Off the Map

Off the Map

Off the Map - Season 1 Episodes

Off the Map S1E1
Episode 1

Saved by the Great White Hope

Idealistic young doctors, on the run from personal demons, arrive in a small town in the South American jungle.

Off the Map S1E2
Episode 2

Smile. Don't Kill Anyone

Lily and Ben help a wildlife photographer who is being attacked by an anaconda; Tommy learns a cultural lesson.

Off the Map S1E3
Episode 3

A Doctor Time Out

A live wire electrocutes a man and causes a citywide blackout during the annual festival; a mudslide endangers a pregnant couple.

Off the Map S1E4
Episode 4

On the Mean Streets of San Miguel

Mina struggles with her moral code after learning a patient's identity; Lily learns more about Ben and is tested on her first trip to the city.

Off the Map S1E5
Episode 5

I'm Here

Ryan, Ben, Tommy and Mina must save a patient underwater when a scuba trip goes awry; Zee's old flame shows up seeking an unconventional treatment.

Off the Map S1E6
Episode 6

It's Good

The clinic is left without any medication after a robbery; Otis must confront his personal demons.

Off the Map S1E7
Episode 7

Es Un Milagro

After the medevac helicopter crashes, the doctors rush to save their patients and the pilots; Ryan looks for a missing girl; Lily discovers a secret.

Off the Map S1E8
Episode 8

It's a Leaf

Lily and Dr. Cole must rescue three brothers trapped in an old gold mine; a native birth ritual has a profound impact on Mina.

Off the Map S1E9
Episode 9

There's Nothing To Fix

Ben and Tommy tend to victims of a watertaxi accident; Lily must make a difficult decision; Ryan and Mina treat an annoying expatriate.

Off the Map S1E10
Episode 10

I’m Home

The team combats a hepatitis outbreak at a local prison; Lily learns more about Mateo.

Off the Map S1E11
Episode 11

Everything's As It Should Be

A controversial transplant causes chaos at the clinic; Tommy feels threatened by Mina's new romantic interest.

Off the Map S1E12
Episode 12

Hold On Tight

A paragliding accident leaves two people in peril; Mina takes control of Ryan's care; Charlie's mother needs help from Tommy and the clinic.

Off the Map S1E13
Episode 13

There's A Lot To Miss About The Jungle

A float crashes during Holy Week festivities; Ben must make a tough decision as Ryan's condition worsens; tragedy hits Mateo's family farm.

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