creation of the Bible.

Nova S36E7
Episode 7

Ocean Animal Emergency

San Francisco veterinarian Dr. Frances Gulland is committed to saving sick marine mammals, but she's also desperately trying to figure out what's killing them.

Nova S36E9
Episode 9

The Big Energy Gamble

A vast majority of Americans believe we are facing a global climate crisis, but we don’t know how the various energy solutions we hear about can help.

Nova S36E10
Episode 10

The Incredible Journey of the Butterflies

NOVA flies along with the monarch butterflies, visiting the spectacular locations they call home and meeting the dangers they encounter along the way.

Nova S36E11
Episode 11

The Spy Factory

NOVA exposes the hidden world of high-tech, 21st-century eavesdropping carried out by the National Security Agency (NSA).

Nova S36E12
Episode 12

Rat Attack

The half-century bloom of a bamboo species leads to an explosion in the rat population in the Indian state of Mizoram.

Nova S36E13
Episode 13

Extreme Ice

A photojournalist and a scientific team strive to create a unique photo archive of melting glaciers that could provide a key to understanding their runaway behavior.

Nova S36E14
Episode 14

Last Extinction: Megabeasts' Sudden Death

A provocative new theory about what killed off America's mammoths at the end of the last Ice Age.

Nova S36E16
Episode 16

Doctors' Diaries, Part 2

Over the past 21 years, NOVA has followed a group of seven doctors from their first day at Harvard Medical School in 1987.

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