Numb3rs - Season 1 Episodes

Numb3rs - Season 1

Numb3rs - Season 1

Rob Morrow stars as FBI agent Don Eppes, who recruits his mathematical genius brother, Charlie (David Krumholtz), to help the Bureau solve a wide range of challenging crimes in Los Angeles. From two very different perspectives, the brothers take on the most confounding criminal cases, aided by Don's partner, Terry Lake (Sabrina Lloyd), and new FBI recruit David Sinclair (Alimi Ballard).

Numb3rs S1E1
Episode 1


As Don races to capture a serial rapist who has begun to murder his victims, Charlie uses a mathematical equation to identify the killer's point of origin.

Numb3rs S1E2
Episode 2

Uncertainty Principle

After a series of bank robberies, Don recruits Charlie to help chart the next robbery location, only to overlook the thieves' true motive.

Numb3rs S1E3
Episode 3


Don relies on Charlie's mathematical insight to help stop a virus that has been killing innocent people in Los Angeles.

Numb3rs S1E4
Episode 4

Structural Corruption

Charlie convinces Don to investigate a student's suicide in order to make sure that it was not murder.

Numb3rs S1E5
Episode 5

Prime Suspect

Don needs Charlie's help to find out why the daughter of a mathematician is kidnapped.

Numb3rs S1E6
Episode 6


While investigating a deadly freight train accident, Don and Charlie discover a shocking culprit who is on a mission to diminish public confidence in the railroad system.

Numb3rs S1E7
Episode 7

Counterfeit Reality

After two teens are found murdered, the investigation leads Don and his team to uncover a dangerous counterfeit money ring.

Numb3rs S1E8
Episode 8

Identity Crisis

When new information on an old case comes to light, Don thinks he may have sent the wrong person to jail.

Numb3rs S1E9
Episode 9

Sniper Zero

Don and his team must stop a sniper who goes on a killing spree in Los Angeles.

Numb3rs S1E10
Episode 10

Dirty Bomb

Don must find the hijackers of a truck carrying nuclear waste before they detonate a dirty bomb in Los Angeles.

Numb3rs S1E11
Episode 11


When Don and his FBI team are called in to solve the murder of a computer researcher, they are surprised by what they find.

Numb3rs S1E12
Episode 12

Noisy Edge

When a UFO is spotted dangerously close to Los Angeles, Don recruits Charlie to help locate the mysterious aircraft's point of origin and is surprised when it turns into a murder investigation.

Numb3rs S1E13
Episode 13


Don must find two violent felons who escape after their prison bus is in a car accident.

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