One Day at a Time

One Day at a Time

One Day at a Time - Season 5 Episodes

One Day at a Time S5E1
Episode 1

Back to School

Barbara has begun her college education and feels very independent, balancing school work with social activities. Meanwhile, Ann begins to feel undereducated as she hears Barbara's experiences and makes a decision to go to college. The big surprise comes when she is taking the same course as Barbara.

One Day at a Time S5E2
Episode 2


Barbara's latest boyfriend, Brad, is putting the pressure on her big time to have sex. Barbara honestly does not know what to do and isn't quite sure she wants to accommodate his sexual demands, but at the same time, doesn't want to lose him. So, she decides that perhaps she should and goes out and buys some contraceptives.

One Day at a Time S5E3
Episode 3

Julie's Wedding (1)

Julie returns from a ski trip sporting a meek fiance, an impending wedding date and an unexcited best man.

One Day at a Time S5E4
Episode 4

Julie's Wedding (2)

Best man Max insists that his amorous intentions toward Julie are honorable, even as the wedding party assembles.

One Day at a Time S5E5
Episode 5

Home Again, Home Again

Newlyweds Julie and Max return from their honeymoon to an apartment they can't afford because Max has been laid off from his job.

One Day at a Time S5E6
Episode 6

Between Mother and Daughter

A psychiatrist recommends a heart-to-heart talk to take the heat out of Ann's relationship with her mother.

One Day at a Time S5E7
Episode 7

Small Wonder

Barbara hires a genetics tutor, unaware of his obvious shortcomings.

One Day at a Time S5E8
Episode 8

Et Tu, Ann

Ann pressures her assistant into working on a Saturday night — at her place.

One Day at a Time S5E9
Episode 9

A Little Larceny

Barbara tries to earn some extra money by selling football betting cards. However, Schneider gets arrested when Barbara involves him in her illegal football pool activities.

One Day at a Time S5E10
Episode 10

Heart Attack

After Ann rushes out to yet another appointment, her family shouldn't be so surprised to learn she has suffered a heart attack.

One Day at a Time S5E11
Episode 11

Male Jealousy

A feud erupts between Schneider and Max for male dominance in the Romano household, as well as the attention of Ann and the girls.

One Day at a Time S5E12
Episode 12

Happy New Year II

Ann and the family put on another show at the senior citizen hotel.

One Day at a Time S5E13
Episode 13

Schneider, the Model

After a man-on-the-street chat with a newscaster, Schneider is offered a job as a male model, but becomes depressed when he learns the role he is to portray.

One Day at a Time S5E14
Episode 14

Triple Play

A fast talking insurance man from Buffalo can't decide whether he would rather romance Barbara, Ann or Grandma Romano.

One Day at a Time S5E15
Episode 15

So Long, Mom (a.k.a.) Not Telling

Barbara's desire to live near campus and Max's new job in Houston have Ann pondering the thought of living alone for the first time in her life.

One Day at a Time S5E16
Episode 16

Old Horizons

Grandma Romano moves to Indianapolis, takes an apartment in Ann's building and finds a job in her office.

One Day at a Time S5E17
Episode 17

Endless Elliot

Barbara is harassed by an overzealous suitor.

One Day at a Time S5E18
Episode 18

Retrospective (1)

The topsy-turvy years in Schneider's building are fondly remembered (in clips from past shows) when condominium conversion threatens to disperse the tenants.

One Day at a Time S5E19
Episode 19

Retrospective (2)

Schneider, Ann and the girls continue to reminisce about the past as the construction of condominiums seems to be a sure thing.

One Day at a Time S5E20
Episode 20

Girl with a Past

Barbara feels compelled to tell Bob about his new girlfriend's former exploits.

One Day at a Time S5E21
Episode 21

Perils of Plastic

A binge of credit-card spending leads Max and Julie to insolvency.

One Day at a Time S5E22
Episode 22

No Laughing Matter

After Schneider's rebuff during an outing to a comedy club, Ann brings home a footloose funny man.

One Day at a Time S5E23
Episode 23

Connor's Crisis

Ann's boss, Mr. Connors is going through a rough time after his wife walks out on him, citing that he has become too boring for her taste. To cheer him up, Ann invites him out to dinner, but when Schneider crashes the dinner, Mr. Connors gets some lessons in picking up the ladies and ends up with a gold-digger.

One Day at a Time S5E24
Episode 24

Grecian Yearn

Ann's archeology professor offers her love and companionship and asks her to live with him in Greece.

One Day at a Time S5E25
Episode 25

Pen Pals

Schneider's cell mate from a gambling bust shows up and demands first class treatment or else.

One Day at a Time S5E26
Episode 26

The Spirit Is Willing

While Schneider is making love to his girlfriend, she has a heart attack which ultimately leaves Schneider impotent. Schneider then goes to great lengths to remedy his problem, to no avail. That is, until Ann makes a suggestion concerning an ex-flame of Schneider's, but Schneider is unsure if he wants to take her advice.

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