One Piece


One Piece - Season 2 Episodes

One Piece S2E0
Episode 0

Chopper's Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals

One Piece S2E1
Episode 1

Angry Finale! Cross the Red Line!

After leaving Battleship Island the Going Merry is now towards the Grand Line, and the crew now returns to the Great Adventure.

One Piece S2E2
Episode 2

The First Obstacle? Giant Whale Laboon Appears

Upon entering the Grand Line, the ship is swallowed by a giant whale, inside of which they discover a strange place. In addition, they're not the only ones there.

One Piece S2E3
Episode 3

A Man`s Promise! Luffy and the Whale Vow to Meet Again

One Piece S2E4
Episode 4

A Pirate-Loving Town? Arrival at Whiskey Peak

One Piece S2E5
Episode 5

Exploding Santouryu! Zoro vs Baroque Works!

One Piece S2E6
Episode 6

A Serious Fight! Luffy vs Zoro: The Unexpected Duel!

One Piece S2E7
Episode 7

Deliver Princess Vivi! Luffy Pirate Fleet Depart

One Piece S2E8
Episode 8

Try Hard, Coby! Diary of Coby-Meppo`s Marine Struggles

One Piece S2E9
Episode 9

Coby-Meppo`s Determination! Vice Admiral Garp`s Fatherly Pride

One Piece S2E10
Episode 10

Prehistoric Island! The Shadow Lurking in Little Garden!

One Piece S2E11
Episode 11

Humungous Battle! The Giants Dorry and Brogy

One Piece S2E12
Episode 12

Luffy`s Anger! A Dirty Trick in a Sacred Battle!

One Piece S2E13
Episode 13

Brogy Wails in Victory! Elbaf`s Judgement

One Piece S2E14
Episode 14

Candle of Evil! Tears of Resignation, Tears of Anger

One Piece S2E15
Episode 15

Magical Powers Assaulting Luffy! The Colors Trap

One Piece S2E16
Episode 16

Now Is the time to Fight Back! Usopp`s Creativity and Flame Star!

One Piece S2E17
Episode 17

Farewell, Island of Giants! Head for Arabasta

One Piece S2E18
Episode 18

Nami is sick? Beyond the Snow Falling on the Ocean!

One Piece S2E19
Episode 19

An Ambush! The Briking, and Wapol the Tin-man

One Piece S2E20
Episode 20

An Island with No Doctors? Adventure in the Nameless Country!

One Piece S2E21
Episode 21

Are You Happy? A Doctor Called a Witch!

One Piece S2E22
Episode 22

Dolton`s Determination! Wapol`s Army Lands on the Island

One Piece S2E23
Episode 23

Island where Snow Lives! Climb the Drum-Rocky!

One Piece S2E24
Episode 24

The Reindeer Has a Blue Nose! Chopper`s Secret

One Piece S2E25
Episode 25

An Outlaw`s Dream! Quack Doctor Hiruluk!

One Piece S2E26
Episode 26

Hiruluk`s Cherries and the Will that Gets Passed On!

One Piece S2E27
Episode 27

VS Wapol`s Army! The Powers of the Bak-Bak Fruit

One Piece S2E28
Episode 28

An Animal-type Devil Fruit! Chopper`s Seven Transformations

One Piece S2E29
Episode 29

When the Kingdom`s Rule Ends! The Flag of Determination Waves Forever

One Piece S2E30
Episode 30

Hiruluk`s Cherries! The Miracle on Drum Rocky

One Piece S2E31
Episode 31

Farewell, Drum Island! I`m Heading Out to Sea!

One Piece S2E65
Episode 65

Magnificent Wings! My Name is Pell, Guardian Spirit of Arabasta

There are bounty hunters on the prowl, and most of the Straw Hats are dead drunk. Only Zoro is still sober enough to hoist a sword.

One Piece S2E66
Episode 66

I Will Surpass You! Rain Falls in Arabasta!

There's a mysterious princess that needs protection from a nose-picking assassin, but Luffy and Zoro are too busy duking it out to worry about explosive boogers.

One Piece S2E67
Episode 67

Farewell to Arms! Pirates and a Little Justice

The Straw Hats depart Whisky Peak on a mission to return the Princess of Alabasta to her kingdom while protecting her from an army of vicious assassins.

One Piece S2E68
Episode 68

The Pirates' Banquet and Operation Escape Arabasta!

While the crew heads for Little Garden with the princess, Luffy and Zorro's old nemesis, Axe-Hand Morgan, escapes from a Marine prison ship.

One Piece S2E69
Episode 69

Everything Began That Day! Vivi Tells of Her Adventures!

Colby and Helmeppo train day and night to prove they're tough enough to be Marines. A violent showdown with Vice-Admiral Garp will determine if they're worth their salt.

One Piece S2E70
Episode 70

Beware Her Scent! The Seventh One is Nico Robin!

Luffy's gang is running low on supplies, so they stop at Little Garden to find something to eat. Unfortunately for them, it might end up the other way around.

One Piece S2E71
Episode 71

Huge Duel! the Giants Dorry and Broggy!

Not only are there dinosaurs running wild on the island of Little Garden, but the Straw Hats soon find themselves in the middle of a gargantuan grudge match.

One Piece S2E72
Episode 72

Luffy Gets Angry! a Dirty Trick Violates the Sacred Duel!

Usopp and Luffy are fascinated by the endless battle waged between Dorry and Broggy; however, fascination turns to outrage when Monkey catches a whiff of treachery.

One Piece S2E73
Episode 73

Broggy's Bitter Tears of Victory! the Conclusion of Elbaf!

Luffy's blood boils for revenge against the assassins who sabotaged Dorry and Broggy's battle, but he's currently trapped between a rock and a hard place.

One Piece S2E74
Episode 74

The Devilish Candle! Tears of Regret and Tears of Anger!

While Luffy struggles to free himself, his friends fall into the hands of Baroque Works. Though the odds are against them, the Straw Hats will never give up!

One Piece S2E75
Episode 75

A Hex On Luffy! Colors Trap!

Nami, Zorro, and the Princess are in danger of becoming exhibits in a fiendish artist's collection, and only Luffy can save them. But he's busy having a cup of tea.

One Piece S2E76
Episode 76

Time to Fight Back! Usopp's Quick Thinking and Fire Star!

With his friends about to be permanently entombed in wax, Usopp is provided with the perfect opportunity to be brave and make his father proud.

One Piece S2E77
Episode 77

Farewell Giant Island! Head for Alabasta!

After narrowly avoiding death, Luffy's crew and the Princess set sail for Alabasta, but something large and dangerous looms in their path.

One Piece S2E78
Episode 78

Nami's Sick? Beyond the Snow Falling On the Stars!

Nami comes down with a terrible fever and the Straw Hats don't know what to do. Looks like the Grand Line might claim another victim.

One Piece S2E79
Episode 79

A Raid! the Tin Tyrant and Tin Plate Wapol!

The Straw Hats continue their quest to find a doctor for Nami. Along the way, they deal with a ravenous invader and get a chilly reception from local islanders.

One Piece S2E80
Episode 80

An Island Without Doctors? Adventure in a Nameless Land!

Luffy and Sanji make a bold trek up a snow-covered mountain in search of a witch who might hold the key to curing Nami.

One Piece S2E81
Episode 81

Are You Happy? the Doctor Called Witch!

Ferocious, giant, snow rabbits slow Luffy and Sanji's progress up the mountain. Meanwhile, the former king Wapol returns to the town he abandoned.

One Piece S2E82
Episode 82

Dalton's Resolve! Wapol's Corps Land On the Island!

Nami hovers near death while Luffy and Sanji fend off the abominable rabbits. Back at the village, Dalton leads a revolt against the dastardly Wapol.

One Piece S2E83
Episode 83

The Island Where Snow Lives! Climb the Drum Rockies!

An unlikely source acts as a roadblock to give Luffy some climbing room, and Zorro emerges from a snow bank cold, cranky, and ready to rumble!

One Piece S2E84
Episode 84

Blue-nosed Reindeer! Chopper's Secret!

After a long journey up the mountain, Nami finally receives much-needed medical attention, but Sanji and Luffy are more interested in eating the doctor!

One Piece S2E85
Episode 85

An Outcast's Dream! Hiriluk the Quack!

Luffy recruits Tony Tony Chopper to join the Straw Hat crew as the ship's doctor.

One Piece S2E86
Episode 86

Hiriluk's Cherry Blossoms and the Will That Gets Carried On!

Chopper's first friend was a quack doctor who couldn't cure a cold, but the old man still managed to teach the little reindeer how to care for people.

One Piece S2E87
Episode 87

Fight Wapol's Crew! the Power of the Munch Munch Fruit!

Luffy unleashes the full force of his Gum Gum furry on Wapol, and Chopper is amazed by the rubberman's fierce devotion to the pirate flag.

One Piece S2E88
Episode 88

Zoan-type Devil Fruit! Chopper's Seven-form Transformation!

When Wapol orders his goons to attack the Straw Hats, Chopper shows off a little something he calls the Rumble Ball!

One Piece S2E89
Episode 89

When the Kingdom's Rule Ends! the Flag of Faith Flies Forever!

Wapol attacks Nami in her weakened condition, but Monkey D. Luffy is quick to step in and even the odds.

One Piece S2E90
Episode 90

Hiriluk's Cherry Blossoms! Miracle in the Drum Rockies!

After an explosive battle with Wapol, Luffy begins the tiring process of convincing Chopper to join his pirate gang.

One Piece S2E91
Episode 91

Goodbye Drum Island! I'm Going Out to Sea!

Chopper sets sail for Alabasta with his new friends, and Dalton thinks back to his first meeting with Princess Vivi.

One Piece S2E92
Episode 92

Alabasta's Hero and a Ballerina On the Ship!

The Straw Hats rescue a man of many faces as they approach Alabasta. Sure, he's good for a laugh, but they may regret pulling him out of the drink.

One Piece S2E93
Episode 93

Off to the Desert Kingdom! the Rain-Summoning Powder and the Rebel Army!

The Straw Hats arrive in Alabasta with precious little time to stop the rebellion. Sanji and Chopper are sent to gather supplies for a dangerous trip across the desert.

One Piece S2E94
Episode 94

The Heroes' Reunion! His Name Is Fire First Ace!

Captain Smoker has Luffy in his grasp until a fiery stranger creates a diversion, giving the Straw Hats a chance to make a break for it.

One Piece S2E95
Episode 95

Ace and Luffy! Hot Emotions and Brotherly Bonds!

Ace and Luffy's happy reunion is crudely interrupted by the Billions of Baroque Works. They may be outnumbered, but these brothers are no ordinary pirates!

One Piece S2E96
Episode 96

Erumalu, the City of Green and the Kung Fu Dugongs!

Before they can start their trek across the desert, Luffy and the Straw Hats are stopped at the shore by the cute - but formidable - Kung Fu Dugongs.

One Piece S2E97
Episode 97

Adventure in the Country of Sand! the Monsters That Live in the Scorching Land!

Luffy's crew encounters treacherous birds and man-eating foliage on its desert odyssey, and just when they think the coast is clear, a great disturbance emerges from beneath the sand!

One Piece S2E98
Episode 98

Enter the Desert Pirates! the Men Who Live Freely!

The Straw Hats cross paths with the Barbar Sand Pirates, and Ace runs into big trouble when he gets separated from the group.

One Piece S2E99
Episode 99

False Fortitude! Camu, Rebel Soldier at Heart!

Princess Vivi devises a plan to test the hearts of a gang of so-called rebels. They talk a good game, but will their bite measure up to their bark?

One Piece S2E100
Episode 100

Rebel Warrior Koza! the Dream Vowed to Vivi!

The Straw Hats continue their journey to Yuba, where a bittersweet reunion with a childhood friend awaits Princess Vivi.

One Piece S2E101
Episode 101

Showdown in a Heat Haze! Ace Vs. the Gallant Scorpion!

Fire Fist Ace is hired by two young boys to hunt down and capture a lethal bounty hunter known only as the Scorpion.

One Piece S2E102
Episode 102

Ruins and Lost Ways! Vivi, Her Friends, and the Country's Form!

Chopper, Zoro, and Luffy get separate from the others. When the heat makes Luffy act even stranger than usual, his friends wonder if they joined the right pirate gang.

One Piece S2E103
Episode 103

Spider's Cafe at 8 O'Clock! the Enemy Leaders Gather!

The assassins of Baroque Works gather at Spider's Cafe, and the Straw Hats arrive at Yuba only to find it buried in sand.

One Piece S2E104
Episode 104

Luffy Vs. Vivi! the Tearful Vow to Put Friends On the Line!

Crocodile reveals himself to the Baroque Works assassins and discloses his dastardly plan for Alabasta. After departing Yuba, Luffy takes a stand that forces Vivi to rethink her mission.

One Piece S2E105
Episode 105

The Battlefront of Alabasta! Rainbase, the City of Dreams!

Vivi takes Luffy's advice, and the Straw Hats head towards Rainbase for a confrontation with Crocodile. Karoo finally reaches the palace with Vivi's warning for King Cobra.

One Piece S2E106
Episode 106

The Trap of Certain Defeat! Storming Raindinners!

Luffy leads a daring - but foolish - raid on Crocodile's casino. His poor planning lands him behind bars with Captain Smoker - and more importantly, leaves Vivi unprotected.

One Piece S2E107
Episode 107

Operation Utopia Commences! the Swell of Rebellion Stirs!

While the Straw Hats are stuck in the clink, King Cobra addresses the starving people of Nanohana. Will his unbelievable revelation drive his subjects past the brink of rebellion?

One Piece S2E108
Episode 108

The Terrifying Banana Gators and Mr. Prince!

A royal impostor has the rebel army hell-bent on bringing Cobra's reign to a violent end. Meanwhile, Luffy and his mates find themselves in deep trouble and even deeper water.

One Piece S2E109
Episode 109

The Key to a Great Comeback Escape! the Wax-Wax Ball!

Sanji shows up in the nick of time to make the crocs cough up the key to Luffy's freedom, but the ravenous reptiles spit up something else instead.

One Piece S2E110
Episode 110

Merciless Mortal Combat! Luffy Vs. Crocodile!

Crocodile snatches Vivi off the back of a giant crab, but Luffy's not having it. The rubber-man goes toe-to-toe with the sandman in a battle that will end in bloodshed.

One Piece S2E111
Episode 111

Dash for a Miracle! Alabasta Animal Land!

Crocodile puts Luffy down for a never-ending dirt nap, and the Straw Hats get a lift from a crabby ally in their race to stop the looming rebellion.

One Piece S2E112
Episode 112

Rebel Army Vs. Royal Army! Showdown at Alubarna!

Vivi arrives in Alubarna with just enough time to stop the rebellion, but the agents of Baroque Works lurk in every corner, waiting to sabotage her plans for peace.

One Piece S2E113
Episode 113

Alubarna Grieves! the Fierce Captain Karoo!

Sanji buys Vivi some time by mixing it up with a foe of many faces. Outside Alubarna's walls, Chopper and Usopp tangle with Miss Merry Christmas and her slugging sidekick.

One Piece S2E114
Episode 114

Sworn On a Friend's Dream! the Battle of Molehill, Block 4!

Usopp finally shows some courage by using a five-ton hammer to play whack-a-mole with Miss Merry Christmas. He may be bluffing, but the distraction lets Chopper zero in on the enemy's weakness.

One Piece S2E115
Episode 115

Big Opening Day Today! the Copy-Copy Montage!

Chopper's Rumble Ball could be the difference between life and death in the mole ballgame. Elsewhere, Sanji has trouble kicking a pretty enemy, and Vivi proposes something unthinkable.

One Piece S2E116
Episode 116

Transformed Into Nami! Bon Clay's Rapid-Fire Ballet Kenpo!

Vivi continues preparations to blow up the palace; Zorro puts his steel to the test against a lethal blade-man; and Sanji tries to overcome his inability to kick a foxy lady!

One Piece S2E117
Episode 117

Nami's Cyclone Advisory! Clima Takt Burst!

Things don't look good for the prettiest Straw Hat. Nami's about to tangle with a thorny adversary, and the weapon Usopp built her is only good for party tricks!

One Piece S2E118
Episode 118

Secret Passed Down in the Royal Family! the Ancient Weapon Pluton!

Crocodile reveals his sinister motives for attacking Alabasta, and Nami tries to end her duel with Miss Doublefinger by unleashing the Clima Tact's ultimate weapon: a devastatingly lethal tornado!

One Piece S2E119
Episode 119

Secret of Powerful Swordplay! Ability to Cut Steel and the Rhythm Things Have!

Zoro hopes to attain a new level of strength when he fights a foe with a body made of blades. The Straw Hat sword-slinger is determined to become a man who can cut steel - or die trying.

One Piece S2E120
Episode 120

The Battle Is Over! Koza Raises the White Flag!

Koza - the leader of the rebel army - finally discovers the evil mastermind behind Alabasta's drought, but is he too late to prevent further bloodshed?

One Piece S2E121
Episode 121

Where Vivi's Voice Gets Heard! the Hero Descends!

When Koza is mysteriously shot, the rebellion is reborn, but Vivi's cries for a cease fire fall on deaf ears until a long-overdue hero swoops to the rescue!

One Piece S2E122
Episode 122

Sand Croc and Water Luffy! the Second Round of the Duel!

Luffy finally discovers the secret to knocking out a sandman, but it won't matter unless Vivi and the rest of the Straw Hats can locate the Baroque Works bomber.

One Piece S2E123
Episode 123

That Looks Croc-ish! Luffy, Run to the Royal Tomb!

While his mates search for a bomb, Luffy narrowly survives his second scrape with Crocodile. Across town, Nico Robin strong-arms Cobra into revealing his country's greatest secret.

One Piece S2E124
Episode 124

The Nightmare Draws Near! This Is the Sand-Sand Clan's Secret Base!

With the walls crumbling down around them, Crocodile attacks Luffy with a poisoned pirate hook. Meanwhile, Vivi draws a bead on the bombers, but can she stop them in time?

One Piece S2E125
Episode 125

Magnificent Wings! My Name Is Pell, Guardian Deity of the Country!

The Straw Hats team up to give Vivi one last shot at disarming the bomb that threatens to destroy her city. She succeeds in cutting the fuse, but Crocodile has a backup plan.

One Piece S2E126
Episode 126

I Will Surpass You! Rain Falls in Alabasta!

Pell's sacrifice spares his beloved city, but only an act of god can stop the rebellion. With Crocodile's poison coursing through his body, Luffy musters a final attack against Alabasta's oppressor.

One Piece S2E127
Episode 127

A Farewell to Arms! Pirates and Different Ideas of Justice!

Crocodile is defeated, the rain has returned to Alabasta, and Vivi's people are eager to rebuild their kingdom. As for the Straw Hats, they have a fleet of marines breathing down their necks.

One Piece S2E128
Episode 128

The Pirates' Banquet and Operation Escape from Alabasta!

Now that the rebellion is over, Vivi must make an important decision about her future. The Straw Hats are ready to hoist the anchor, but an ambiguous villain has stolen the Going Merry!

One Piece S2E129
Episode 129

It All Started On That Day! Vivi Tells the Story of Her Adventure!

Mr. 2 is a man of many faces, but he finally shows his true colors when the marines attack the Straw Hats. Elsewhere, Vivi has a scheme up her sleeve, and it involves Igaram wearing a dress.

One Piece S2E130
Episode 130

Scent of Danger! the Seventh Member Is Nico Robin!

Luffy and his crew watch Alabasta fade into the distance, but there's no time for reminiscing. The marines are in hot pursuit, and there's a stowaway aboard the Going Merry!

One Piece S2E131
Episode 131

The First Patient! the Untold Story of the Rumble Ball!

Fresh off their adventure Alabasta, the Straw Hats discover an isolated island where they can restock their food supply. Chopper is left to guard the ship, but he and Nico spend the afternoon exploring instead!

One Piece S2E132
Episode 132

Uprising of the Navigator! for the Unyielding Dream!

When a mail-order salesman gets lost at sea, Nami finds the paper she needs to start making maps. If the Straw Hat crew can somehow manage to survive a deadly cyclone, she might actually get some use out of it!

One Piece S2E133
Episode 133

A Recipe Handed Down! Sanji, the Iron Man of Curry!

Heavy fog leads to a close encounter of the culinary kind when Nico fishes a marine out of the drink. The aspiring chef is concerned about the quality of his curry, and Sanji is just the guy to refine his recipe!

One Piece S2E134
Episode 134

I Will Make It Bloom! Usopp, the Man, and the Eight-Foot Shell!

A break in the rain provides the perfect opportunity for Usopp to help a young girl fulfill her dream of launching the world's largest firework.

One Piece S2E135
Episode 135

The Fabled Pirate Hunter! Zoro, the Wandering Swordsman!

Money troubles force Zoro to tangle with Dick the Bandit and his treacherous gang of thugs. These gun-toting outlaws are terrorizing a peaceful village, and the Straw Hat swordsman aims to stop their reign of terror!

One Piece S2E136
Episode 136

Zenny of the Island of Goats and the Pirate Ship in the Mountains!

A barrage of Marine cannon balls forces the Straw Hats to seek refuge on an uncharted island. Once ashore, the crew encounters a strange old man living amongst a herd of goats.

One Piece S2E137
Episode 137

How's Tricks? the Designs of Zenny the Moneylender!

Old man Zenny made a fortune lending money to scallywags, but he always dreamed of becoming a pirate himself. When the marines set out to trap the Straw Hats, the wily hermit may finally get his wish!

One Piece S2E138
Episode 138

Whereabouts of the Island Treasure! Attack of the Zenny Pirates!

Zenny gets more than he bargained for when he embarks on his maiden pirate voyage. The Straw Hats may have made a friend for life, but what are they gonna do about those pesky marines?

One Piece S2E139
Episode 139

Legend of the Rainbow Mist! Old Man Henzo of Luluka Island!

The Straw Hats stop for supplies at a harbor town plagued by a mayor who taxes anything and everything. Over lunch, Luffy and Nico befriend a kooky scientist who's obsessed with the Rainbow Mist.

One Piece S2E140
Episode 140

Residents of the Land of Eternity! the Pumpkin Pirates!

Luffy, Usopp, Nico, and Zoro get trapped in the Rainbow Mist along with Henzo. The aging scientist is looking for answers, the Straw Hats want treasure, and the ghosts who haunt the mist want them all to leave!

One Piece S2E141
Episode 141

Thoughts of Home! The Pirate Graveyard of No Escape!

Luffy and his crew search for a way out of Ape's Concert, but the Rainbow Mist is an inescapable maze of madness. Back on shore, Nami, Chopper, and Sanji face a lifetime of hard labor for failing to pay their taxes!

One Piece S2E142
Episode 142

An Inevitable Melee! Wetton's Schemes and the Rainbow Tower!

Nami enters the mist on a mission to save her mates - and maybe hunt for treasure while she's at it. The local mayor wants her dead, but the Straw Hats are being protected by a mysterious marine.

One Piece S2E143
Episode 143

And So, the Legend Begins! to the Other Side of the Rainbow!

The showdown with Mayor Wetton builds towards an explosive finale as the Straw Hats scramble to escape the Rainbow Mist - or be trapped inside forever.

One Piece S2E144
Episode 144

Caught Log! The King of Salvagers, Masira!

The Straw Hats are nearly crushed by the falling wreckage of a ship that's over 200 years old. Could rumors of a floating island in the sky be true? Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji go scuba diving to find out!

One Piece S2E430
Episode 430

A Warlord in Prison! Jimbei, the Honorable Pirate!

Luffy struggles to stay a step ahead of a prison patrol made up of hungry lions and poisonous scorpions! Meanwhile, Ace spends what could be his final hours swapping stories with a pirate who hates pirates.

One Piece S2E431
Episode 431

Chief Guard Saldeath's Trap! Level 3 - Starvation Hell!

While the guards struggle to squelch a violent prison uprising, Luffy and his fellow fugitives try to keep their cool in a level of Impel Down known as Starvation Hell!

One Piece S2E432
Episode 432

The Unleashed Swan! a Reunion With Bon Clay!

Boa Hancock uses her ample assets to buy some private time for a clandestine chat with Ace. Meanwhile, Luffy needs help from a graceful friend to escape the jaws of a hungry Sphinx!

One Piece S2E433
Episode 433

Warden Magellan's Strategy! Straw Hat Entrapment Completed!

Luffy and Bon are on the verge of reaching Level 4, but they didn't count on fighting a demonic, lightning-fast, devastatingly powerful Minotaur! To defeat this beast, they'll need help from a human candle and a deranged clown!

One Piece S2E435
Episode 435

Mighty Magellan! Bon Clay Bugs Out

Warden Magellan is a monster of a man with a penchant for poisoning prisoners. To rescue Ace, Luffy must go toe to toe with this toxic terror, but how do you defeat a foe who's deadly to the touch?

One Piece S2E456
Episode 456

The Friends' Whereabouts! a Huge Tomb and the Panty Debt!

Zoro's attempt to reunite with his friends leads him a massive tomb and a host of shadowy swordsmen. Elsewhere, Brook uses his status as Satan to get an eyeful of undergarments!

One Piece S2E460
Episode 460

A Vast Fleet Appears! Here Comes the Whitebeard Pirates!

Flashbacks reveal the agonizing sacrifice made by Ace's mother in order save his life - and the secret behind his connection to Luffy. Back in the present, Whitebeard makes a unexpected entrance!

One Piece S2E469
Episode 469

Kuma's Transformation! Ivan-san's Blow of Anger!

A gift from Boa Hancock and Ivan-san's Galaxy Wink get Luffy closer to Ace than ever, but a sword-wielding foe from the past threatens to derail the rescue mission!

One Piece S2E470
Episode 470

The Great Swordsman Mihawk! Luffy Comes Under the Attack of the Black Sword!

Luffy runs into a lethal roadblock in the form of Hawk-Eye Mihawk. The legendary swordsman is determined to halt Luffy's onslaught, but Ivan-san, Boa Hancock, and Jimbei aren't ready to give up the fight!

One Piece S2E476
Episode 476

Luffy at the End of His Tether! an All-out Battle at the Oris Plaza!

The battle rages on and the bodies pile up as Whitebeard squares off against an Admiral, Luffy gets knocked cold, and the legendary Vice-Admiral Garp finally enters the fray!

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