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Very short lived, the series was one of a number of shows that failed seeking to capitalize on the success of a video game. Everyone from Donkey Kong to Q*Bert has come and gone in animated form almost completely unnoticed, but my theory is that the producers of these sorts of shows don't really expect them to last past one or two seasons. The downside is that cartoons can cost even more than a live-action show, so in the case of Pac-Man, who really wasn't promoting anything besides a video game that everyone on the planet was already playing, just can't be thought of as a success. Show Type: Animated Series First Telecast: September 25, 1982<BR>

Last Telecast: December 31, 1983<BR>

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EXCLUSIVE: Pac-Man: The Complete First Season DVD Clip

EXCLUSIVE: Pac-Man: The Complete First Season DVD Clip

Pac-Man goes to battle against those pesky ghosts in this animated version of the hit video game, on DVD this January.
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