NTSF:SD:SUV:: - Season 1 Episodes

Episode 1

One Cabeza, Two Cabeza, Three Cabeza...DEAD!

A new alcoholic energy drink is killing University of San Diego Students. NTSF must team up with the Food and Drug Administration, despite their mutual mistrust, to follow a lead.

Episode 2

The Birthday Party That Was Neither

A mysterious caller contacts each member of the team and requests a million dollars.

Episode 3

Exes and Oh-No's!

Trent discovers one of his ex-wives has undergone a sex change and is trying to steal a San Diego national treasure. Now he must navigate Kove's jealousy and stop his ex before he falls in love with her -- uh I mean him again. Plus, no one has read Piper's book for book club and the meeting is tonight!

Episode 4

The Risky Business of Being Alone in Your Home

Trent is suspended from NTSF and his old nemesis, wheelchair bound Agent Van Damme, replaces him. While Trent is home alone he must fend off terrorists intent on killing him while his defenses are down. Meanwhile, Van Damme becomes the golden boy of NTSF. But something isn't right about this new guy.

Episode 5

Dolphinnegan's Wake

A dolphin serial killer is on the loose and the NTSF don't have any leads until Trent visits the deadliest dolphin serial killer in captivity to get a lead on this new killer... before Sam and Jessie are its next victims.

Episode 6

Tijuana, We've Got A Problem

A stripper-astronaut steals the space shuttle plans and sells them to Mexico. Now NTSF must go into Mexico and stop the evil President Felipe Calderon before they beat the U.S.A. in the space race.

Episode 7

Full Hauser

Trent has a chance to catch an international terrorist because the cruise ship the terrorist is traveling on will briefly move through San Diego's territorial waters. Trent goes rogue and pretends he's taking the NTSF team on vacation in a ruse to bust this evil man in international waters. But there's a kink when Piper brings her fiancee on the cruise without informing him of her secret identity. Parody of Casino Royale.

Episode 8

Up Periscope, Down With San Diego

Jessie and Sam are kidnapped by a Japanese sub that's been lost at sea for 70 years that lost its way to Pearl Harbor. Now the NTSF must find them and stop their long-delayed attack on San Diego.

Episode 9

Cause for conCERN

Trent enters a CERN particle accelerator and winds up in an alternate universe where NTSF are the terrorists.

Episode 10

Piper Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Piper is brainwashed to turn against her NTSF coworkers.

Episode 11

Twistin' the Night Away

Trent tracks the source of strange occurrences, including a hostage situation with SUVs and Sam's partnership with a creepy new team member.

Episode 12

I Left My Heart In Someone's Cooler

A time bomb is put in place of the President of the Navy's heart and Trent must find the heart and switch it out before the bomb explodes.

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