Nova - Season 32 Episodes

Nova S32E1
Episode 1

Origins: Earth is Born

"Origins: Earth is Born" gives viewers a spectacular glimpse of the tumultuous first billion years of Planet Earth—a time of continuous catastrophe. Vivid animation lets viewers witness the traumatic birth of the moon from a titanic collision between Earth and an object believed to have been the size of Mars. Bombarded by meteors and comets, rocked by massive volcanic eruptions, and scoured by hot acid rain, the early Earth seems a highly improbable place for life to have taken root. Despite such violent beginnings, scientists have found new clues that life-giving water and oxygen appeared on our planet much earlier than previously thought.

Nova S32E2
Episode 2

Origins: How Life Began

"Origins: How Life Began," zeroes in on the mystery of exactly how it happened. Join the hunt for hardy microbes that flourish in the most unlikely places: inside rocks in a mine shaft two miles down, inside a cave dripping with acid as strong as a car battery's, and in noxious gas bubbles erupting from the Pacific ocean floor. The survival of these tough microorganisms suggests they may be related to the planet's first primitive life forms. Host astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson deepens the search by investigating tantalizing and controversial chemical "signatures" of life inside three-billion-year-old rocks and meteorites found around the world.

Nova S32E3
Episode 3

Origins: Where Are the Aliens?

In "Origins: Where are the Aliens?," host astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson explores such provocative questions as: would "ETs" resemble us or the creatures of science fiction? Are there "aliens" already amongst us on Planet Earth—brainy creatures whose intelligence is very different from our own? And are planets on which life can flourish rare or common in our universe?

Nova S32E4
Episode 4

Origins: Back to the Beginning

"Origins: Back to the Beginning" explores how the colossal, mind-boggling forces of the early universe made it possible for habitable worlds to emerge. The clues begin with a race among scientists to capture lingering echoes of the big bang's ferocious energy in a microwave "whisper" from deep space. The race pits underdog astronomer Tony Readhead and his improvised detector in the high Andes against NASA scientists and their state-of-the-art satellite probe. Host astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson shares his excitement with viewers as computer animation of the big bang's echo emerges on the screen. It's as close as we can get to a "photograph" of the primordial universe. Here we glimpse the seeds from which all the galaxies, stars, and planets eventually grew.

Nova S32E5
Episode 5

The Most Dangerous Woman in America

Examine the complex case of Typhoid Mary, a cook that was quaratined for life against her will in the early 1900s.

Nova S32E6
Episode 6

America's Stone Age Explorers

Who were the first Ameicans and where did they come from?

Nova S32E7
Episode 7

Great Escape

Archeologists excavate Stalag Luft 3, the site of the greatest WWII prisoner escape. Prisoners of the camp are also interviewed.

Nova S32E8
Episode 8

Ancient Refuge in the Holy Land

Armed with high-tech equipment and ingeniously improvised devices, NOVA and archaeologist Richard Freund embark on a fascinating detective story that may rewrite Holy Land history.

Nova S32E9
Episode 9

Welcome to Mars

Take an astounding look at the red planet in this interplanetary adventure that picks up where MARS Dead or Alive left off. Mission Control and its two robotic explorers face a daunting task?find proof that liquid water once existed on Mars.

Nova S32E10
Episode 10

The Boldest Hoax

For decades, a fossil skull discovered in Piltdown, England, was hailed as the missing link between apes and humans. Entire careers were built on its authenticity. Then in 1953, the awful truth came out: "Piltdown Man" was a fake! But who done it? In "The Boldest Hoax," NOVA gets to the bottom of the greatest scientific hoodwinking of all time.

Nova S32E11
Episode 11

Supersonic Dream

A chronicle of the turbulent birth, life and death of the Concorde, the world's first and only supersonic airliner.

Nova S32E12
Episode 12

The Viking Deception

Ever since its sensational unveiling by Yale University scholars in October 1965, the Vinland Map has been a lightning rod for passionate debate. Most reviews of the arguments, including NOVA's program, have focused on scientific tests designed to gauge the authenticity of the map's ink. The opinions of experts in cartography and historical manuscripts have commanded much less attention, yet from the outset scholars in these disciplines pointed out glaring anomalies in the case for the Vinland Map's authenticity.

Nova S32E13
Episode 13

Saving the National Treasures

A team of experts takes on the preservation of the origianl Constitution, Declaration of Indipendance and Bill of Rights.

Nova S32E14
Episode 14

A Daring Flight

In 1909, Louis Bleriot undertakes a heroic first-ever flight over the English Channel.

Nova S32E15
Episode 15

Wave That Shook the World

On December 26, 2004 a devastating tsunami in the Indian Ocean kills more than 250,000 people. NOVA takes an in depth look at just what happened on that fateful day.

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