Numb3rs - Season 5 Episodes

Numb3rs - Season 5

Numb3rs - Season 5

This season on Numb3rs, Charlie deals with the consequences of losing his security clearance and decides if he wants to get it back, while Don begins to question his faith in the FBI. An FBI investigator (Keith Carradine) proves to be a thorn in the side of both Charlie and Don, while Nikki Betancourt, a tough- as-nails ex-LAPD officer, becomes the newest agent on Don's team.

Numb3rs S5E1
Episode 1

High Exposure

When two diehard rock climbers are found dead on a climb, along with a 72-carat diamond found in the chalk bag of one of the victims, the team realizes these deaths had nothing to do with rock climbing.

Numb3rs S5E2
Episode 2

Decoy Effect

When a woman is murdered after being abducted and forced to withdraw random amounts of money from her ATM, the team discovers a pattern of increased ATM abductions in the area.

Numb3rs S5E3
Episode 3


LAPD Detective Jon Schmidt brings the FBI in to help solve an apparent coffee shop robbery in which eight people were executed. Among the deceased is Jerry Lowe, a cop for the LAPD and Ramon Alvarez, a career drug dealer, who we learn is actually working deep cover for the LAPD.

Numb3rs S5E4
Episode 4

Jack of All Trades

Don and his team are called in to help agent Bloom take down a prolific con man who Bloom had been tracking for two years.

Numb3rs S5E5
Episode 5

Scan Man

Don and his team get the drop on a crew robbing high end goods from a FedEx like shipping service, Union Parcel Express (UPE).

Numb3rs S5E6
Episode 6

Magic Show

avid checks out a disappearing act at a magic show while out on a date, but quickly becomes part of the performance when the magician, Talma, disappears for real, leaving her assistant, Susanna, frantic and scared.

Numb3rs S5E7
Episode 7

Charlie Don't Surf

Mason Watts, a park ranger and professional big wave surfer, dies while surfing a big swell near his post on the Channel Islands.

Numb3rs S5E8
Episode 8

Thirty Six Hours

When a passenger train collides with a freight train, the FBI is called in to help rescue survivors and to investigate the cause of the crash.

Numb3rs S5E9
Episode 9

Conspiracy Theory

The FBI investigates a bombing that took place during a meeting of the Global Development Organization (GDO), a charity organization made up of wealthy and influential individuals.

Numb3rs S5E10
Episode 10


The FBI is called in to help the LAPD apprehend a vigilante group targeting robberies set up by crime boss Vic Tooner, a suave career criminal adept at dodging the law.

Numb3rs S5E11
Episode 11

Arrow of Time

When Buck Winters (Eps. 301 and 302) escapes from prison and makes a B-line for Los Angeles, the team worries that he is coming to take revenge on Don for killing his lover, Crystal Hoyle (Eps. 301 and 302).

Numb3rs S5E12
Episode 12


When a sight seeing bus full of tourists is hijacked by a disgruntled ex-employee, the FBI is given four hours to come up with $18 million or face the execution of the hostages.

Numb3rs S5E13
Episode 13

Trouble in Chinatown

The FBI works with immigration control enforcement (ICE) when one of their undercover Chinese agents goes missing from a sweatshop in Chinatown, just as a gang war erupts between the leader of a human trafficking/sweatshop ring, Jimmy Lim, and the leader of what is assumed to be a prostitution ring, Henry Yoon.

Numb3rs S5E14
Episode 14


Don and his team investigate a burglary at the Filipino Consulate, and discover that only a $250,000 pair of designer athletic shoes were stolen during the robbery.

Numb3rs S5E15
Episode 15

Guilt Trip

When Damon Lake, an international arms dealer, is found not guilty during a slam dunk case for federal prosecutors, the FBI redoubles its efforts to take him down.

Numb3rs S5E16
Episode 16

Cover Me

Charlie goes to Don with an economic strategy to disrupt emerging drug epidemics, and Don and his superiors at the FBI agree to put it in to action.

Numb3rs S5E17
Episode 17

First Law

When the programmer of a highly sophisticated artificial intelligence computer is murdered in his lab, the chief suspect becomes the seemingly self aware computer he created.

Numb3rs S5E18
Episode 18

12:01 A.M.

The FBI investigates a death row inmate, David Coburn, after receiving information suggesting he may have been innocent of the murder charge he was convicted on.

Numb3rs S5E19
Episode 19

Animal Rites

hen animal rights extremists break in to CalSci’s animal labs to destroy them, they end up surprising and killing Prof.

Numb3rs S5E20
Episode 20

The Fifth Man

There are dire consequences when Charlie messes up some calculations during a case and his brother is injured due to Charlie's mistake.

Numb3rs S5E21
Episode 21


Still feeling responsible for Don’s near fatal stabbing, Charlie throws himself into FBI case work and discovers what he believes to be an unnoticed serial killer working in Los Angeles. His discovery relies heavily on complex mathematical modeling, and because of this David, who is in charge while Don recovers, can’t justify committing resources to the case until Charlie has hard evidence. He instead teams Charlie up with Ron McGill (the conspiracy theorist from ep. 509), who introduces Charlie to amateur sleuths tracking serial killers. With their help, Charlie is able to discover two other locations where the serial killer had practiced and then moved on from, and ultimately discovers the killer’s victim zero. With this additional information, Charlie is able to identify the killers M.O., and using the hot zone equation from the pilot, helps the team break up the killer’s next attack. However, knowing that the killer has already moved two times, the team works quickly to bring him in before he moves on again. Using witnesses from the victim zero case in conjunction with Charlie’s new discoveries, the team is able to track the murderer down and arrest him.

Numb3rs S5E22
Episode 22

Greatest Hits

Don’s team investigates a bank robbery which is an exact copy of a 2002 bank heist that was never solved. With no leads to go on, Don sends Nikki and Colby to interview the lead investigator on the 2002 case, disgraced former FBI agent Bloom (ep. 505). Bloom offers little assistance, but is called in as a possible suspect when it’s discovered he had recently checked out case files for the 2002 bank job, as well as files for two other copy cat robberies that had recently been committed. However, Bloom is cleared when he shows up at the location of the next robbery, which the FBI had staked out, and tries to stop it from happening. In order to clear his name, Bloom had been following the copy cat cases since they had started, and while Bloom and the team had stopped this robbery from happening, they hadn’t been able to take anyone in to custody. Bloom then works with Charlie to help identify the location of the next attack, as well as the identities of the robbers. Charlie’s math leads to the discovery of both just in time, and the team is able to break up the copy of a crime that had caused the death of 11 people when it was originally committed in 1981. After the team wraps up the case, Charlie and Amita are assaulted on the CalSci campus and Amita is kidnapped. To be continued.....

Numb3rs S5E23
Episode 23

Angels and Devils

After Amita is kidnapped from the CalSci campus the team works double time to find and save her. They quickly zero in on a suspect, Stephen Duryea, a Charles Manson type on a cross country crime spree with his devoted gang of girlfriends. Duryea, an insane genius with delusions of grandeur, explains to Amita that he’d taken her so she could hack into a major US bank for him, and delete credit files that would lead to a major disruption of the economy, and that would make him a household name. Agent Edgerton is able to provide assistance in the case, as he had been tracking Duryea for some time, and Amita is able to make contact with the team after Duryea sets her up to start hacking. Using various codes and signals, she is able to communicate with Charlie and the team from right under Duryea’s nose, and works with them as they set up a fake bank website for her to hack. Meanwhile, after catching one of Duryea’s girlfriends, Don is able to get her to give up the location of his hideout, and the team converges there for a final showdown. Thinking Amita had already gotten deep into the bank’s servers and is ready to destroy them, Duryea isn’t fazed when the FBI shows up at his doorstep and a firefight ensues. He orders Amita to destroy the files, and just as he realizes that he’s been had Edgerton is able to shoot him down, saving Amita’s life. Later on after everyone has recovered, Charlie asks Amita to marry him.

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