Operation Repo

Operation Repo

Operation Repo - Season 10 Episodes

Operation Repo S10E1
Episode 1

Monumental Changes

Lou takes his new guys on their very first repo, but when the debtors greet them with chainsaws Ronnie and Carlos are left to fend for themselves. Matt and Froy get taken for a ride when a driving school instructor convinces his student to give chase, and Lou and Sonia fend off a debtor who is armed with medicine balls and deadly aim. Then, Lou rallies the team together to introduce Ronnie and Carlos, but he has even bigger changes to announce that will jeopardize life as they know it.

Operation Repo S10E2
Episode 2

Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome

Lou plans an elaborate sting operation to infiltrate what they think is a cult, but everything goes awry when the new guys aren’t prepared and Matt is left picking up the pieces. When Lyndah takes over the office Sonia heads out with Matt to repo a car from a debtor who turns out to be blind, but that isn’t the only surprise waiting for them. And Ronnie joins Froy on a shopping cart truck repo, but Ronnie’s inexperience becomes his downfall as chaos erupts and he loses control.

Operation Repo S10E3
Episode 3

Deep Dish Disaster

Matt and Sonia are cheesed off after being outsmarted by a pizza deliveryman and having to call in Matt's mom for back-up; and later, Matt and Carlos almost come to blows. Meanwhile, Lyndah and Froy confront a nunchaku-wielding bodyguard.

Operation Repo S10E4
Episode 4

Traffic Jammin'

Froy and Sonia repo from a stranded motorist who rallies the neighborhood around his cause and incites a full on revolt. Ronnie and Carlos set out on their first unsupervised repo, but their desire to impress is quickly derailed when an erratic debtor lets loose with pepper spray. And finally, in the ultimate alpha male battle, Matt and Carlos let a group of biker chicks get the best of them and are left to suffer the painful and humiliating consequences.

Operation Repo S10E5
Episode 5

Repo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

Sonia and Carlos put their best performance in when they attempt to repossess a vehicle from a pair of silver-painted robot men. Matt and Froy need a second opinion when they run into a debtor with a questionable claim about a life-threatening illness. And finally, Lou crosses the line when he and Sonia set up a sting operation on a repo man gone bad.

Operation Repo S10E6
Episode 6

Inane Clown Posse

Froy and Matt head out to repo a bouncy castle, and a set of angry clowns aren’t their only opposition when Ronnie and Carlos show up to take the credit. Lou and Sonia’s sympathy for an eco-friendly debtor is quickly squashed when he begins throwing trash in a rage. And when Lou comes down on Ronnie for bad behavior, Ronnie takes his rage out on some rambunctious hockey players and leaves Froy hanging in peril.

Operation Repo S10E7
Episode 7

Doggin' and Draggin'

Carlos plays a prank that almost lands Matt and Froy in jail; a hot-dog vendor relishes his run-in with Carlos, whose bad attitude might get him in hot water with Froy; Ronnie and Carlos use their wiles to uncover a hidden vehicle.

Operation Repo S10E8
Episode 8

Raising the Roof

Sonia and Froy have a run-in with a loopy debtor, while Matt and Ronnie have it out with vendors of children's books. Later, Sonia and Lyndah lock horns.

Operation Repo S10E9
Episode 9


While Lou's focus is elsewhere, Matt and Froy take the opportunity to enact revenge on Ronnie and Carlos. And while a repo at a car wash gets out of hand, Ronnie saves the day back at the office when a drunken partier pisses off Lyndah.

Operation Repo S10E10
Episode 10

The Gypsy Hunter

Reeling from the shootout, Lou tracks down one of the culprits and enacts and elaborate plot of revenge with the help of Froy and Carlos.

Operation Repo S10E11
Episode 11

Gypsy Barbeque!

When Matt and Froy repo a car from an anger management meeting, Froy suffers the consequences of taking on a violent rage-aholic.

Operation Repo S10E12
Episode 12

Up in Flames

A jazz musician sets off Sonia and punches are thrown as Ronnie tries to manage the mayhem, and Matt and Sonia wrestle to bring deluded actors back to reality.

Operation Repo S10E13
Episode 13

Gypsy Games

When Rusty leads Sonia and Ronnie on a wild goose chase, Sonia loses her cool and puts her foot down with Lou.

Operation Repo S10E14
Episode 14

T-Bone Trouble

The team struggles to keep the company afloat without Sonia and Lyndah. Will the boys be able to manage the business without the first ladies of repo?

Operation Repo S10E15
Episode 15

Flame-Thrown For A Loop

Lou needs Sonia more than ever; Lou and Carlos deal with a big man in a tiny car; Lou, Froy, and Carlos go to battle for a World War II era tank.

Operation Repo S10E16
Episode 16

Probation Abomination

Sonia puts the team on probation as a condition of her return, but when repo after repo turns to disaster they fear she may never come back.

Operation Repo S10E17
Episode 17

Russian Roulette

Matt and Sonia take on an award winning fencing coach, but all bets are off when his students go on the offensive with real swords.

Operation Repo S10E18
Episode 18

Little Froy's Big Mistake

Matt and Froy take on a grungy fisherman, but when he isn't afraid to damage his own boat, Froy is the one who is sinking fast.

Operation Repo S10E19
Episode 19

M.I.A & D.E.A.

When Matt and Froy go missing, Sonia is on a mission to figure out what they've got up their sleeves.

Operation Repo S10E20
Episode 20


Operation Repo S10E21
Episode 21


Operation Repo S10E22
Episode 22


Operation Repo S10E23
Episode 23


Operation Repo S10E24
Episode 24


Operation Repo S10E25
Episode 25

Roll the Dice

Operation Repo S10E26
Episode 26


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