Nurse Jackie

Nurse Jackie

Nurse Jackie - Season 3 Episodes

Nurse Jackie - Season 3

Nurse Jackie - Season 3

Still high and mighty! Jackie's best friend and husband put the pieces together about her pill-popping ways and confronted her about her addiction. But if the people in her life think one little intervention is going to stop her, they don't know Jackie.

Nurse Jackie S3E1
Episode 1

Game On

On the worst day of your life, Jackie’s the nurse you want in your corner. But nobody said she’s perfect. If her husband and best friend think one little intervention’s going to put an end to her pill-popping ways, they don’t know Jackie.

Nurse Jackie S3E2
Episode 2

Enough Rope

Eddie is considering telling Kevin about his affair with Jackie. Meanwhile, Jackie finds out that Dr. O'Hara wants to take new job.

Nurse Jackie S3E3
Episode 3

Play Me

Kevin's sister stops by to pay Jackie and her family a visit. In the meantime, Lenny makes plans for a romantic picnic for Zoey and Mrs. Akalitus has to deal with Catholic bureaucrats.

Nurse Jackie S3E4
Episode 4


Jackie finds a new hiding place for her pills and buries the hatchet with O'Hara, who becomes ER chief; Zoey works her first double shift; Kevin invites Eddie to a backyard barbecue; Jackie must tell more lies to retrieve her misplaced stash.

Nurse Jackie S3E5
Episode 5

Rat Falls

Jackie panics when her stash of pills from Bill the epileptic drug dealer runs low; Coop decides to fight O'Hara for the ER chief position but learns his mothers are divorcing; Jackie confronts Eddie about his "texting" relationship with Kevin's sister.

Nurse Jackie S3E6
Episode 6

When The Saints Go

The Church removes its statues of the saints from the chapel; charismatic new nurse Kelly Slater rubs Jackie the wrong way; Eddie confesses that he plans to ask Tunie out on a date; Jackie starts to unravel due to her dwindling pill supply.

Nurse Jackie S3E7
Episode 7

Orchids and Salami

Kevin finds Jackie's stash so she steals drugs from Oncology.

Nurse Jackie S3E8
Episode 8

The Astonishing

Jackie accuses Kelly of impropriety with two high school girls.

Nurse Jackie S3E9
Episode 9

Have You Met Ms. Jones?

Out of pills and jonesing for a high, Jackie is confronted about the missing drugs from Oncology; Coop decides to start a family of his own and finds an old girlfriend on Facebook; Zoey reconsiders her relationship to Lenny after he's put on a heart monitor.

Nurse Jackie S3E10
Episode 10

Fuck The Lemurs

Grace asks her psychologist to be put on medication; Jackie is placed on probation over the drugs she stole from Oncology; Coop reserves the chapel for a wedding.

Nurse Jackie S3E11
Episode 11

Batting Practice

O'Hara agrees to help Jackie dose down under her supervision; Kevin is evasive and edgy with both his wife and Eddie; Akalitus loses the First Lady visit; Zoey throws a Nurse's Appreciation Week party; Kelly confesses he is responsible for Jackie's probation.

Nurse Jackie S3E12
Episode 12

…Deaf Blind Tumor Pee-Test

Jackie dodges Akalitus's request for a urine sample and forgets to order a cake for Coop's wedding; Kevin makes a stunning confession that leads to a marital split; Coop's bride stands him up at the altar.

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