One Piece

One Piece

One Piece - Season 3 Episodes

One Piece S3E0
Episode 0

Dead End Adventure

One Piece S3E0
Episode 0

The Cursed Holy Sword

One Piece S3E1
Episode 1

The First Patient! Anecdote of the Rumble Ball

One Piece S3E2
Episode 2

The Navigator's Mutiny! For an Unwavering Dream!

One Piece S3E3
Episode 3

Inherited Recipe! Sanji, the Curry Expert

One Piece S3E4
Episode 4

I'll Make It Bloom! Manly Usopp's Eight-Shaku Ball

One Piece S3E5
Episode 5

Infamous Pirate Hunter! The Wandering Swordsman, Zoro

One Piece S3E6
Episode 6

Zenny Lives on Goat Island and There's a Pirate Ship on His Mountain

One Piece S3E7
Episode 7

How's That for Profit? Money Lender Zenny's Ambition!

One Piece S3E8
Episode 8

Where the Island's Treasure Lies! Zenny Pirates, Full Charge!

One Piece S3E9
Episode 9

Legend of the Rainbow Mist! Old Man Henzo of Ruluka Island

One Piece S3E10
Episode 10

Inhabitants of Neverland! The Pumpkin Pirates!

One Piece S3E11
Episode 11

A Longing for Home! The Inescapable Pirate Graveyard!

One Piece S3E12
Episode 12

Frantic Struggle! Whetton's Plans and the Rainbow Tower

One Piece S3E13
Episode 13

And Then the Legend Begins! To the End of the Rainbow

One Piece S3E23
Episode 23

This is the Sea of the Sky! The Knight of the Sky and Heaven's Gate

One Piece S3E24
Episode 24

Godland Skypiea! The Angels of the Cloud Beach

One Piece S3E25
Episode 25

Forbidden Sacred Ground! The Island Where God Resides and Heaven's Judgment!

One Piece S3E35
Episode 35

Floating Land of Gold, Jaya! To God's Shrine!

One Piece S3E39
Episode 39

The Life-Threatening Reject! War Demon Wiper's Resolve

One Piece S3E40
Episode 40

Fierce Sky Battle! Pirate Zoro VS Warrior Braham

One Piece S3E42
Episode 42

Ordeal of Swamp! Chopper VS Priest Gedatsu!!

One Piece S3E43
Episode 43

The Invincible Ability! Enel's True Nature Revealed

One Piece S3E44
Episode 44

The Vanished City! The Magnificent Ruins of Shandra!!

One Piece S3E46
Episode 46

Climb Giant Jack!! Showdown in the Upper Ruins

One Piece S3E51
Episode 51

Ambition to the Fairy Vearth! Flying Ship Maxim!!

One Piece S3E52
Episode 52

They crash at last! Pirate Luffy VS God Enel!

One Piece S3E55
Episode 55

The Two Have Awoken! The Burning Frontlines of Love!!

One Piece S3E57
Episode 57

Guided by the Ringing of the Bell! The Tale of the Great Warrior and the Explorer

One Piece S3E58
Episode 58

Released from Disgrace! The Tears of the Great Warrior!!

One Piece S3E62
Episode 62

Miracle in God's Land! The Love Song Heard by Angels

One Piece S3E74
Episode 74

Operation Gold Recovery and Operation Waver Retrieval!

One Piece S3E75
Episode 75

The Pirate Roundup Plan! Jonathan's Secret Winning Strategy

One Piece S3E145
Episode 145

Monsters Appear! Don't Mess With the White Beard Pirates!

Still searching for a route to the island in the sky, the Straw Hats chart a course for Jaya. Meanwhile, Fire-Fist Ace crashes a party aboard a vessel helmed by Buggy the Pirate!

One Piece S3E146
Episode 146

Quit Dreaming! Mock Town, the Town of Ridicule!

The Straw Hats drop anchor at a town overrun by scallywags, so Nami makes the boys swear to stay out of trouble. But when the Bellamy Pirates come looking for a fight, Luffy may have to break his promise!

One Piece S3E147
Episode 147

Distinguished Pirates! a Man Who Talks of Dreams and the King of Undersea Search!

Nico's handy work unearths a solitary dreamer who may know the way to Sky Island. All Luffy and his crew have to do is survive the sonic onslaught of simian salvagers seeking to sink the Going Merry!

One Piece S3E148
Episode 148

Legendary Family! Noland, the Liar!

Luffy and his mates reach the home of Mont Blanc Cricket: the man with the key to reaching Sky Island. There's just one tiny problem - he comes from a long line of legendary liars.

One Piece S3E149
Episode 149

Steer for the Clouds! Capture the South Bird!

Montblanc Cricket agrees to help the Straw Hats reach Sky Island, but first they must venture deep into the darkest depths of a spider-infested forest to capture a mysterious bird with a keen sense of direction.

One Piece S3E150
Episode 150

Dreams Don't Come True? Bellamy Vs. The Saruyama Alliance!

While the Straw Hats battle creepy-crawly forest creatures on their quest to capture a South Bird, Mont Blanc and his monkey minions are brutally attacked by the Bellamy Pirates!

One Piece S3E151
Episode 151

100 Million Man! World's Greatest Power and Pirate Black Beard!

Luffy turned the other cheek during his first encounter with Bellamy, but now he's out to settle the score for old man Mont Blanc. Meanwhile, a fearsome pirate crew takes aim at the Straw Hats, eager to earn a bad reputation!

One Piece S3E152
Episode 152

Take to the Sky! Ride the Knockup Stream!

Thanks to some modifications to the Going Merry, the Straw Hats are on their way to that island in the sky! But with the Blackbeard Pirates in hot pursuit, navigating the vertical currents will be anything but easy.

One Piece S3E153
Episode 153

Sail the White Sea! the Sky Knight and the Gate in the Clouds!

Reaching the sea of clouds proves easier than surviving in it when giant sea creatures attack the Going Merry, Usopp nearly drowns in a cloud, and a strange sky knight issues the Straw Hats a warning!

One Piece S3E154
Episode 154

Godland, Skypiea! Angels On a Beach of Clouds!

After hitching a ride on a speedy shrimp, the Straw Hats reach the land of Skypiea! The intrepid pirates have much to learn about their new surroundings, but a beautiful angel makes a perfect tour guide.

One Piece S3E155
Episode 155

The Forbidden Sacred Ground! the Island Where God Lives and Heaven's Judgment!

Nami's eagerness to explore the forbidden realm of Upper Yard brings her face to face with the wrath of god, and the Straw Hats incur Heaven's Judgment for failing to pay their immigration fees!

One Piece S3E156
Episode 156

Already Criminals? Skypiea's Upholder of the Law!

The Straw Hats are no strangers to living on the wrong side of the law, but unpaid immigration fees and Nami's assault of a White Beret earns Luffy's crew a sentence of death by cloud drifting!

One Piece S3E157
Episode 157

Is Escape Possible? God's Challenge Is Set in Motion!

Nami, Zoro, Chopper, and Robin are trapped aboard the Going Merry when it's commandeered by a monstrous lobster! To rescue his crew, Luffy must venture onto the sacred grounds of Upper Yard!

One Piece S3E158
Episode 158

A Trap On Lovely Street! the Almighty Eneru!

Conis helps Luffy and his mates launch their rescue mission, but the rubber-man senses something amiss. When he presses her for answers, a vengeful god takes a shot at the Straw Hats!

One Piece S3E159
Episode 159

Onward, Crow! to the Sacrificial Altar!

Zoro dukes it out with a hungry Skyshark in the shadow of the Sacrificial Alter. On the other side of Upper Yard, Luffy, Sanji, and Usopp try to survive their visit to an island that wants them dead!

One Piece S3E160
Episode 160

10% Survival Rate! Satori, the Mantra Master!

Luffy, Sanji, and Usopp tangle with Satori and his exploding, snake-filled Surprise Clouds. The sky priest may look like a dancing dango, but the impact of his mantra leaves the pirates bloodied and boatless.

One Piece S3E161
Episode 161

The Ordeal of Spheres! Desperate Struggle in the Lost Forest!

Usopp and Sanji try to regain control of the Crow, and Luffy stirs up a brutal barrage of bursting balls when he attacks Satori. Meanwhile, Chopper whistles for the Sky Knight to avoid becoming a sacrificial reindeer!

One Piece S3E162
Episode 162

Chopper in Danger! Former God Vs. Priest Shura!

Chopper fights bravely to stop Shura from incinerating the Going Merry, but the little reindeer is no match for a sky priest. Gan Fall is on his way, but will the dispossessed deity arrive in time?

One Piece S3E163
Episode 163

Profound Mystery! Ordeal of String and Ordeal of Love?

When Gan Fall is badly burned during his battle with Shura, Chopper musters the courage for a death-defying leap of faith. Elsewhere, Luffy may have finally discovered a way to defeat Satori!

One Piece S3E164
Episode 164

Light the Fire of Shandora! Wyper, the Warrior!

The Shandorians prepare for an all-out attack on their priestly adversaries, Chopper meets the mysterious creatures that saved his life, and Nami makes an astonishing discovery about the origins of Upper Yard.

One Piece S3E165
Episode 165

Jaya, City of Gold in the Sky! Head for God's Shrine!

While the Shandorians continue their battle for control of Upper Yard, the Straw Hats celebrate their happy reunion by swapping stories over a campfire and feasting on barbequed Skyshark!

One Piece S3E166
Episode 166

Festival On the Night Before Gold-Hunting! Feelings for Vearth!

Laki's pursuit of precious Vearth causes one of her Shandorian comrades to be injured during the battle with Ohm. As night falls on Upper Yard, the Straw Hats dream of gold while dancing with wolves!

One Piece S3E167
Episode 167

Enter God Eneru! Farewell to the Survivors!

The electrifying deity of Skypiea, God Eneru, grants his priests unlimited power in their hunt for the Straw Hats. Usopp has a plan to get the mysteriously-repaired Going Merry back in the water, but it involves using Chopper as bait!

One Piece S3E168
Episode 168

A Giant Snake Bares Its Fangs! the Survival Game Begins!

The Straw Hats scatter when their search for gold uncovers a giant python, and Gan Fall reveals the tragic story of Jaya's arrival in the sky. Meanwhile, Wyper readies the Shandorians for a raid on Eneru's shrine!

One Piece S3E169
Episode 169

The Deadly Reject! War Demon Wyper's Resolve!

As the heartless god of Upper Yard eagerly anticipates the dawning of Sky Warefare, the Shandorian forces are savagely snared by the Ordeal of String, and Luffy wanders into the fight of his life!

One Piece S3E170
Episode 170

Fierce Midair Battle! Pirate Zoro Vs.Warrior Braham!

Zoro rushes to perfect a deadly technique known as the Flying Blade Attack. The move proves difficult to master, but it could be the key to the swordsman surviving a battle with the Shandorian warrior, Braham.

One Piece S3E171
Episode 171

The Roaring Burn Bazooka! Luffy Vs. War Demon Wyper!

Sanji and Usopp are driven to their knees by the electrifying presence of god, Luffy is nearly incinerated by Wyper's Burn Bazooka, and Nami joins Gan Fall in a fight against two killer clones!

One Piece S3E172
Episode 172

The Ordeal of the Swamp! Chopper Vs. Sky Punk Gedatsu!

Chopper unleashes the fury of his Rumble Ball during a sticky slugfest with a swap cloud spewing priest of Upper Yard. Can the little reindeer discover his opponent's lone weakness before it's too late?

One Piece S3E173
Episode 173

Unbeatable Powers! Eneru's True Form Is Revealed!

Nami and the Knight of the Sky team up to obliterate two bumbling, balloon-shaped bad guys, and God Eneru relies on his astounding invincibility to torment a noble Shandorian warrior.

One Piece S3E174
Episode 174

A Mystical City! the Grand Ruins of Shandora!

Robin's search for a mystical city of gold is interrupted by Yama, one of Eneru's faithful servants. When the rampaging warrior destroys some ancient ruins, he provokes the wrath of Robin's many fists of fury!

One Piece S3E175
Episode 175

0% Survival Rate! Chopper Vs. Ohm, the Sword Wielding Priest!

Priest Ohm silences Chopper with an attack from which few - if any - ever recover. Meanwhile, Luffy begins to notice something strange about his cave-like prison, and four fearsome warriors prepare for battle!

One Piece S3E176
Episode 176

Climb Giant Jack! Deadly Combat in the Upper Ruins!

Zoro, Gan Fall, Wyper, Ohm and a prizefighting pooch gather for a ferocious free-for-all at the site of the Upper Ruins. While the battle rages, Luffy tries to punch his way out of the belly of a poisonous python!

One Piece S3E177
Episode 177

The Ordeal of Iron! White Barbed Death Match!

Zoro and Wyper are out to beat down the same bad guys, but will they realize it soon enough to survive a white-barbed death match of doom? Deep in the belly of the python, Nami and Luffy enjoy what could be a short-lived reunion!

One Piece S3E178
Episode 178

Bursting Slash! Zoro Vs. Ohm!

Eager to end their battle, Zoro aims the awesome destructive power of his 108 Caliber Phoenix at the sinister Priest Ohm! Elsewhere, god demands that Robin help him search for a legendary golden bell.

One Piece S3E179
Episode 179

Collapsing Upper Ruins! the Quintet for the Finale!

God Eneru begins a deadly rampage aimed at exterminating the heavenly beings of Skypiea, and the ruins of Shandora become the scene of bloody contest where survival is the name of the game.

One Piece S3E180
Episode 180

Showdown in the Ancient Ruins! Sky God Eneru's Goal!

Gan Fall, Wyper, Zoro, and Robin join forces for an attack on God Eneru. Despite their furious onslaught, the four warriors prove powerless to harm the thunderous deity until Wyper utilizes the power of a mystical stone!

One Piece S3E181
Episode 181

Ambition Toward the Endless Vearth! the Ark Maxim!

God Eneru makes a shocking recovery from wounds that should have ended his reign of terror. Zoro and Wyper muster the strength for one final stand, and Nami must choose between her friends - and survival.

One Piece S3E182
Episode 182

They Finally Clash! Pirate Luffy Vs. God Eneru!

Luffy emerges from his serpentine tomb with one thing on his mind: revenge! As the rubber-man sets out to settle the score with God Eneru, Conis rushes to warn her people of their impending doom!

One Piece S3E183
Episode 183

Maxim Surfaces! Deathpiea Is Activated!

As the citizens of the sky run for their lives, Eneru issues in the dawn of Deathpiea! Luffy is determined to stop the madman, but first he must discover a way to lay hands on the heinous holy man!

One Piece S3E184
Episode 184

Luffy Falls! Eneru's Judgment and Nami's Wish!

A handful of gold sends Luffy hurtling towards his death, Sanji and Usopp mount a midair rescue mission, and Nami prepares for an electrifying showdown with God Eneru!

One Piece S3E185
Episode 185

The Two Awaken! On the Front Lines of the Burning Love Rescue!

Usopp arrives just in time to save Nami from a lethal thunderbolt, but even their combined powers are no match for Eneru. While they scramble for an escape route, Sanji stealthily searches for a way to sabotage god's ark!

One Piece S3E186
Episode 186

Capriccio for Despair! the Impending Doom of Sky Island!

Despite being slowed by an arm encased in gold, Luffy races up a giant beanstalk on a mission to settle the score with Eneru! Elsewhere, the people of Skypiea feel the jolt of god's wrath!

One Piece S3E187
Episode 187

Led by a Bell's Sound! Tale of the Great Warrior and the Explorer!

A flashback offers a glimpse at that lives of two legendary figures in Skypiea's history: Montblanc Noland and the ferocious warrior Kalgara!

One Piece S3E188
Episode 188

Free from the Spell! the Great Warrior Sheds Tears!

The look back at the legend of Montblanc Noland and Kalgara the warrior continues with the story of how these two very different men suddenly found friendship - and then lost it just as quickly!

One Piece S3E189
Episode 189

Eternal Friends! the Vowed Bell Echoes Across the Mighty Seas!

Montblanc Noland and the warrior Kalgara succeed in settling their difference before parting ways, but the laws of nature and man conspire to keep them apart - permanently!

One Piece S3E190
Episode 190

Angel Island Obliterated! the Horror of the Raigo's Advent!

Eneru strikes Angel Island with a devastating lightning bolt, and Luffy continues his heroic climb up the giant beanstalk. The rubber-man refuses to stop until he rings the golden bell - no matter what the cost!

One Piece S3E191
Episode 191

Knock Over Giant Jack! Last Hope for Escape!

While Eneru continues his thunderous barrage, Nami hatches a plan to give Luffy one more shot at a grudge match with god. Zoro's at the center of the scheme, but he might not survive his mission!

One Piece S3E192
Episode 192

Miracle On Skypiea! the Love Song Heard in the Clouds!

Nami's quick thinking gets Luffy closer to god, and the Straw Hat captain launches himself into the center of a sinister storm! Can he find a way to destroy Eneru's looming cloud of death?

One Piece S3E193
Episode 193

The Battle Ends! Proud Fantasia Echoes Far!

In the aftermath of Luffy's epic battle with Eneru, sunny skies chase away the storms, and the cloud-dwelling citizens of Angel Island turn their attention to rebuilding their homeland.

One Piece S3E194
Episode 194

I Made It Here! the Yarn the Poneglyphs Spin!

Robin attempts to decipher the riddle of a mysterious poneglyph, Usopp barters with the locals, and Luffy raids the priceless treasures of the legendary city of gold!

One Piece S3E195
Episode 195

Off to the Blue Sea! a Heartfelt Finale!

With a little help from their new friends - and a giant octopus - the Straw Hats bid farewell to Skypiea and begin their decent back to the deep blue sea. Where they'll land is anyone's guess!

One Piece S3E196
Episode 196

A State of Emergency Is Issued! a Notorious Pirate Ship Has Infiltrated!

After a frightening fall from the clouds, the Straw Hats find themselves trapped inside an impenetrable Marine stronghold. The crew gets separated, the Going Merry is impounded, and rumors of ghosts run rampant!

One Piece S3E197
Episode 197

Sanji the Cook! Proving His Merit at the Marine Dining Hall!

While Nami searches for the Going Merry, Luffy and Sanji pose as famous chefs, only to end up competing in a cooking contest with a beautiful mistress of the galley!

One Piece S3E198
Episode 198

Captured Zoro! Chopper's Emergency Operations!

Zoro is imprisoned and interrogated, and Chopper's ill-chosen hiding spot lands him in the operating room along with a doctor who can't stand the sight of blood!

One Piece S3E199
Episode 199

The Marine's Dragnet Closes In! the Second Member Captured!

Luffy's insatiable appetite betrays his true identity, and yet another member of his crew ends up in the brig when two Straw Hats try to fool Commander Jonathan with the same disguise!

One Piece S3E200
Episode 200

Luffy and Sanji's Daring Rescue Mission!

Commander Jonathan sets a Straw Hat trap, but Luffy and Sanji are willing to risk it all to help spring their mates. Will a souvenir from the sky save the day - or will their escape plan be scuttled by foul play?

One Piece S3E201
Episode 201

Enter the Hot-Blooded Special Forces! Battle On the Bridge!

Luffy and his gang make a break for the docks, and Commander Jonathan deploys armed guards in an attempt to slow down the Straw Hats. Only one thing is certain: somebody is going down for the count!

One Piece S3E202
Episode 202

Breaking Through the Siege! the Going Merry Is Recovered!

The Straw Hats are surrounded, outnumbered, blasted with tear gas. Taking a pretty, young doctor hostage may be their only hope for surviving long enough for a Merry reunion!

One Piece S3E203
Episode 203

The Pirate Ship Disappears! Fortress Battle, Round #2!

Luffy and his crew were almost in the clear when Nami made a horrifying discovery: the Marines stole their gold! Now, the Straw Hats must sail straight into the thick of the fight to reclaim their lost riches!

One Piece S3E204
Episode 204

The Gold and Waver Recovery Operations!

Usopp hatches a plan for a moonlit raid on the Marine vault, but Commander Jonathan is has a nasty surprise waiting for the pirates! Meanwhile, Sanji and Nami attempt to recover the waver.

One Piece S3E205
Episode 205

The One Fell Swoop Plan! Jonathan's Surefire Secret Tactic!

The extreme arrogance of a Marine special investigator clears a path for Luffy and company to make their escape! Unfortunately, the Straw Hats still have to find their gold before returning to the high seas!

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